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5 ideas For Dinner And Dance Events To Wow Employees

Jan 23, 2020   |   5 min read

Dinner and dance events are fun, relaxed events for employees to interact with each other and have a good time away from their workplace. As an event organizer, how do you ensure that your Dinner and Dance Party is a super-hit among your employees? How to ensure that employees enjoy themselves and do not feel the need to leave the party early?

Presenting 5 exciting ideas for Dinner and Dance events that will wow your employees/guest

1. Get the party started with quirky themes

Want to excite your colleagues about your event way before the actual D-day? Go for wacky themes and let your colleagues’ creativity run amok. Announce a “Best Dressed” competition to be held at the event and see your colleagues make a dash to get the wackiest costumes and accessories.

a) Super Hero themed Annual Dinner and Dance

You just can’t go wrong with a superhero-themed party. Superheroes are everywhere and the superhero movie genre is racing ahead faster than Batman on his Batpod. Major releases which include prequels, backstories, sequels, and newer characters are landing in theatres every year. 2019 was a landmark year with the highest superhero movies (9) ever released in a year. Between 2020 and 2022, 26 Superhero movies are going to get released.  

superhero movies released from 2013 to 2022 infographic
This cape just keeps flying higher

Going by their huge popularity and the mind-boggling box office numbers, it looks like superheroes are here to stay for a long time.

Want inspiration on how to conduct a smashing superhero themed party? Check how Techtronic Industries, Hong Kong brought out their employees’ inner superhero at their Annual Dinner and Dance event.

Superhero themed Annual Dinner and Dance Event

b) Corporate Masquerade Party

employees with masks at a corporate masquerade theme dinner and dance party
Masquerade Theme at Corporate Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Kwanchai

Create a mysterious and glamorous night for your colleagues with decadent décor, masked ball dancers on hire, masquerade masks, and props to match your masquerade theme.  Encourage your colleagues to wear their best costumes and accessorize with bejeweled and feathery masks. 
Get inspired by the enthralling masquerade ball at NSPCC, UK:

c) Casino Royale themed Dinner and Dance Event

Transport your colleagues to a Bond-themed Casino Royale party with bright lights, card games, dice games, and slot machines. Let them free their hidden gambler or inner Bond for a night and watch the fun unravel. Shaken or stirred, this party is sure to fire up all imagination.

Want to know what happens when Bond stops by a Casino Royale party? Check this out!

d) Retro themed Corporate Party

employees having fun at a corporate-dinner and dance retro night
Corporate Retro Night at Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Danny

Take a step back in time with a retro-themed annual party. Your party time machine can have pit stops based on the flamboyant 1920s, swinging 1960s, stylish 1970s, or the disco-1980s. Pull out all stops to recreate the look of the decade you choose and watch your colleagues have some retro fun.

2.  Surprise Flash MOB

surprise flash mob featuring Steve Carell from the OFFICE
Steve Carell leads a Surprise Flash Mob from ”The Office”
Gif via Giphy

The guests have nibbled on the starters, the party chatter is dwindling, guests have pulled out their phones or are looking a bit lost.

Not exactly a happening party scene, right? Enter a Flash Mob!

Get your organization’s top bosses to dress up and perform a choreographed dance for their colleagues. The whole point of the flash mob is that it should look impromptu and take the audience by surprise. Get the bosses to pull out members from the audience to join them on the floor. 

Imagine your colleagues’ jaw drop when your CEO performs the viral floss dance move or when the HR Business partner does a perfect split.

Check how a flash mob transformed the vibe at Gosch Autogroup’s Christmas party:

Surprise Flash Mob at GoSch Annual Christmas Party

3. Set up a Temporary Tattoo Station

a beautiful woman with metallic temporary tattoos on her body pouts at the camera
Don’t you love my Metallic Temporary Tattoos?

Set up a Temporary Tattoo Station and hand out quirky custom temporary tattoos to your attendees. These are colorful, easy to sport, and great conversation starters. You can design temporary tattoos in your organization’s logo or any kind of fun messages to suit your dinner and dance theme.

A fun idea is to get a CXO level boss to don the role of a CTO aka Chief Tattoo Officer at a tattoo station and get him/her to apply tattoos to colleagues. And take selfies with them too!

Chief tattoo officers wearing temporary tattoo aprons pose at a temporary tattoo booth
Don this apron and get promoted to a CTO-Chief Tattoo Officer

4. Next-generation selfie booth – Go TECHIE

Our generation is obsessed with taking selfies and photos, enhancing them with various apps, making gifs (think Instagram Boomerang) and videos with them, and posting them on social media. Photo booths are cashing on to this obsession with newer wackier ideas. If you think that photo booths are passé, we present 3 next-gen photo booths for your dinner and dance event that will blow your mind:  

a) Selfie Photo Booths

magic mirror selfie photo booth
Magic Mirror – Selfie Photo Booth

Mirror selfies are the craze currently and you can use this vain habit ? to add some magic to your annual party. Hire a smart magical mirror that snaps selfies of your guests with branded prints and social media. This kind of interactive mirror has a user-friendly and fun interface. Guests can touch the screen of the mirror to experience colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance. They can get high-resolution pictures with personalized features such as signing own name, drawing images, and adding emojis on the mirror.  Some magic mirrors also have the option of playing social games such as tic tac toe, scream contest, wheel of fortune, followed by a selfie picture. Apart from physical images, guests have the option of sending their images, videos, and gifs to their email and social media.

Check how employees went crazy over an interactive magic mirror at a corporate dinner and dance party in this video below:

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the wackiest of them all?

b)360-Degree Photo Booth

Do you want your guests to go bonkers while starring in a Matrix-style production?  Enter 360-degree photo booths.  These booths capture photos of your guests from multiple angles simultaneously, stitch them together, enhance them with slow-motion, overlays and other effects to create stunning images, gifs, and videos. These can be shared on social media or uploaded to your company’s website. The photo booths can be customized to match your branding, include the props you choose, and have custom backdrops. 
Check how Dell Technologies engaged its guests at an event with a golf-themed 360-degree photo booth. 

Golf-themed 360-degree photo booth for Dell

c) Light Painting Photo Booth

In this creative photo booth, your guests can use lasers to write words or draw shapes in midair, while a camera captures all of it. Your brand colors, logos, slogans can be incorporated into the photos. The visually stunning images can be printed live or shared on social media.

Check out how POCO F1 mobile used a light painting booth at their launch event.

Users have fun at the Light Painting Booth at POCO F1 launch

5. Crazy Dinner and Dance Games

a)Lego Fire Walk

Check out the pain threshold and endurance of your party guests with this fun game. Lay out multiple mats with Lego bricks strewn on them. Ask your guests to form teams of 10. Each team member walks on the mat and reaches the end line, followed by the next team member. The aim is to walk on the Lego bricks barefoot without grimacing, sighing, yelling, and of course, without falling off. The team to complete the fastest walk wins! And are officially declared as BRAVEHEARTS.

a volunteer participates in a lego walk challenge for charity
A volunteer attempts a LEGO Firewalk for charity
Image via Twitter

b) Tug of War

The good old tug of war never fails to entertain! Pick and pull out your colleagues at the party and divide them into two large groups. Get a thick solid rope and… the fun begin!

employees at a corporate party participate in a tug of war contest, with one participant falling in a inflatable pool
Employees participate in a crazy tug-of-war contest
Gif via Giphy

c) Piñata for Grown-Up Kids

So, you thought that only kids are excited about the goodies in a piñata? You’ll be surprised to see your office colleagues compete with each other to hit a grown-up version of piñata and collect the maximum gifts. You can fill the office party piñata with dollar bills, Sharpies, glitter pens, gift cards, discount coupons, candies, custom stickerscustom enamel pinscustom buttons, temporary tattoos, etc. Provide a wooden bat or a golf club, a blindfold, and watch adults push, shove and ahem, kick to get the prized goodies.

employee at a dinner and dance event breaks a piñata while others look at the goodies
Piñatas are great fun for adults too!
Image via cityartsmagazine

We hope you liked our ideas to liven up your dinner and dance event!



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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