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6 High Impact Ideas To Make Your Trade Show Booth A Success

Nov 19, 2018   |   5 min read

Are you an entrepreneur/business owner/event manager thinking of putting up a booth at an upcoming trade show? Not sure whether you should go for it?
Trade shows are powerful platforms for exhibiting your products to a lot of customers in a relatively short period of time. Setting up a booth at popular trade shows related to your industry is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. If done right, you can meet potential customers, reconnect with existing clients and build your brand’s credibility. 
Before you put up a booth at a trade show, you need to consider the following:

four objectives for setting up a booth at the trade show
Objectives for Setting up a Booth at a Trade Show

Setting clear objectives will help you get more out of your booth at the trade show. You can plan an appropriate budget, allocate resources, plan your booth set-up and delegate how you and your team will present your product at the event. Before the event, promote your upcoming booth using extensive social media marketing with appropriate hashtags and geotagging.
In any reputed trade show, there will be a plethora of booths. Wondering how to make your booth stand out from the rest? How to attract walk-ins to your booth and potential clients? Worry not, we have you covered in this post. We present 6 High-Impact Ideas For Your Booth at Trade Shows: 

1. Have a Mascot

A mascot is a great way to attract attention to your booth in a trade show. It breaks though the marketing clutter and creates a visual memory in the minds of potential clients.
Mascots can be live (real people dressed in costume) or creative visualizations of your brand.
At Gumtoo, we have our very own mascots; very appropriately called the Tattoo Man and Tattoo Woman. Our mascots have graced many of our booths at trade shows. Trust us, they are crowd magnets!

Gumtoo tattoo man and woman mascots
Gumtoo Tattoo Man and Tatoo Woman
Kid and mom pose with the Greenfields Milk Trade Show Mascot Cow
Greenfields Milk;s Cow Mascot at the Kids World Fair, Singapore

2. Live Product Demos

Want to draw an instant audience to your trade show booth? Try giving live product demos! Customers want to know how your product works, and a live demo will be useful. Make your demo interactive, engaging and entertaining. After they have walked out of the trade show, people will remember demos more than any sale pitch or presentation. You can record the live demos and use it to post on your brand’s social media. 

Virtual Live Demo of Product at Trade Shows
Live Product Demo
Image via zdnet

3. Interactive Content

Instead of making repetitive and lengthy sales pitches, you can shake the narrative up a bit by using interactive devices. Customers who are keen to learn about your product offerings can engage themselves on interactive touch screen devices at your booth. Ensure that the content is highly engaging. You can use demos, videos, animations, quizzes and surveys to liven up the content. Provide customers the option of sharing their email/contact number for further queries.
Watch this video on how interactive devices can boost your booth.

A short video of a digital trade show touchscreen game in action on a trade show floor.

4. Temporary Tattoo Booth

Set aside a spot for a temporary tattoo station inside your trade show booth. Temporary tattoos in your brand’s logo, typography or with witty images that resonate with your brand, are super takeaways. All you need is a little water, some tissues, and great custom temporary tattoos. Watch your customers turn into walking brand ambassadors for days with your brand’s temporary tattoos.
Read how Greenfields Milk used customised temporary tattoos to engage the kids during KWF trade show

smiling kid shows off his two greenfields milk temporary tattoos
Representative applies VMware temporary tattoos on participants at the Singapore Trade Show
Temporary Tattoos at the Trade Show
Image Source – VMware Singapore@Facebook

5.  Creative Swag

Give out creative, customized, colorful and cool swag to your customers at your trade show booth. The giveaway should be desirable, customers should want to own it. You can create buzz around your booth with stand-out and audience-appropriate giveaways. Engage your audience by Including some simple game or competition to win your special swag.
Some ideas for swag: branded reusable straws/customized bamboo toothbrushes (Environment friendly), lip balm, customized water bottles, creative die-cut stickers, Google Cardboard, phone stands, promotional earphones.

Environmental-friendly swag at trade shows-reusable metallic straws
Environmental-friendly Swag: Reuseable Straws
Image via Alibaba
creative die-cut stickers of a colorful palm as swag
Creative Die-cut Stickers as Swag

6. Free Phone Charging Booths

Attendees at trade shows are usually busy visiting multiple booths and trying to get as much information as they can. They capture and share information on various booths with their smartphones through texting, clicking pictures and videos, sharing on social media etc. A smartphone charging booth makes great sense for attendees. You can engage attendees when they are recharging their phones with your product literature or demos.

Free Phone Charging booth at Trade Shows
Phone charging booth at trade show
Image via Bizbash

We hope that with these ideas you can make your booth a prime attraction at your upcoming trade show. If you are looking for setting up a temporary tattoo booth or want to give out customized stickers as swag, reach out to us at We will be happy to chat about designs that would work well for trade shows. And also share our experiences at trade-shows, if you are looking for some more tips.



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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