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15 Must-Have Motivational Temporary Tattoos To Perk You Up

Sep 11, 2018   |   6 min read

Motivational temporary tattoos are great stimuli, they egg you on, make you push yourself harder to achieve your dreams. When you stick a motivational temporary tattoo on yourself, it serves as a constant reminder to be your best self every single moment of your life.  The temporary tattoo may remind you of the good in bad times or they can help you see the purpose of doing what you do. It can signify an important life lesson you’ve learnt or it can be something that you firmly believe in. The right motivational message can shift your perspective in the right direction or play a role when you have to make big decisions for yourself. We have curated 15 motivational tattoos that are inspirational and the perfect pick-me-ups

1. Keep Going

keep going motivational temporary tattoo on chest
Image source – Buzzfeed

Two words that speak volumes. Sometimes, all you need is a simple reminder that will push you to reach the finish line. It will give you the strength to get up each time you fall. This motivational quote works great as a custom fake tattoo.

2. Die With Memories, Not Dreams

man showing off die with memories not dreams fake tattoo on arm
Image source – Pinterest

Don’t we all have big dreams for ourselves? Travel the world or become the CEO of a company? How are we possibly going to get there if we don’t even try. And in the process of trying you will be left with sweet memories even if success doesn’t come knocking right away.

3. Fear Is A Liar

fear is a liar custom fake tattoo on arm
Image source – Pinterest

Fear can hold you back from so many things in life and take away what could have been a life changing moment for you. It can stop you from taking a jump from that cliff into the waters or from taking that solo trip to another country. Whatever you fear is, don’t let it hold you back anymore. This motivational temporary tattoo will take you places, we are sure!

4. You Are Enough

you are enough motivational temporary tattoo on wrist
Image source – Etsy

When everyone lets you down and hurts you, this is all you need to know – YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are all that matters. How amazing is this motivational temporary tattoo that reminds you of your self-worth?

5. Still I Rise

still I rise temporary tattoo on wrist
Image Source – Glamshelf

This motivational temporary tattoo tells you that no matter how many times you fall, no matter how many times life throws obstacles at you, you will always get up and keep moving on. Like a Phoenix, you will rise up from the ashes to reinvent a new you.

6. This Too Shall Pass

this too shall pass custom fake tattoo on decolletage
Image Source – Vix

Every single tough time is going to pass. Get this quote made as a temporary tattoo to remind you that good times are on the way.

7. Never Give Up

never give up tattoo on wrist
Image Source – Pinterest

This one maybe a little clichéd but a classic, nevertheless. Simple words like these are all you need sometimes. This quote will make a great motivational temporary tattoo.

8. The Journey Is The Reward

the journey is the reward custom tattoo on leg
Image Source – Mentattooideas

You have to just take that leap of faith and dive into that journey. What awaits at the end may or may not be rewarding but what lies in the path to that end definitely is.

9. If Not Now Then When? 

if not now, when tattoo on arm
Image Source – Mentattooideas

A motivational tattoo that tells you to live in the moment. To top worrying what the future holds and live for NOW.

10. But Without The Darkness, We’d Never See The Stars

without the darkness we'd never see the stars temporary tattoo
Image Source – Tattoosbeautiful

It’s true isn’t it? How are we possible supposed to see the stars if it weren’t for darkness? Even a candle only shines the brightest when it is pitch black.

11. Warrior

warrior temporary tattoo on arm
Image Source – Tattoo Models

If you have survived the hardest of times in your life, this motivational temporary tattoo is for you. Go Warrior!

12. Never A Failure, Always A Lesson

never a failure always a lesson temporary tattoo on woman's decolletage
Image Source – Tattoo Models

You can always choose to see your downfall as a failure or a lesson. The choice is yours.

13. One Life, One Chance

one life one chance motivational temporary tattoo on woman's back
Image Source – Tattoo Models

You have only one life, make the most of it and live everyday like it is your last. This quote will look amazing as a temporary tattoo.

14. Fearless

fearless temporary tattoo on woman's back
Image Source – Cafemom

Be brave, be you, take risks, be fearless. A fantastic idea for a fake tattoo.

15. Believe In Yourself

believe in yourself tattoo on woman's shoulder
Image Source – Hercanvas

Most of the times that’s all you need to do. You need to believe in yourself and everything will work out eventually.

Which of these motivational temporary tattoos inspired you the most?

If you have an idea for a tattoo and have been thinking of getting one for a while now, drop us an email at and let’s make that a temporary tattoo first. Temporary tattoos are great because they feel and look just as the real one minus the pain. Do you have a quote that inspires you? Let us know in the comments section below.



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