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“we set out to challenge the scary & pricey perception of a designer product. ”

We believe that celebrations should be fun, spontaneous and full of memories. We want to be part of those happy moments!

We got excited with the idea of Gumtoo, when we found it really hard to find an affordable designer furniture. We set out to challenge the "scary & pricey" perception of a designer product. An ugly temporary tattoo on a Christmas Eve got us thinking why not create great designs and make those designs affordable via premium quality temporary tattoos. Gumtoo was born.

We aim to change the way temporary tattoos are consumed and distributed via innovative ways.

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Pranjal is a founder of Gumtoo. His love for creating designer products come form his first startup...

Pranjal Taneja

Having started design based packaging company he brings his love for creating designer products. Pranjal moved to Singapore after completing his MBA from Oxford University. He has worked in various industries like – beer, airlines and banking. He brews his own beer and every Friday it’s a Beer Day at Gumtoo.

Lz is a gumtoo designer

Master Designer

Lz is a graphic designer at day light and an astronaut at night who has a great obsession with detail and wants to make every pixel count. Despite that she never grows old, she always find a new route to reach a destination and find what Gumtoo needs.

Andreea is Gumtoo's photographer

Andreea Pasca

Pictures tell a story and our Gumtoo stories are beautifully told by Andreea.Andreea is an artist, sculptor and loves creating new forms of art. She is from beautiful Romania.

Olly Kim
Hearty Writer

Olly is our power writer. She is born in Korea bred in Singapore. She is obsessed with healthy dietary (just obsessed, not committed yet), hot legs/abs (don’t own them), baking/cooking and saving photos from Tumblr.

Olly is copywriter for Gumtoo