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Beat Heart Disease with Temporary Tattoos

Feb 28, 2018   |   2 min read

Heart diseases and stroke remain the top killer in Ireland; 12,000 lives were taken away every year from these illness. The Irish Heart Foundation has been fighting the good fight for over 50 years, championing itself to increase awareness and improve regulations.
The national charity tirelessly campaigns to influence policies to improve patient care and fight for real change for those affected by the diseases. From securing commitment for the introduction of a Sugar Sweetened Drinks Tax in the country, to launching creative campaigns, the Irish Heart Foundation is committed to empower people in Ireland to know more about their cause.

poster of irish heart foundation campaign with show some heart temporary tattoo on man's chest
Show Some Heart  Temporary Tattoos Campaign | Source –
man with show some heart temporary tattoo on arm poses with a huge paper cut out of heart with show some heart written in it
Buy a temporary tattoo and Show Some Heart | Source – Instagram RTÉ 2fm

The Irish Heart Foundation also encourage us to show more hearts by hosting our own fundraising events. One can register to get a fundraising pack, which contains everything you need to host your own event, including their Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. To honour the fundraising efforts, the campaign shows people across the country who have started their own event.
Everyone can get creative in their effort to increase awareness to a particular disease or issue, and temporary tattoos can make your efforts more fun and engaging. We all remember the Pink Ribbon Walk in Singapore to raise awareness about breast cancer, with some glittery tattoos to show for.
People of Ireland have shown their commitment to help the cause by hosting their own fundraising events. From a coffee morning to an over 60’s talent camp, the Show Some Heart temporary tattoos have made the fight against the chronic disease more engaging.

stack of temporary tattoo sheets for Irish Heart Foundation's show some heart campaign
Retail display stands for Show Some Heart temporary tattoos

It even made spreading awareness possible through a pop-up temporary tattoo parlour! After all, we all love to show people the cause we believe in, and now the Irish Heart Foundation donors can show their support through Show Some Heart temporary tattoos.

show some heart temporary tattoo design
Show Some Heart Tattoo | Source –

Gumtoo would like to encourage our readers to participate in the campaign by donating and purchasing Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. While the tattoos might be temporary, the change is permanent.
Do contact us at to add creative edge to your fundraising efforts.



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