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geometric butterfly tattoo on back of a girl's neck


25 Geometric Tattoos that exude Perfection

Aug 3, 2018   |   6 min read

Geometrical forms such as points, lines, planes, surfaces, angles, and curves are present all around us. Symmetry, beauty, and mathematical preciseness is evident in every aspect of the physical world, whether inanimate or living. Great artists use geometrical forms to enhance beauty of their creations.

Geometric tattoos are mostly made up of shapes and patterns that symbolize our natural world. Some are religious icons and some have historic value. Geometric tattoos blend harmony and balance together to form incredibly aesthetic tattoos.

If you plan to get a permanent tattoo in geometric shapes, you need to choose an experienced tattoo artiste. Geometric tattoo need a great deal of perfection as any deviation in the elements can distort the design. Instead you could try a painless but equally delightful option- custom fake geometric tattoos. Custom removable tattoos come in every conceivable design, shape and color.

To help you choose a geometric tattoo design, we present 25 designs that are classy and trendy. Get these designs made as custom printed tattoos for you that look and feel exactly like a permanent one.

1)     Geometric Feather Tattoo

black and white geometric feather tattoo design
Image Credits: Tattoo Perfection

A feather that fades beautifully into a geometric one. Isn’t it a brilliant piece of design?

2)     Elephant Tattoo

geometric elephant tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Pinterest

Elephants are huge adorable animals and this tiny geometric one is just as adorable!

3)     Yin Yang Fish Tattoo

custom yin and yang fish temporary tattoos on arm
Image Credits: Tattoodo

The classic Yin and Yang in Chinese traditions portray how contrary forces are complementary. These Yin and Yang Fishes do just that.

4)     Butterfly Tattoo

geometric butterfly temporary tattoo on woman's shoulder
Image Credits: PiercingModels

Butterflies that signify beauty in smallest of things. Come out of your cocoon, open your wings and fly. This geometric one is a step up from a usual butterfly tattoo, don’t you think?

5)     Simple Lines

lines tattoo on help up wrist and arms
Image Credits: Piercemeup

Simple lines tattoo that portray simplicity in life. How meaningful small things can be right?

6)     Viking Tattoo

geometric viking temporary tattoo on finger
Image Credits: Pinterest

A sign that means ’Create Your Own Reality”. This must hold true for everyone. Every individual should have control over his reality.

7)     Glyphs

glyphs tattoo triangle on arm
Image Credits: Theodysseyonline

A Glyphs tattoo that talks about exploring. You’re wild and free. Go and explore and that you can see. A little rhyme there!

8)     Flower of Life

large intricate flower tattoo on bare back
Image Credits: Tattoo Journal

The flower of life giving meaning to our existence with those gorgeous details.

9)     Minimal Triangles

triangles temporary tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Instagram

Because minimalism is the new trend right?

10)  Triangular Lines

multiple triangular lines tattoo on arm
Image credits: Instagram

Lines falling into triangular perfection. That looks mesmerizing to the eyes.

11)  Combination Of Shapes

multiple geometric shapes tattoo on shoulder
Image Credits: Instagram

A tattoo that is all things geometric. Those simple and bold line details are remarkable.

12)  Bold / Gold Tattoo

word that reads both bold tattoo and gold tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Instagram

Bold or Gold? Or both?

13)  The Good Ol’ Mountains Tattoo

simple linear mountain tattoo with rising sun on arm
Image Credits: Instagram

The Mountains so mighty yet so humble. Just like you and me should be.

14)  3 Symmetric Triangles Tattoo

three symmetric triangle tattoos placed on top of each other on leg
Image Credits: DuBuddha

How amazing are these three symmetric triangles one below the other? That blue is simply perfect.

15)  The Universe Tattoo

colorful atoms tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Pinterest

Is there anything larger that the universe itself?

16)  Valknut

valknut tattoo with triangles on arm
Image Credits: Pinterest

The Valknut Tattoo signifying Infinity. Cheers to the end of times.

17)  Solar Eclipse Tattoo

solar eclipse temporary tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Tumblr

The beautiful solar eclipse tattoo in black.

18)  Tribal Band Tattoo

custom tribal print temporary tattoo band on arm
Image Credits: TattooMoile

Tribal prints will never go out of style. A custom temporary tattoo in this design would be fantastic.

19)  Paper Crane Tattoo

paper crane temporary tattoo with cherry blossom designs on arm
Image Credits: Pinterest

Get a stunning paper crane tattoo with those lovely flower branches.

20)  Geometric Lotus

geometric lotus tattoo on woman's body
Image Credits: Cant Get Enough Tattoos

How about this lotus as a custom fake tattoo?

21)  Geometric Strip

custom geometric strip tattoo on outstretched arm
Image Credits: 2 Spirit Tattoos

Or get this impressive geometric strip tattoo with sharp edges.

22)  Cube

cube tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Instagram

A custom printed cube tattoo that signifies stability.

23)  Metatron Cube

metatron cube tattoo on back
Image Credits: Tattoo Sera

The metatron cube tattoo represents the fruit of life. Get this made as a temporary tattoo and try it out.

24)  Owl Tattoo

large geometric owl tattoo with shades on arm
Image Credits: Pinterest

The custom owl tattoo that stands for wisdom.

25)  Octahedron Tattoo

octahedron tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Tattoo

The Octahedron shape that represents healing and compassion.

Did you relate to any of these geometric tattoo designs? Or is there any other particular design that you would like to get? We would love to know in the comments below. If you plan on ordering a customized temporary tattoos in Singapore this is the place for you. Work with an extremely talented team and get a few designs made that you can relate to or try the one’s listed above. Drop an email at to place your orders.



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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