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12 Exclusive SG Bicentennial Collectibles to Suit Every Budget

Aug 1, 2019   |   5 min read

The Singapore Bicentennial in 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of a key milestone in Singapore’s history- the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. The Bicentennial will commemorate this momentous occasion and reflect at the 700-year-old rich history of the country beginning in 1299.

Inspired by the Bicentennial celebrations, many retailers across the island country have come up with creative and unique, limited-edition memorabilia that capture elements of our history.

Whether you are on a budget or your don’t mind spending to own a bit of history, here’s a list of 12 exclusive SG Bicentennial Collectibles that you must check.

1. SG Bicentennial Temporary Tattoos by Gumtoo

Price: SG$2.50 per tattoo sheet

Gumtoo's SG bicentennial temporary tattoo sheet with 8 tattoos relating to Singapore's history
Gumtoo’s SG Bicentennial 2019 Temporary Tattoos

The SG Bicentennial temporary tattoo sheet has 8 tattoos totally, each representing a point in time in Singapore’s evolution, from Sang Nila Utama’s sighting of the mythical lion to Sir Stamford’s arrival to the current vibrant multicultural society that it is today. At this entry price point, this tattoo sheet is a unique and pocket-friendly celebration of Singapore’s history and evolution.

To get your limited-edition tattoos buy them from

2. Khong Guan tin biscuits-Bicentennial Edition

Price: SG$6.90

SG Bicentennial Edition Khong Guan tin biscuits pack
SG Bicentennial Edition Khong Guan Tin Biscuits
Image via – Khong Guan

This special SG Bicentennial collectible edition of the popular Khong Guan Tin Biscuits is now available in supermarkets and grocery stores. Try and get your hands on one, before stocks run out!

3. SG Bicentennial Bookmark Set by Naiise

Price: SG$8.45 for a set of 5

Naiise bookmark set of everyday heroes of early singapore for SG Bicentennial
SG Bicentennial Bookmark Set
Image via Buro247

The next item on our must-have SG Bicentennial Collectible list is ‘The Everyday Heroes of Early Singapore’ by Naiise. This is a bookmark collection that commemorates the everyday heroes who made their mark on Singapore. These are the hardworking men and women who toiled on our soils and seas and contributed to Singapore’s journey. Get your Bicentennial bookmark set here.

4. Singapore Bicentennial EZ-Link Cards

Price: Single Card – SG$12 (Has $7 load value)

Singapore Bicentennial EZ-Link Cards
Singapore Bicentennial EZ-Link Cards
Exclusive four-in-one SG Bicentennial EZ-Link card set describing Singapore's history
Exclusive four-in-one SG Bicentennial EZ-Link Card Set
Image via Ezlink

EZ-link has launched exclusive ez-link cards to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial. This card series features the changing architecture and landmarks of the country through the ages, from fishing villages, to shophouses to the Marina Bay sands. You can get your 2019 Singapore Bicentennial limited edition ez-link cards at all TransitLink Ticket Offices and selected SMRT Passenger Service Centres. You can also shop online at Lazada EZ-Link Official Store. The entire set of 4 cards costs SG$20.

5. Singapore Bicentennial Stamp Issue by Singapore Post

Price: SG$16.80

Singapore Bicentennial collector's sheet of stamps by Singapore Post
Singapore Bicentennial Collector’s Sheet by Singapore Post
Image via SingPost
stamp commemorating the legacy of Jackson Plan or Raffles' town plan for Singapore Bicentennial
Stamp commemorating the legacy of Jackson Plan or Raffles’ Town Plan.
Image via SG Stampers Facebook Page
Stamp by Singapore Post depicting bravery of Singaporeans during the Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II.
Stamp depicting bravery of Singaporeans during the Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II.
Image via SG Stampers Facebook Page

Singapore Post recently launched the Singapore Bicentennial stamp issue at the Singapore Bicentennial Roadshow. The stamp issue is also available at all Post Offices and the Philatelic Store @ GPO. You can also order online here.

6. SG Bicentennial- ICONIC DUOS -Sang Nila Utama Pin

Price: SG$ 19.30

SG Bicentennial double pin enamel set-iconic duos of Sang Nila Utama and the lion by Naiise
SG Bicentennial Double Pin Enamel Set-Iconic Duos by Naiise
Image via Naiise

In 1299, Sang Nila Utama was inspired by a vision of a lion and named our island ‘Singapura’! Accessorise with these quirky Sang Nila Utama and lion double-collar enamel pins to show your love for Singapore’s history in this Bicentennial year.

7. SG Bicentennial Traders Collection Tea Set

Price: SG$30

SG Bicentennial metallic traders' tea set of three by Naiise
SG Bicentennial Traders’ Tea Set by Naiise
description of the contents of the SG Bicentennial traders' tea set
SG Bicentennial Traders’ Tea Set by Naiise
Image via Naiise

This collection acknowledges that tea was a significant and valuable commodity traded in early Singapore. It includes three unique tea flavours of the past enjoyed by people even today. Get your special bicentennial edition tea set here.

8. Singapore Scenes Collection by Royal Selangor

Price: SG$40 for the Coaster

metallic coaster of Singapore scenes for the SG Bicentennial released by Royal Selangor
Singapore Scenes Bicentennial Coaster
Image via Home and Decor

The Bicentennial-themed Singapore Scenes collection by Royal Selangor contains items such as a tankard, a pair of tumblers and coaster, a décor plate, photo frame and a business card holder. All items come with space for engraving a personalised message.

Click here to view and buy items from the collection.

9. Singapore Bicentennial Spice Garden Cushion Cover

Price: SG$48

Spice garden’ print featuring ginger, nutmeg and pepper on cushion cover
SG Bicenennial Cushion cover by Onlewo
Image via Onlewo

This cotton linen cushion cover by Onlewo has an alluring ‘Spice Garden’ print featuring ginger, nutmeg and pepper, acknowledging the key role that spice trade had in Singapore’s history.

10. Singapore Bicentennial-inspired silk scarves by Binary Style

Price: SG$240

Binary style's two silk scarves inspired by the SG Bicentennial and a brief description about the product
SG Bicentennial silk scarf by Binary Style
SG Bicentennial Silk Scarf by Binary Style
Images via Binary Style

This limited-edition 100 % silk twill scarves collection by Binary Style is specially designed to mark Singapore’s Bicentennial. It captures significant vignettes of the pre- and post- Raffles periods. The pre-1819 scarf features Sang Nila Utama, multi-ethnic waterside settlements, ships of many nations, and silhouette of traders with different costumes from various exotic origins. In the post-1819 scarf the focus shifts to English gentry, equestrian scenes, carriages, landmark buildings, and the new, rationalised city plan: the Jackson Plan. Get your Bicentennial scarves here.

11. Singapore Bicentennial Numismatic Currency Set by Singapore Mint

Price: SG$280.00 

Singapore Bicentennial numismatic currency set by Singapore Mint
Singapore Bicentennial Numismatic Currency Set by Singapore Mint
Image via Singapore Mint

President Halimah Yacob launched the $20 Singapore Bicentennial commemorative note during the Istana open house on Hari Raya Puasa.

The Singapore Mint is the exclusive marketing agent for the Singapore Bicentennial Numismatic Currency Set. The numismatic currency set contains one uncut sheet of three Singapore $20 commemorative notes. Get your set here.

12. Sir Stamford Raffles 1-gram Fine Gold Medallion with Swarovski Crystals by Singapore Mint

Price: SG$1,500.00 

beautiful gold medallion design and Swarovski crystal featuring Sir Stamford Raffles
Sir Stamford Raffles Medallion
Image via Singapore Mint

The most expensive item on our Singapore Bicentennial Collectibles list is this beautiful gold medallion design and Swarovski crystal featuring Sir Stamford Raffles. You can make this a part of your family heirloom by buying it here.

Which of these Singapore Bicentennial collectibles do you plan to get? Won’t it be a great idea to put one of these into a time-capsule? Or pass it to your next generation as a Singaporean heirloom?

To get your special Singapore Bicentennial temporary tattoos, get in touch with us at

Happy Singapore Bicentennial Year to you!



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