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Girl in halloween make-up and costume poses like a cat while showing her evil cat halloween temporary tattoo


7 Quirky Halloween Party Ideas to Keep Your Employees At Work Happily Spooked

Sep 7, 2015   |   4 min read

Who wouldn’t love to work for Ellen DeGeneres ? While most of us do not have the pleasure of being part of the team Ellen heads, let’s be grateful for the lovely bosses and companies we work under and for. So if you are a boss and would like to earn that gratitude, it is time to spook your crazy whacko employees with a little Halloween fun! We don’t really need to explain what Halloween is all about- who doesn’t know about this wonderful holiday. Bring out the ghouls and ghosts, and keep the employees tickled with our seven party ideas!

7 Halloween spooked up games to play with your colleagues

Ready or not here we begin!

1. Play dress up

Divide the staff into teams and with names tagged to each team, allowing your employees to forget the suited-booted notes they wear each day and to work as usual with the funniest themed get-ups they can find. You would notice an assortment of characters come to life- Ghostbusters to Charlie’s Angels, Tin Man to Pocahontas, Jack the Ripper to Dr. Who as well, and who knows if Marilyn Monroe would make an appearance or not- an after work fashion party can be held too, with rewards and luxe gifts given to the best!

office halloween party with employees in scary halloween costumes
Dress up at your workplace
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2. Play explore the haunt!

Should you feel your colleagues haven’t appreciated your invitation on dressing up for Halloween or the décor around, send out an IMPORTANT EMAIL announcing a treasure hunt amongst the decorations put up; watch how they scurry and reach out to the deepest darkest corners to find the bounty!

3. Guess the creature

At regular intervals, have your MAN FRIDAY send out Halloween Hardcore notes- a note that subtly describes a certain creature, ghost, alien movie, Hollywood celebrity etc, and keep the employees guessing for the next one. The first who answers at least a minimum of 5 from 10, wins a goodie hamper!

4. Spooky quotes

happy halloween poster
Halloween spooky quotes

Send out spooky quotes the night before the Halloween work day to all employees via email, and stay quiet about the same. When they arrive, each of them would be given clues to your where about (you shouldn’t be at the workstation areas at all). The first one to reach you in person, sans the use of technological help, wins a hamper!

5. Blair Witch tapes

Ask your colleagues to create individual replicas of the Blair Witch tapes using their smartphones. Allocate with the help of the IT team a folder where they could upload their videos. Throw it open to the staff to vote for the best- the winner takes it all!

6. Play the head waiter

The idea is to spook the living daylights out of the employees, so ask your catering team to serve their guests with a severed head mask stitched to their shirts and shut the lights off at lunch time in the cafeteria, draw the curtains too. At lunch, let no one stay in the cafeteria (no one from the catering team). Announce a free lunch and gather your employees at the cafeteria, and do as said- watch the fun!

7. Forbidden words

As the boss, send out an email that forbids anyone to talk anything about Halloween. Keep your spies around (choose from amongst the colleagues). Make two teams and spies from both teams should help you catch people floundering the rules. Culprits get a bloody-red star pasted on their forehead- the team with the least stars, wins a hamper.

Girl in halloween make-up and costume poses like a cat while showing her evil cat halloween temporary tattoo
Set up a temporary tattoo booth at the Halloween party

We so hope you enjoyed these seven fun games for Halloween, as much as we enjoyed researching and bringing them to you. Do share your ideas too, we love hearing what our readers enjoy! And yes, we can do better than you dear Ellen!



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