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boy dressed as a zombie poses with his halloween skull temporary tattoo


15 Eerie Halloween Temporary Tattoos to Spook You

Sep 12, 2019   |   2 min read

Halloween is almost here! Time to get into your scary costumes and spook your friends, family and neighbourhood. To accessorize and make your Halloween look more authentic (read scarier), we present 15 Halloween Temporary Tattoos. Easy-to-apply, smudge-proof, easy-to-remove and scary as hell to look at, Halloween Temporary Tattoos are the way to go. 

1. Spider Temporary Tattoo 

fake spider tattoos for halloween on woman's face and neck
Image via Pinterest 

Admit it, this gives you the creeps, doesn’t it? Imagine the reaction when you team this spidery Halloween temporary tattoo with your witch costume. A match made in Hell! 

2. Go Batty with Bats Temporary tattoos

halloween bats temporary tattoos on arm
Image via Pinterest

Channelize your internal Batman or Batwoman with these unnerving bat temporary tattoos this Halloween. 

3. Skeleton Temporary Tattoos 

skeleton temporary tattoos for halloween on both arms of a person
Image via Etsy

Get this skeleton out of your closet and wear it as a temporary tattoo. Gives us the chills! 

4. Red Blood Tears Temporary Tattoo

fake blood tears halloween tattoo on woman's face
Image via Bustle 

This has to be the creepiest temporary tattoo we have ever seen! Gory and scary as hell. A perfect accessory to enhance your Halloween look. 

5. Cat Vici Temporary Tattoo

Girl in halloween make-up and costume poses like a cat while showing her evil cat halloween temporary tattoo
Image via Gumtoo

Let your catty-self rule this Halloween with this super vicious cat temporary tattoo from Gumtoo

6. Jack-o-lantern Temporary Tattoo

forever halloween temporary tattoo with scary pumpkin on arm
Image via Instagram

What’s Halloween without Jack o lantern? Sport this cool temporary tattoo for your Halloween Party. 

7. Gigantic Spider Temporary Tattoos 

gigantic fake spider tattoo on woman's face and arms
Image via Pinterest 

These tattoos say it all! We do not need to say anything……..S-P-O-O-K-Y! 

8. All things Halloween Temporary Tattoos 

various creepy black halloween temporary tattoos on woman's neck and chest
Image via Etsy

Why choose just 1 temporary tattoo as your Halloween night accessory, when you can don multiple ones? 

9. The Dark Mark Halloween Temporary Tattoo 

harry potter themed dark mark halloween temporary tattoo on arm
Image via CheezBurger 

Admit it, you belong to the Dark Side…you are a major fan of Lord Voldemort and your secret wish is to be a Death-Eater. Show your loyalty to the Dark Lord by sporting this Dark-Mark tattoo.

10. Mini Colorful Temporary Tattoos

colorful mini halloween temporary tattoos below hand palm
Image via Pinterest 

These make us go Awww. They are perfect for tiny tots dressed up for Tricking or Treating this Halloween. 

11. Ghost Temporary Tattoos 

pair of ghost temporary tattoos on two arms
Image via Instagram 

Now these are the kind of ghosts we would love to hang out with. 

12. Demons Temporary Tattoos 

four demon temporary tattoos for halloween on hand
Image via Facebook 

Talk about letting your inner demons out! These are super eerie, gelling perfectly with the Halloween spirit. 

13. Shrouded Ghost Temporary Tattoo 

shrouded ghost temporary tattoos on belly
Image via Instagram 

This is one bone-chilling ghost….will scare the daylights out of anyone who sees it. 

14. Mad Mummy Temporary Tattoo 

bandaged angry mummy custom halloween tattoo
Image via Etsy 

That’s a mummy gone on the rampage….run for your lives! 

15. Boo! I scared you Temporary Tattoo 

boy dressed as a zombie with a fke skull tattoo which says boo
Image via Gumtoo

This skull tattoo from Gumtoo saying BOO is a perfect match to your scary Halloween self. 

So, which of the above Halloween Temporary Tattoos will your sport on Halloween? Which temp tattoo spooked you the most?
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