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5 ideas For Dinner And Dance Events To Wow Employees

Dec 5, 2018   |   5 min read

In Singapore, many corporates host Dinner and Dance events for their employees. These are fun, relaxed events meant for employees to interact with each other, and have a good time away from their workplace. Most corporates hire specialized professional event planners to host Dinner and Dance events, though some prefer planning and organizing in-house, to give a personal touch to the activities. In the pre-event planning stage, a budget is pre-decided for the event, and theme, scale and activities for the event are planned around the budget. If you are part of Dinner and Dance planning committee of an organization, or an event planner, you need to consider the following before deciding on the theme and activities:

1. Audience Demographics (gender, age-group, audience interests, willing to dress up for theme parties? language preferences, total number of attendees)

2. Event type (Formal/casual, outdoor/indoor, venue conditions and constraints, ballroom venue or casual pool party?)

3. Emcee (Bi-lingual? Able to connect with audience? Previous experience? Demo available?)

Once you have narrowed down on the above factors, choosing a theme (masquerade/retro night/back-to-school/Harry Potter/Star Wars/Awards night) and planning the event logistics and activities (live shows, DJ night, Dinner and Drinks, etc) become easier.

employees with masks at a corporate masquerade theme dinner and dance party
Masquerade Theme at Corporate Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Kwanchai
employees having fun at a corporate-dinner and dance retro night
Corporate Retro Night at Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Danny Koh

How to make your Dinner and Dance Party a super-hit among your employees? How to ensure that employees enjoy themselves and do not feel the need to leave the party early? We present 5 ideas for Dinner and Dance events that will wow your employees/guests:

1. Magic Mirror/Photo Booth

2. Interactive Food and Drinks Counters

3. Contests

4. Live Shows and Roving Performances

5. Custom Temporary Tattoos

Let’s check these ideas out!

1. MagicMirror/Photo Booth:

selfie magic mirror photo-booth with the words mirror mirror on the wall
Magic Selfie Mirror
Image via Indiamart

This is the age of Selfies and Social Media. Engage your employees with a smart magical mirror that snaps selfies with branded prints and social media. The Selfie Mirror Booth offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance. The pictures generated are high-resolution and pure fun. Employees are sure to share these pics all over Social Media

Employees wearing props having fun at Selfie Magic Booth
Employees having fun at Selfie Magic Booth
Image via The Photo Booth Group

2. Interactive Food and Drinks Counters

Live food counter at dinner and dance programme singapore
Food Counter at Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Food Management

You can set up multiple interactive food and drinks stations around your venue, with different cuisines. Hiring peppy bartenders who can engage your audience while they mix that cocktail is a great idea.

bartender performing flame tricks
Bartender with cool tricks t Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Big Foot Events

3. Contests

Liven up your event with fun contests such as a Treasure Hunt, a Trivia quiz or a Business Quiz or even a Who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire kinda quiz.

Quiz at dinner and Dance programme Singapore
Quiz at Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Fradley Croft

4.  Live Shows and Roving Performances

You can wow your guests with jaw-dropping, eye-popping and awe-inspiring live performances. These can include aerial shows (talented acrobatic performers performing high above), high-energetic cultural performances (for example-Bollywood/Brazilian), cyr-wheel specialist, fire-performers, jugglers etc.

Aerial Show at Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Creative Viva
Cyr-Wheel Performer at a Dinner and Dance Event
Image via Creative Viva

You could include roving performances which involve performers moving about the venue and interacting with the party guests, instead of being restricted to the stage.

Roving Performance at Dinner and Dance Events
Image via Get Out Events

5. Custom Temporary Tattoo Booths

Set up a Temporary Tattoo Booth and hand out quirky custom temporary tattoos to your attendees. These are colorful, fun, easy to sport and great conversation starters. You can design temporary tattoos in your organization’s logo or any kind of fun messages to suit your dinner and dance theme.

Temporary Tattoo Booth at Dinner and Dance Event
employees showing off VMware Singapore custom temporary tattoos
Employees sporting organization’s custom temporary tattoo at event Image via VMware Facebook Page

Did you like these ideas for livening up your upcoming Dinner and Dance Event? What other activities would you like to incorporate in your event? Do let us know in the comments section below. At Gumtoo, we create custom temporary tattoos for corporate events in Singapore. Write in to us at sales@gumtoo.com for creating custom temporary tattoos of your brand for your events.



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