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Cause Tattoos

  • Pink Ribbon Walk Well Supported With Glittery Temporary Tattoos

    Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) organized Pink Ribbon Walk, in Singapore to create awareness about breast cancer. BCF is a non-profit organization, which was set up in 1997 with the mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. BCF spreads awareness and knowledge through events, talks, exhibitions, seminars and publications, and promotes early detection through regular screening.


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    BCF organizes various programmers for cancer patients to get volunteers who can support the survivors and their families. Counseling sessions and trainings are also organized for the survivors and volunteers. BCF is one of the few breast cancer advocacy groups in the world with a Men’s Support League to emphasize men’s role in society’s fight against this illness.

    BCF is available on various social networks, which helps the patients to get immediate answers to their questions related to their disease. They have a small community by which patients, volunteers and community members can interact with each other and get the best possible advice and help.

    BCF’s Healing Through the Arts Programme:

    BCF’s Healing through the Arts Programme organizes a lot of fun activities for women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer.  These activities play a very important role to help the patients in their short and long-term recovery. BCF has chosen some very interesting and simple activities for this programme which can be easily enjoyed by women. These activities include Dragon Boat Training, Art of Breathing, Zumba, Tai Chi, Sewing, Yoga, Choir, Ukulele, Art Class, Latin Line Dance and Crochet. They are conducted by BCF Volunteers, most of whom are either breast cancer survivors or professionals from their respective fields.

    BCFs healing through the Arts Programme, helps the victim in improving their physical and mental health. It also boosts their confidence that women living with breast cancer can continue to lead full, active lives. Survivors can register themselves with the activity of their interest.

    Wig Loan Programme:

    BCF has a wig loan programme, to help women who lose hair during treatment of breast cancer. The Wig Loan Programme assists women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer to borrow wigs. To be eligible for this wig loan programme, they would need to be members of Breast Cancer Foundation.

    BCF prepare these wigs by recycling hairs donated by various donors and volunteers.

    Pink Ribbon Walk:

    Customized Temporary Tattoos for Pink Ribbon Walk in Singapore

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     One of the most famous events which BCF organizes every year to support cancer patients is Pink Ribbon Walk. Thousands of people take part in this event to show their support in eradicating breast cancer and also volunteer to help cancer patients in the best possible ways. There are goodies and medals are given to people who take part in the walk to show their support. The walk is divided into two categories-3.5 km and 5 km. 3.5 km is the walk category and 5 km is the race. There are security and first aid facilities for the participants.

    Fun time with custom temporary tattoos by Gumtoo

    Participants flaunted their tattoos:

    People, who participated in the walk, displayed their pink ribbon temporary tattoos proudly. They were very enthusiastic to apply these tattoos to show their contribution and support for eradicating breast cancer. These customized temporary tattoos were printed by us, which fulfilled their cause and made the volunteers as well as us super happy and proud. 

    Glitter Custom Tattoos for Pink Ribbon Run included in then Race Pack

    Glitter Temporary Tattoos were included in the goodie pack. Image source

    Custom Tattoo Temporary for Pink Run

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    If you are organizing an marathon or a walk, custom temporary tattoos can be a very good option. They are economical and look super cool. They can add a zing to any event and can be a great attraction for the crowd.

    Do contact us at to order customized temporary tattoos.

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  • Colourval Carnival spreads colour in the city

    We attach meanings to the tattoos engraved (temporarily in this case) onto our bodies. The symbols or words ingrained on our skin strike a chord with our beliefs and convey a visual message to those around us; this is the purpose of tattoos

    On the 9th of August 2014, a group of four girls came together to form Team Colours and organised a carnival, Colourval, in conjunction with the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) 2014 project to support their chosen Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO), Club Rainbow. Carrying the intent to raise awareness for the children of Club Rainbow suffering from chronic illnesses (e.g. congenital heart defects, rare genetic disorders) amongst public members, Team Colours challenged the National Record of the Largest Display of Paper Doves aspiring to bring peace, love and hope to their beneficiaries.

    Gumtoo sponsored temporary tattoos for an social cause event

    With the help of many others, Team Colours managed to hold a successful event at *SCAPE where the 7-hours-long event featured tattoos by Gumtoo. Gumtoo kindly provided the participants with a handful of designs, of which the Rainbow tattoo received the greatest attention as it tied in with the concept of bringing happiness to Club Rainbow and adding colours to the lives of the beneficiaries.

    Now you may be skeptical about this and it will probably sound really cliché, but images do in fact convey so much more than words ever will and the simple tattoo designs were all that was needed to garner so much support for the event. Instead of the usual intimidating in-your-face publicising, our participants threw away that overly courteous "Good morning Sir would you be interested in supporting the Rainbow Children?" facet to replace it with a set of tattoos on their arms which spoke for themselves.

    The innocence and child-like bliss was instantaneously captured by the tattoos' simplicity, evoking some sense of nostalgia as passers-by were reminded of their childhood and conscience moved them to do their part for Club Rainbow. Temporary tattoos, in particular, are symbolic of the transience and fragility of our childhood due to its impermanent nature. It was simply perfect to have had the opportunity to work with Gumtoo.

    It truly was a simple and perfect day.

    Submitted by Team Colours

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  • Women's Day Temporary Tattoos

    With our latest product offering, cause temporary tattoos we aim to help raise social awareness by bringing in powerful designs to various social campaigns. First to go live are six designs in Women's day theme. So if you are planning to run a social campaign, make your event impactful with these made-to-order cause temporary tattoos. Gumtoo retails cause tattoos at an affordable price of USD 250 for 1000 Tattoos, a price that only covers the manufacturing cost, admin expenses and the designer fee. #IntWomensDay #IWD

    Temporary tattoos are being positioned to be adopted in various social campaigns that deal with more prominent and serious social causes that require society’s attention. From such perspective, temporary tattoo is the ideal medium of the message whereby one could give immediate acknowledgment and approval of message by wearing them. Also, its high visibility and easy application are widely appreciated by the audience across the age and its versatility of designs integrate temporary tattoos very effectively into various social themes.

    Women's Day Temporary Tattoo Celebrate Women's day in style!
    • Tattoo Design as seen in the product image - Included
    • Minimum Order Quantity - 1000 Tattoos
    • Lead Time - 2 Weeks
    • Free Shipping Worldwide


    In lieu of improving vibrance of various social media, Gumtoo would be creating designer temporary tattoos in many other social themes and position temporary tattoos to be used by NGOs, Activist groups, Corporates who support a cause to buy and use. We would love to support the social causes and let them to be heard by the audience through the lines and hues of our tattoos. So, be brave and be colorful with your idea and let us design your thought!

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  • Cause Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary tattoo is no longer just a prop for kids’ birthday party and music festivals. It has grown itself into a medium that empowers individuals to be the billboard of their own. Also, its versatility of colors and designs enable tattoos to be printed in every way possible - be it a funky party invite or raising awareness for the social causes.

    We aim to join the movement too. We would do what we do the best, design and provide powerful designer temporary tattoos to support various social causes via our latest product offering - Cause Temporary Tattoos!

    Cause Temporary Tattoos Cause Temporary Tattoos for social campaigns and events

    Recently, we joined international social campaign, “I am FINished” which aims to reduce demand for shark fin soup to stop extinction of sharks. We designed the stylish temporary tattoo that conveys the message and would help to spread the campaign message to alarm the audience about endangered sharks.

    We would continue to build this new category by creating powerful tattoo designs for the various causes. These tattoos can either be distributed to spread awareness or retailed to generate funds for the cause.

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