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15 Super-Stylish Embroidery Tattoos That Will Make You Look Awesome!

Sep 4, 2019   |   3 min read

You may or may not be a fan of embroidered clothes, but there’s one trend you are sure to love-Embroidery Tattoos.

Tattoos that look like your grandma’s pillow case with beautifully embroidered motifs have become the rage. Don’t believe us? Check your Instagram and try various combinations of the hashtag #embroiderytattoos and you will find hundreds of posts popping up on your screen.

Embroidery tattoos can have many elements and styles, based on the tattoo artist’s skill. The two main methods are-cross stitch embroidery tattoos and the satin-stitch style embroidery tattoos.

Cross stitch tattoos have designs formed by tiny ‘x’ marks, while in the satin-stitch method, the tattoos look just like a real embroidered cloth patch.

Embroidery Tattoo with Cross stitch

Cross-stitch embroidery tattoos by Turkish Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk

Satin-stich embroidery tattoos

Beautiful bird embroidery tattoo using satin-stitch style embroidery on skin
Image via Instagram

Embroidery tattoos require specialized tattooing skills, so before you head out to get one for yourself, do your research, get acquainted with your tattoo artist and his/her work and don’t be shy to ask for client testimonials.

Check out 15 super-stylish embroidery tattoos which will add to your style.

1. Lift your spirit and refresh your soul with this lovely rose-patch embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

2. Without change, there would be no butterflies….embrace change in your life with this life-like butterfly embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

3. Live like a lotus, calm and serene, even in muddy waters with this water-lily embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

4. Awaken the flower-child in you with this dainty flowers embroidery tattoo

5. Feet, what do I need you? For when I have wings to fly? Simple, but stunning birds around a cross-stitch heart embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

6. Float like a butterfly, but sting like a bee with this brilliant butterfly embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

7. Stop and smell the flowers in this beautiful and intricate satin-stitch embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

8. Spread your wings and let your spirits soar with this inspiring Humming Bird Embroidery Tattoo

Image via Instagram

9. Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

In the forests of the night; 

What immortal hand or eye, 

Could frame thy fearful symmetry? 

Give a tribute to poet William Blake with this fierce burning tiger.

Image via Instagram

10. Presenting Olive Oyl Embroidery Tattoo, Popeye’s eternal sweetheart

Image via Instagram

11. Can you believe this is an Embroidery tattoo and not a piece of fabric? Hats off to the tattoo artist’s skill!

Image via Instagram

12. Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time in this Needlework Embroidery Tattoo

Image via Pinterest  

13. Raise awareness about Non-Hodgkin lymphoma with this Green Ribbon Embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

14. Ride your imagination on this cross stitch embroidery magic carpet.  

Image via Instagram

15. Make waves with this mesmerizing mermaid embroidery tattoo

Image via Instagram

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