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Add To Your Style Statement With These 25 Feather Tattoos

Aug 28, 2018   |   7 min read

Tattoos have been a trend that hasn’t gone out of style since ages now. Did you know that studies show that tattoos are addicting? That is probably why most people you know definitely have more than one tattoo. Once you get your first tattoo, you are most likely to get a second one and a third one and more. If you are new to the tattoo world, you will probably put in a lot of thought as to what your first tattoo should be. A feather tattoo will make a perfect first tattoo. The feather symbolizes wisdom, the power of the air and wind, charity, hope and so much more. Get this one made as temporary tattoo if you are unsure and want to change tattoos often or get permanently inked. Either way, we have curated the most beautiful feather tattoos ever and you are bound to want to get one of these designs.


Image Credits: Fashionlady

A minimal feather tattoo on the ankle is cute right? Love the placement of this tattoo perfectly surrounding the ankle bone.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Cute placement on the finger. This feather tattoo has tiny detailing which looks simply amazing. It’s all in the details after all.

Image Credits: Tattooblend

This feather tattoo has intense colors of blue and purple. Love the bird that looks like it has been freed into the wild.

Image Credits: Instagram

A stunning design of a feather that is made into an arrow. The small beads and feathers hanging at the sides gives it a nice boho touch. This can be made into a great fake temporary tattoo.

Image Credits: Glamourparis

Wear your feather like a bracelet charm tatted on your wrist. Isn’t this design adorable?

Image Credit: Tumblr

Absolute love to this blue feather tattoo with hints of pink and yellow. And the bold placement on the thigh looks audacious. Get this one made as a temporary tattoo in your favorite color.

Image Credits: Pinterest

We are absolutely digging this rainbow feather tattoo. This would make the perfect temporary tattoo to wear to the pride march. The birds that are flying off look so liberating.

Image Credits: Pinterest

If you love geometric tattoos and feathers, this tattoo is the perfect blend of both. The tattoo fades into a geometric lines as it tapers towards the top. It’s done so beautifully.

Image Credits: Pinterest


Image Credits: Twinmonkeytattoo

Looks like a feather made of cut paper and gently pieced together. The detailing is intricate and it looks like perfection. We’re thinking of this design as a temporary tattoo with a pop of color.

Image Credits: Ideastand

The good ol’ dream catcher tattoo which is incomplete without its feathers. Do you love dream catchers as much as we do?

Image Credits: Tattooblend

A sharp design of a feather arrow with just the right amount of subtle colors. The little bow knot is a small pretty detail and the wrist placement for this tattoo is perfect. What do you think?

Image Credits: Pinterest

This design will make the best temporary tattoo with personalized names and a splash of color for each. Whose names would you write?

Image Credits: Tattooblend

This one just maybe one of our favorite designs from the whole list. The pastel green is what catches the eye. With a little mix of white this feather tattoo looks stunning and is at the top of our temporary tattoo list.

Image Credits: Weloveboho

Want to get a feather tattoo with your best friend? This is exactly what you are looking for. One of you can get the feather and the other one can get the arrow or you could get both yourself. You choose.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Divine detailing. Flowers, birds, geometric prints. So much going on in one tattoo. What’s not to love?

Image Credits: Tattoofilter

A gigantic peacock feather on the back. We say this is bold and beautiful. The peacock colors are expressed perfectly. Get this design made as a custom fake tattoo.

Image Credits: Alltattooladies

Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity and this tattoo is an example of that. If you like simple, you should get this design made as a temporary custom tattoo for you.

Getting some serious tribal vibes from this feather tattoo. Love the idea of half and half. You can get something similar designed and customized with your choice of prints.

Image Credits: Flowertattooideas

How intense is that look right? Those eyes speak volumes through that feather tattoo.

Image Credits: Wildtattooart

An anchor and a feather go so well together. If you think feathers are not masculine enough, what about this one? Any guy can pull this tattoo off.

Image Credits: Wildtattooart

Little Pieces Of Hope. This tattoo looks like the headband of a tribal person in the Amazons. You get what we mean? We would try this out as a temporary tattoo first.

Image Credits: Tattoosme

If one feather isn’t enough, get three. How serene does this tattoo look like the feathers are timelessly flying away with the wind?

Image Credits: Perfecttattooartists

The colors of this feather tattoo look like the flames of a fire burning. And the tattoo starts with the word rise. So meaningful!

Image Credits: Tattooideas2017

Gold and silver feathers get our big fat stamp of approval. Going to the beach? Get this tatted as a temporary tattoo and flaunt it as much as you can.

What do you think about feather tattoos? Do you want to get one of these designs? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if there is any specific type of tattoo that you would like us to write about, we’d love to know.
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