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25 Mini Travel Tattoos That You Will Definitely Want To Get

July 17, 2018   |   4 min read

At some point of time in our lives we have all dreamed about being travelers, haven’t we?  Maybe after seeing amazing pictures of travel bloggers on Instagram or while watching a movie shot in a beautiful country. The travel obsession is real. People travel for so many reasons, for leisure, for adventure, for the mountains, the cultures, the history, the people, the stories and so much more.

Like Pat Conroy said, “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey”.

Maybe, that’s why some people never stop traveling.

We at Gumtoo decided to curate a list of 25 mini tattoos that the traveler in you will adore. People get tattoos while traveling as a sign of their experience in a particular place. So if you are traveling next time and want to get a tattoo, these 25 mini tattoos make the perfect list.

colorful world map tattoo with directions on arm
Image Credits: The Chive


beach temporary tattoo with waves, sand and palm tree design on arm
Image Credits: Instagram


city skyline tattoo outline on arm
Image Credits: Vanilla Sky Dreaming


travel often tattoo with airplance design on arm
Image Credits: Metro UK


blue sky and rocky beach tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Instagram


minimalist heart tattoo with airplane design on body
Image Credit: Crest Fox


paper plane tattoo on body
Image Credits: Livingly


mariner's wheel tattoo with directions and anchor design on wrist
Image Credits: Instagram


world map outline temporary tattoo on ankle
Image Credits: Beauty Epic


travel theme temporary tattoo with RV, hammock, bonfire, camping tent minimalist design on arm
Image Credits: Sticknpoke


custom small boat temporary tattoo with waves on wrist
Image Credits: Odyssey Online


'Go' tattoo with american continents outline on arm
Image Credits: Hostel World


Africa typographical tattoo on foot
Image Credits: Pinterest


custom fake wanderlust tattoo on wrist
Image Credits: Instagram


outline of hills tattoo on woman's arm
Image Credits: Tattoo Viral


going from paper plane to airplane temporary tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Tattoo Blend


waves temporary tattoo on arm
Image Credits: Pinterest


clean lines bicycle mini tattoo on leg
Image Credits: Instagram


palm tree tattoo design on finger
Image Credits: Red Book Mag


suitcase tattoo design heart tattoo design and airplane tattoo design on arm signifying love for travel
Image Credits: Instagram


plane boarding ticket temporary tattoo design on foot
Image Credits: Instagram


adventure tattoo on outstretched arm
Image Credits: Pop Sugar


love paris temporary tattoo with red heart on wrist
Image Credits: Etsy


miles to go fake tattoo on arm
Image Credits:  Tattoo Ideas


colorful love to travel tattoo with bottle, boat and waves design
Image Credits: Story Pick


What do you think about these cute travel tattoos? Did we want to make you travel already?

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Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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