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  • Temporary Tattoo Tidbits: Movember

    Every November, do you wonder why there’s a sudden sprout in the number of moustache-wielding men around you?  Did you wonder if it were a seasonal thing? Or something to do with the month of November?

    Let us demystify the month of the moustache to you.

    Movember (Moustache+ November)

    Movember Moustache Image via FitforWork

    Movember is an annual event held in the month of November by the Movember Foundation wherein men (called Mo Bros) grow moustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. The goal of the Movember movement is to ‘’change the face of men’s health”. The movement focuses on men’s health issues such as prostrate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide, and encourages early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.


    Two mates (Travis Garone and Luke Slattery) met up for a quiet beer in Melbourne, Australia, and the idea that sparked Movember was born. The moustache had all but disappeared from fashion trends. Could they bring it back? They found 30 guys willing to take up the challenge.

    The Movember movement has since spread to a million moustaches all over the world.

    The Challenge

    For 30 days of November, Mo Bros are challenged to grow a moustache. The Mo Bros become walking brand ambassadors for the movement, spurring conversations, awareness and raising funds.

    movember-mo-bro Image via LuminaryDaily

    Women (Mo Sistas) can be a part of Movember by egging the men in their lives to participate and take their health seriously. Mo Sistas can sport fake moustaches (temporary tattoos) to raise awareness and funds.


    movember-mosistas Image via TheRecord

    In the end of November, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate their Movember journey by throwing their own Movember parties or by attending the official Gala Parties held around the world.

    How to be a part of Movember?

    In Singapore, you can sign up for Movember here.

    To host a Mo-event, sign up here.

    How to get fake temporary moustache tattoos?

    moustache-temporary-tattoo-1 Image via Pinterest

    For more temporary tattoos related to causes, check this post

    Are you planning to host a Mo-event and looking for fake temporary moustache tattoos for your Mo Sistas and for those Bros who are not yet willing to sport a real moustache? Reach out to us at We support the Movember movement and encourage men to participate by sporting real moustaches. But if you need those good-looking, easy to clean fake moustaches, we are here for you.

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  • A Wish and a Prayer: Jolene’s Bright Smile

    ‘There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world.’ -Lionel Messi

    Make-A-Wish Foundation is dedicated to granting the heartfelt wishes of children aged between 3 to 18 years, who live with life-threatening medical conditions. They aim to create unforgettable and meaningful experiences when making a child’s wish come true.

    On August 9, Make-A-Wish, Singapore made little Jolene’s wish come true. Jolene’s wish was for a standing frame equipment. Her equipment helps her with standing up for a longer time, improving her posture and providing hip stability and cardio fitness, which she previously did not have with lying on a bed.

    Take a look at Jolene’s bright smile when her wish came true.

    jolene_make_a_wish_singapore1 Make-a-wish-Singapore: Jolene smiles brightly

    To further widen Jolene’s smile, Gumtoo sponsored National Day temporary tattoos for her wish-reveal day.

    jolene_make_a_wish_singapore2 Jolene and friends sporting Gumtoo's National Day Temporary Tattoos

    We at Gumtoo try our best to spread cheer and happiness with our colorful and pure-fun temporary tattoos. And when our tattoos brighten a child’s smile, we think our job is well-done.

    Good luck, dear Jolene. Keep smiling!

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  • How brands can use cause temporary tattoos to raise long-lasting awareness

    As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, your organization/brand/non-profit may be supporting many causes and charities from time to time. Your organization may be hosting events such as fundraisers/marathons/charity balls/walks to raise awareness for the causes it supports.

    One fun way to spread awareness for a cause is through customized colorful cause Temporary Tattoos. Your organization/brand/non-profit can give away/sell these cause temporary tattoos to volunteers and participants. Everyone loves temporary tattoos; your cause will be fresh in the minds of people even after your event is long over. When you buy cause temporary tattoos in bulk, it is economical and cost-effective.

    Top reasons to use Cause Temporary Tattoos to raise awareness:



    Check out some examples how organizations/brands have used cause temporary tattoos to raise awareness on issues they support:

    1. The Body Shop Malaysia:

    The Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia was recently a witness to a paradigm-shifting walk organized by The Body Shop MalaysiaWomen’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Sisters in Islam (SIS), and the Association of Women Lawyers (AWL). The walk marked the launch of a petition campaign to urge the government to raise the minimum age of marriage to 18 years– with no exceptions, regardless of gender, faith, and ethnicity. The campaign is on until September 30, 2018, and has collected almost 20,000 signatures. According to Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Managing Director of The Body Shop Malaysia, it’s not just legal reform that matters. “We need to change public perception, achieve gender sensitization, institute comprehensive sexuality education, and empower youths in order to completely end child marriage,” she said.

    To raise awareness of this burning social issue, The Body Shop got cause temporary tattoos made (from Gumtoo) and distributed them among volunteers and participants of the walk.


    body_shop_temporary_tattoo_malaysia Cause Temporary Tattoos made by Gumtoo for The Body Shop Malaysia to promote awareness for ending child marriage.
    Image Via The Body Shop Malaysia, Facebook Page
    : Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Managing Director of The Body Shop Malaysia, speaking to spread awareness against child marriage Image Credits: The Body Shop Malaysia, Facebook Page Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Managing Director of The Body Shop Malaysia, speaking to spread awareness against child marriage
    Image Via The Body Shop Malaysia, Facebook Page

    2. Irish Heart Foundation:

    Heart diseases and stroke remain the top killers in Ireland; 12,000 lives are taken away every year from these illnesses. The Irish Heart Foundation has been fighting the good fight for over 50 years, championing itself to increase awareness and improve regulations. In February 2018, the Irish Heart Foundation, in association with RTE 2FM, called people to Show Some Heart with Irish Heart Foundation temporary tattoos. Show Some Heart temporary tattoos campaign was a creative fundraising initiative that fosters broader engagement.

    irish-heart-foundation-show-some-heart-temporary-tattoo “Show Some Heart” Temporary Tattoos for fundraising campaign for the Irish Heart Foundation
    Image Via Marcommnews
    irish-foundation-show-some-heart-cause-temporary-tattoos Buy a temporary tattoo and Show Some Heart
    Image Via Instagram RTÉ 2fm

    3. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation:

    The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, founded in 2016, is a 501c3 dog rescue organization, working on both domestic and international front to help create a better world for dogs globally. To put an end to consumption of dog meat, the foundation started a #STOPTHETORTURE campaign. As part of the campaign, people were encouraged to make donations, and the foundation would ship #stopthetorture cause temporary tattoos. Donors were asked to sport the tattoos, take pictures, post it on their Social Media, sign a petition to stop dog meat consumption and tag local political representatives.

    4. Safe House of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid:

    ACG Advertising Agency, an ad agency based in Hungary, created a hard-hitting cause temporary tattoo campaign in 2015. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of violence against women by encouraging people to put on temporary tattoos that look like realistic tattoos. People were asked to post their pictures with the temporary tattoos on Facebook and Instagram accompanied by the hashtag #HurtsMeToo. The cause temporary tattoo campaign also raised funds through the sale of these bruise temporary tattoos for the Safe House of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, which provides a refuge for victims of violence.

    hurts-me-too-campaign #HurtsMeToo Campaign for Violence against Women
    Image Via Trendhunter
    #HurtsMeToo Campaign with false bruise temporary tattoosImage Via Trendhunters #HurtsMeToo Campaign with false bruise temporary tattoos
    Image Via Trendhunters

    5. Livin for Hockey:

    LIVIN was established to break the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and to reduce the rates of suicide around Australia. It encourages people to speak about their feelings, issues and challenges because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. LIVIN has launched LIVIN FOR HOCKEY, a concept developed by a group of hockey players. LIVIN FOR HOCKEY wants to spread the LIVIN message around Australia and encourage better physical and mental health through playing hockey. LIVIN FOR HOCKEY raises funds and awareness through its cool merchandize, which includes temporary tattoos.

    livin-for-hockey-cause-temporary-tattoo-gumtoo Cause Temporary Tattoo for LIVIN for Hockey by Gumtoo
    Image Via Livin for Hockey Facebook

    Check these links for more examples on how brands can use temporary tattoos to raise awareness and funds:

    1. Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Walk
    2. Colourval, a carnival to support Club Rainbow (a Voluntary Welfare Organization for children suffering from chronic illnesses)
    3. 10 Simple Steps to use Temporary Tattoos for Fundraising


    If you are a brand manager/advertiser representing a brand/organization/non-profit that wants to raise awareness on issues, contact us at for more ideas. We will guide you on how you can use Cause Temporary Tattoos for your cause and as a great promotional and advertising tool.

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  • 15 Must-Have Motivational Temporary Tattoos To Perk You Up

    Are you feeling down in the dumps? That life is unfair and everything is a struggle? Wondering how to get your mojo back? Motivational temporary tattoos are great stimuli, they egg you on, make you push yourself harder to achieve your dreams.

    When you stick a motivational temporary tattoo on yourself, it serves as a constant reminder to be your best self every single moment of your life.  The temporary tattoo may remind you of the good in bad times or they can help you see the purpose of doing what you do. It can signify an important life lesson you’ve learnt or it can be something that you firmly believe in. The right motivational message can shift your perspective in the right direction or play a role when you have to make big decisions for yourself.

    We have curated 15 motivational tattoos that are inspirational and the perfect pick-me-ups:

    1. Keep Going

    keep-going-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Buzzfeed

    Two words that speak volumes. Sometimes, all you need is a simple reminder that will push you to reach the finish line. It will give you the strength to get up each time you fall. This motivational quote works great as a custom fake tattoo.

    2. Die With Memories, Not Dreams

    die-with-memories-not-dreams-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Pinterest

    Don’t we all have big dreams for ourselves? Travel the world or become the CEO of a company? How are we possibly going to get there if we don’t even try. And in the process of trying you will be left with sweet memories even if success doesn’t come knocking right away.

    3. Fear Is A Liar

    ear-is-a-liar-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image via Pinterest

    Fear can hold you back from so many things in life and take away what could have been a life changing moment for you. It can stop you from taking a jump from that cliff into the waters or from taking that solo trip to another country. Whatever you fear is, don’t let it hold you back anymore. This motivational temporary tattoo will take you places, we are sure!

    4. You Are Enough

    you-are-enough-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Etsy

    When everyone lets you down and hurts you, this is all you need to know – YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are all that matters. How amazing is this motivational temporary tattoo that reminds you of your self-worth?

    5. Still I Rise

    still-i-rise-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Glamshelf

    This motivational temporary tattoo tells you that no matter how many times you fall, no matter how many times life throws obstacles at you, you will always get up and keep moving on. Like a Phoenix, you will rise up from the ashes to reinvent a new you.

    6. This Too Shall Pass

    this-too-shall-pass-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Vix

    Every single tough time is going to pass. Get this quote made as a temporary tattoo to remind you that good times are on the way.

    7. Never Give Up

    never-give-up-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Pinterest

    This one maybe a little clichéd but a classic, nevertheless. Simple words like these are all you need sometimes. This quote will make a great motivational temporary tattoo.

    8. The Journey Is The Reward

    the-journey-is-the-reward-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Menstattooideas

    You have to just take that leap of faith and dive into that journey. What awaits at the end may or may not be rewarding but what lies in the path to that end definitely is.

    9. If Not Now Then When? 

    if-not-now-when-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Menstattooideas

    A motivational tattoo that tells you to live in the moment. To top worrying what the future holds and live for NOW.

    10. But Without The Darkness, We’d Never See The Stars

    no-darkness-no-stars-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Tattoosbeautiful

    It’s true isn’t it? How are we possible supposed to see the stars if it weren’t for darkness? Even a candle only shines the brightest when it is pitch black.

    11. Warrior

    warrior-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Tattoo-Models

    If you have survived the hardest of times in your life, this motivational temporary tattoo is for you. Go Warrior!

    12. Never A Failure, Always A Lesson

    never-a-failure-always-a-lesson-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Tattoo Models

    You can always choose to see your downfall as a failure or a lesson. The choice is yours.

    13. One Life, One Chance

    one-life-one-chance-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image Via Tattoo-Models

    You have only one life, make the most of it and live everyday like it is your last. This quote will look amazing as a temporary tattoo.

    14. Fearless

    fearless-motivational-temporary-tatoo Image Via Cafemom

    Be brave, be you, take risks, be fearless. A fantastic idea for a fake tattoo.

    15Believe In Yourself

    believe-in-yourself-motivational-temporary-tattoo Image via Hercanvas

    Most of the times that’s all you need to do. You need to believe in yourself and everything will work out eventually.


    Which of these motivational temporary tattoos inspired you the most?

    If you have an idea for a tattoo and have been thinking of getting one for a while now, drop us an email at and let’s make that a temporary tattoo first. Temporary tattoos are great because they feel and look just as the real one minus the pain. Do you have a quote that inspires you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Pink Ribbon Walk Well Supported With Glittery Temporary Tattoos

    Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) organized Pink Ribbon Walk, in Singapore to create awareness about breast cancer. BCF is a non-profit organization, which was set up in 1997 with the mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. BCF spreads awareness and knowledge through events, talks, exhibitions, seminars and publications, and promotes early detection through regular screening.


    Image source:

    BCF organizes various programmers for cancer patients to get volunteers who can support the survivors and their families. Counseling sessions and trainings are also organized for the survivors and volunteers. BCF is one of the few breast cancer advocacy groups in the world with a Men’s Support League to emphasize men’s role in society’s fight against this illness.

    BCF is available on various social networks, which helps the patients to get immediate answers to their questions related to their disease. They have a small community by which patients, volunteers and community members can interact with each other and get the best possible advice and help.

    BCF’s Healing Through the Arts Programme:

    BCF’s Healing through the Arts Programme organizes a lot of fun activities for women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer.  These activities play a very important role to help the patients in their short and long-term recovery. BCF has chosen some very interesting and simple activities for this programme which can be easily enjoyed by women. These activities include Dragon Boat Training, Art of Breathing, Zumba, Tai Chi, Sewing, Yoga, Choir, Ukulele, Art Class, Latin Line Dance and Crochet. They are conducted by BCF Volunteers, most of whom are either breast cancer survivors or professionals from their respective fields.

    BCFs healing through the Arts Programme, helps the victim in improving their physical and mental health. It also boosts their confidence that women living with breast cancer can continue to lead full, active lives. Survivors can register themselves with the activity of their interest.

    Wig Loan Programme:

    BCF has a wig loan programme, to help women who lose hair during treatment of breast cancer. The Wig Loan Programme assists women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer to borrow wigs. To be eligible for this wig loan programme, they would need to be members of Breast Cancer Foundation.

    BCF prepare these wigs by recycling hairs donated by various donors and volunteers.

    Pink Ribbon Walk:

    Customized Temporary Tattoos for Pink Ribbon Walk in Singapore

    Image source:

     One of the most famous events which BCF organizes every year to support cancer patients is Pink Ribbon Walk. Thousands of people take part in this event to show their support in eradicating breast cancer and also volunteer to help cancer patients in the best possible ways. There are goodies and medals are given to people who take part in the walk to show their support. The walk is divided into two categories-3.5 km and 5 km. 3.5 km is the walk category and 5 km is the race. There are security and first aid facilities for the participants.

    Fun time with custom temporary tattoos by Gumtoo

    Participants flaunted their tattoos:

    People, who participated in the walk, displayed their pink ribbon temporary tattoos proudly. They were very enthusiastic to apply these tattoos to show their contribution and support for eradicating breast cancer. These customized temporary tattoos were printed by us, which fulfilled their cause and made the volunteers as well as us super happy and proud. 

    Glitter Custom Tattoos for Pink Ribbon Run included in then Race Pack

    Glitter Temporary Tattoos were included in the goodie pack. Image source

    Custom Tattoo Temporary for Pink Run

    Image source: #pinkribbonwalksg


    Image source

    If you are organizing an marathon or a walk, custom temporary tattoos can be a very good option. They are economical and look super cool. They can add a zing to any event and can be a great attraction for the crowd.

    Do contact us at to order customized temporary tattoos.

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