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love tattoo broken word for his and her tattoo


25 Love Tattoos For That Someone Special

Aug 8, 2018   |   8 min read

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved” – George Sand

One of the greatest joys of life is to love and to be loved unconditionally. This is the purest kind of love; love without expectations and without restrictions. They say that it is love that makes the world go around. Is it any wonder then, that love themed tattoos are the most common type of tattoos in the world? Tattoos are a great way of demonstrating your affection for someone. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo to signify your love for someone special, do take a look at 25 of the best love tattoos that we have curated. These tattoo designs are cute and meaningful and will portray your love for that someone special perfectly. You can get inked permanently with any one of these love tattoo designs or get  multiple love tattoos customized for you as temporary removable tattoos. The choice is yours!

1. The Minimal Heart Tattoo

Image Credits: Glamour Magazine

For all of you who love minimal tattoos, isn’t this heart tattoo just perfect?


2. Love Tattoo

love temporary tattoo on wrist
Image Credits: Pinterest

A tattoo that says exactly what it means, LOVE.


3. Heart Beats Tattoo

matching heartbeat tattoos on man and woman's arms
Image Credits: Spiritus Tattoo

These matching heart beat tattoos with your better half is just a fantastic idea.


4. King And Queen Tattoo

king and queen tattoo with crown on man and woman's wrists respectively
Image Credits: Shilpa Ahuja

A little cliched, but we still love this king and queen tattoo.


5. With You, Without You Tattoo

heart beats higher with you and plummets without you temporary tattoo design on arm
Image Credits: Menstattooideas

Absolutely adore the concept of this “with you, without you” tattoo. The pop of red in the heart adds a nice touch.


6. I Love You More Tattoo

matching i love you more custom fake tattoo on woman and man's arms
Image Credits: Trendy Tattoos

A perfect tattoo when you both love each other more than you do yourself….


7. Mickey And Minnie Love Tattoo

matching set of mickey and minnie tattoos on two arms
Image Credits: Pinterest

How adorable is this Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse tattoo right? A dash of color and this would be splendid.


8. Mr. And Mrs.Tattoo

mickey mouse inspired mrs. and mr. custom fake tattoo
Image Credits: Pop Sugar

This Disney themed tattoo is what you should get when you are newly hitched. The best way to show off your married status, don’t you think?


9. Geometric Heart Tattoo

matching geometric heart tattoos on two arms
Image Credits: Pinterest

These matching geometric heart tattoos look absolutely stunning. It has nailed the geometric trend while showcasing the love theme at the same time.


10. Holding Hands Tattoo

outline holding hands temporary tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Pinterest

Holding on tightly to your loved one and never letting go. This tattoo has so much meaning.


11. LO-VE Tattoo

matching love tattoos on woman and man holding hands
Image Credits: Pinterest

When you both complete each other and are just meant to be. LOVE.


12. Pizza My Heart

pizza slice tattoo on one arm and rest of pizza tattoo on another
Image Credits: Janitv

When she stole a “pizza” your heart. Also, when you end up eating pizza for most of your dates.


13. Heart And Arrow Tattoo

She is the heart and he is the arrow. An interesting tattoo concept to get with your partner.


14. Half Hearts Make One Whole Tattoo

two married hands with wedding bands, interwined make a complete heart tattoo
Image Credits: Tumblr

Love, love how these half hearts become one when you hold hands.


15. Wedding Band Tattoos

black wedding band tattoos on man and woman's fingers
Image Credits: Pinterest

Get your wedding bands tattooed instead? A twist to the good ol’ tradition.


16. Chess King And Queen Tattoo

chess piece queen and chess piece king matching tattoos on arms
Image Credit: Ladmob

The chess pieces of king and queen tattoo is such an innovative way of getting matching tattoos.


17. Jigsaw Puzzle Tattoo

matching jigsaw puzzle set temporary tattoos on two arms
Image Credits: Tao Feminino

When you both are one puzzle that complete each other, this jigsaw tattoo is what you should get.


18. Animated Figures Tattoo

animated boy and girl tattoo speaking over a physical phone line
Image Credits: Pinterest

How cute is this animated boy and girl that are talking about how much they love each other?


19. Lock And Key Tattoo

mini lock and key temporary tattoos on interlocked hands of man and woman
Image Credits: What Dress Code

A matching lock and key is such a charming idea. Get one of these matching ones custom made as a temporary tattoo.


20. Superman And Wonder-Woman Tattoo

superman tattoo on man's fingers interwined with wonderwoman tattoo on woman's
Image Credits: Buzz Feed

Superman and Wonder Woman for the couples that are crazy about superheroes. Or get any other superhero sign custom made for you as a removable tattoo.


21. Always Tattoo

matching always temporary tattoo on two arms
Image Credits: Comoorganizarlacsa 

Always? Always! Everything expressed in one simple word. How powerful is this tattoo that speaks a thousand words in one.


22. King And Queen of Hearts Tattoo

Matching king and queen of hearts temporary tattoos on two fingers posing side by side
Image Credits: Instagram

The King and Queen of Hearts. This will make a fantastic fake temporary tattoo.


23. Arrow Heart Tattoo

heart and arrow temporary tattoo on finger
Image Credits: Instagram

A stunning matching tattoo to get on your ring fingers. We love this concept too.


24. Love Letter And Mailbox Tattoo

letter and mailbox temporary tattoo
Image Credits: Instagram

The love letter and mailbox that will receive it. What a delightful matching tattoo idea this is!


25. Anniversary Dates Tattoo

roman numeral anniversary date tattoo on man and woman's fingers with wedding bands
Image Credits: Instagram

Get your anniversary dates tattooed on the side of your fingers together. This way you will actually never forget the important day!
These are all the 25 tattoos that we really love. If you plan on getting a temporary tattoo for these designs or if you have something unique in your mind, just drop an email at and a team of experts will get in touch with you to get your tattoo made just the way you pictured it. If you had to get a love tattoo, which one will it be?
Let us know in the comments below.



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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