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elegant wedding temporary tattoo station


25 Stunning Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station Ideas For Your Big Day

Oct 18, 2018   |   5 min read

Weddings are beautiful, dreamy, enchanting. Everyone wants their big day to be special and memorable.

A great idea to add to the coolness quotient of your wedding is a Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station. You can set up a DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station for all your guests to enjoy. At your station, you can give out personalized custom wedding temporary tattoos of your couple photos, or the date of the wedding, or any other idea that appeals to you, really. The Wedding Tattoo Station can be used to give out wedding favors in the form of temporary tattoos as well. The choices are unlimited. No more bored guests (now you know how to engage your restless nephew!) at weddings. Get creative with your wedding temporary tattoo designs  and set up an out-of-the-world WeddingTemporary Tattoo Station on your big day. All you need is creativity, temporary tattoos, water, tissues and a disposable bin for extras and a skilled photographer for clicking indelible memories. We present 25 Wedding Temporary tattoo stations that will make you go ‘Wow” and plan one for your own wedding right away with your significant half. From the vintage to the rustic to the arty to the elegant and to the goofy, we have covered wedding temporary stations to match every wedding theme and budget. Without further ado, here goes our fav 25 Wedding Temporary Tattoo Stations:

1. Vintage-Themed Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

2. Flower-decked Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

flower-decked wedding temporary tattoo booth with tattoos, instructions on use, cotton wipes and  signage 'please help yourself'
Image via DorisLoves

3. Brass-cart Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

brass-cart temporary tattoo station with wedding temporary tattoos, napkins, water, and temporary tattoo instructions
Image via DorisLoves

4. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Elegant Blackboard 

wedding tattoo station with blackboard and wedding tattoos
Image via Pinterest

5. Drinks , Tattoos, and Fun: Free at this Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

wedding tattoo table with flowers, drinks and family
Image via Nouba

6. Fresh Outdoor Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

fresh outdoor wedding temporary parlour with tattoos placed on a black table
Image via Pinterest

7. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Flowers

a collage of wedding temporary tattoos, flowers and tattoo signage set on a table
Image via EmmalineBride

8. Rustic Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

rustic wedding tattoo station with many elements creating an informal look
Image via Saltlakebrideandgroom

9. Goofy Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

10. Vibrant Mexican Themed Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

vibrant mexican theme wedding temporary tattoo station with a busrts of colorful flowers and decor
Image via Bespoke Bride

11. Grungy Garage-style Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

grungy garage style temporary tattoo bar with cars, oil, motor parts for decor
Image via Hochzeitsshop

12. Simple Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Mirror

13. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Vintage Boxes

outdoor vintage wedding temporary tattoo station with tiny boxes

14. Arty Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

fake tattoo parlour with arty decor
Image via Joanna Bongard

15. DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

16. Simple DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station in a Box

blue colored simple wedding tattoo station with custom wedding tattoos on display
Image via Pinterest

17. Elegant Outdoorsy Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Chests of Drawers 

18. Colorful Origami-inspired Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

colorful origami wedding temporary tattoo station with flowers, tattoo, and signage 'please help yourself'
Image via DorisLoves

19. Home-style Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

home-style custom fake tattoo booth with items found in everyday homes for decor
Image via DorisLoves

20. Upholstered Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

upholstered fake tattoo station with flowers and signage 'please help yourself'
Image via Doris Loves

21. Easy DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

simple temporary tattoo booth with a pink rimmed blackboard with instructions
Image via RocknrollBride

22. Modern Glass-Themed Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

modern glass-themed wedding temporary tattoo booth with custom fake tattoos on display
Image via Bloglovin

23. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station in the Backyard 

outdoor custom fake tattoo booth at a carnival
Image via Pinterest

24. Chair, Table, Flowers, Tattoos: Easy Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

white table temporary tattoo booth with chair, flowers, tattoos, glasses
Image via Themelideos

25. Elementary but Elegant Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

brass-rimmed blackboard announcing temporary tattoo parlour on a simple table
Image via Madame

Which one of these Wedding Temporary Tattoo Stations has inspired you the most? Which one do you think will match your wedding décor and vibe?
If you need more ideas on wedding temporary tattoos, check out this post.
Get in touch with us at to create wedding temporary tattoos for your own wedding. We promise to help you put your own indelible stamp on your big day with our fabulous wedding temporary tattoos.



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