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  • 5 Compelling Reasons To Consider Temporary Tattoos For Your Next Corporate Event

    Do you want to add an interactive and fun element to your next event? And achieve brand promotion and get social media shares? All in a cost-effective and entertaining way?

    Think Custom Temporary Tattoos.

    Why Temporary Tattoos? We present top 5 reasons to consider them for your next event.

    1. Temporary Tattoos as Ice-Breakers

    If you are planning a formal event such as a conference, seminar or a town hall, use custom temporary tattoos with your company’s logo to connect employees. For less formal events such as executive retreats, dinner and dance evenings, team-building events, employee sport events, use quirky custom temporary tattoos to break the ice and transform the vibe of the event.

    Temporary tattoos come in various options; brand logo tattoos, glow-in-the-dark-tattoos, metallic tattoos, typography tattoos, colorful tattoos etc. You can have a temporary tattoo booth for dispersing your tattoos, to make it more fun and organized. Having a senior management personnel to hand out or apply the tattoos is a great idea. Get an apron with “Chief Tattoo Officer”  and you are all set.

    salesforce_temporary_tattoo_for_trade_show1 Custom Temporary Tattoos in Company Logo for Salesforce’s events

    Check how VMware used custom temporary tattoos for its events.

    2. Temporary Tattoos as Cool Swag 

    For your next trade show, design and get custom temporary tattoos (and stickers) in your company’s logo, or typography or use any creative design  that will connect to your audience. This kind of swag is unique from the regular pens, earphones and T-shirt swag and will be a talking point among your audience and as a bonus, on social media.

    custom_temporary_tattoos_as_swag_sentosa_gumtoo Custom Temporary Tattoos as Swag for Sentosa, Singapore

    Read how Greenfields Milk used customised temporary tattoos to engage the kids during KWF trade show

    3. Temporary Tattoos for Photo-ops and Social Media Shares

    Everyone loves to sport creative and colorful temporary tattoos. Make your event memorable by giving out your custom tattoos. Encourage your event participant to take pictures and post it using a custom hashtag for the event on Social Media. You will get memorable images and brand promotion bundled together. You can also use the tattoo backs for writing your short promotional messages.

    irvins_block_party_custom_temporary_tattoos Photo opportunity with Custom Temporary Tattoos at IRVINS Salted Eggs Block Party

    4. Temporary Tattoos to Promote Causes:

    If your organization has a cause that it would like to promote, or a charity it would like to support, think of using cause temporary tattoos. These can be used for fundraising or as giveaways at marathons and other community events.

    pink_ribbon_walk_custom_temporary_tattoos_gumtoo Custom Tattoos at Pink Ribbon Walk

    Read how Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Walk used temporary tattoos.

    5. Temporary Tattoos to Engage Younger Audiences:

    Temporary tattoos appeal to everyone, but kids love them. If you are sponsoring an event for children, or organizing one, use custom temporary tattoos in colorful, creative designs. You can get temporary tattoos in designs such as superheroes, popular cartoon characters. You can conduct informative sessions for children with tattoos of planets, about sea-creatures, plants…the options are unlimited.

    whistle_and_flute_clothing_brand_custom_temporary_tattoos_gumtoo Clothing Brand Whistle & Flute used Custom temporary tattoos to engage kids
    Image via Whistle & Flute’s Facebook Page

    Check how Aviva used temporary tattoos to engage kids at Superfundae event

    Reach out to us at for ideas on custom temporary tattoos and how we can help you promote your brand at events. Based out of Singapore, we are the leading and preferred providers of custom temporary tattoos to corporates. Our clients include Airbnb, Deloitte, Changi Airport, NUS, Singapore Heart Foundation, Sentosa and many more.

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  • 5 ideas For Dinner And Dance Events To Wow Employees

    In Singapore, many corporates host Dinner and Dance events for their employees. These are fun, relaxed events meant for employees to interact with each other, and have a good time away from their workplace.

    Most corporates hire specialized professional event planners to host Dinner and Dance events, though some prefer planning and organizing in-house, to give a personal touch to the activities. In the pre-event planning stage, a budget is pre-decided for the event, and theme, scale and activities for the event are planned around the budget.

    If you are part of Dinner and Dance planning committee of an organization, or an event planner, you need to consider the following before deciding on the theme and activities:

    1. Audience Demographics (gender, age-group, audience interests, willing to dress up for theme parties? language preferences, total number of attendees)
    2. Event type (Formal/casual, outdoor/indoor, venue conditions and constraints, ballroom venue or casual pool party?)
    3. Emcee (Bi-lingual? Able to connect with audience? Previous experience? Demo available?)

    Once you have narrowed down on the above factors, choosing a theme (masquerade/retro night/back-to-school/Harry Potter/Star Wars/Awards night) and planning the event logistics and activities (live shows, DJ night, Dinner and Drinks, etc) become easier.

    Masquerade Theme at Corporate Dinner and Dance Event Masquerade Theme at Corporate Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Kwanchai
    Corporate Retro Night at Dinner and Dance Event Corporate Retro Night at Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Danny Koh

    How to make your Dinner and Dance Party a super-hit among your employees? How to ensure that employees enjoy themselves and do not feel the need to leave the party early?

    We present 5 ideas for Dinner and Dance events that will wow your employees/guests:

    1. Magic Mirror/Photo Booth

    2. Interactive Food and Drinks Counters

    3. Contests

    4. Live Shows and Roving Performances

    5. Custom Temporary Tattoos

    Let's check these ideas out!

    1. Magic Mirror/Photo Booth:

    selfie-magic-mirror-photo-booth Magic Selfie Mirror
    Image via Indiamart

    This is the age of Selfies and Social Media. Engage your employees with a smart magical mirror that snaps selfies with branded prints and social media. The Selfie Mirror Booth offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance. The pictures generated are high-resolution and pure fun. Employees are sure to share these pics all over Social Media.

    employees-at-selfie-photo-booth Employees having fun at Selfie Magic Booth
    Image via The Photo Booth Group

    Check this video to see the Magic Mirror in action.

    2. Interactive Food and Drinks Counters

    Live Food Counter at Dinner and Dance Event Image via Food Live Food Counter at Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Food Management

    You can set up multiple interactive food and drinks stations around your venue, with different cuisines. Hiring peppy bartenders who can engage your audience while they mix that cocktail is a great idea.

    Bartender with cool tricks Bartender with cool tricks t Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Big Foot Events

    3. Contests

    Liven up your event with fun contests such as a Treasure Hunt, a Trivia quiz or a Business Quiz or even a Who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire kinda quiz.

    Quiz at Dinner and Dance Event Quiz at Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Fradley Croft

    4.  Live Shows and Roving Performances

    You can wow your guests with jaw-dropping, eye-popping and awe-inspiring live performances. These can include aerial shows (talented acrobatic performers performing high above), high-energetic cultural performances (for example-Bollywood/Brazilian), cyr-wheel specialist, fire-performers, jugglers etc.

    Aerial Show at Dinner and Dance Event Aerial Show at Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Creative Viva
    Cyr-Wheel Performer at a Dinner and Dance Event Cyr-Wheel Performer at a Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Creative Viva

    You could include roving performances which involve performers moving about the venue and interacting with the party guests, instead of being restricted to the stage.

    Roving Performance at Dinner and Dance Roving Performance at Dinner and Dance Events
    Image via Get Out Events

    5. Custom Temporary Tattoo Booths

    Set up a Temporary Tattoo Booth and hand out quirky custom temporary tattoos to your attendees. These are colorful, fun, easy to sport and great conversation starters. You can design temporary tattoos in your organization’s logo or any kind of fun messages to suit your dinner and dance theme.

    Temporary Tattoo Booth at Dinner and Dance Event Temporary Tattoo Booth at Dinner and Dance Event
    Image via Potatoo1
    Employees sporting organization's custom temporary tattoo at event Employees sporting organization's custom temporary tattoo at event
    Image via VMware Facebook Page

    Did you like these ideas for livening up your upcoming Dinner and Dance Event? What other activities would you like to incorporate in your event? Do let us know in the comments section below.

    At Gumtoo, we create custom temporary tattoos for corporate events in Singapore. Write in to us at for creating custom temporary tattoos of your brand for your events.

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  • 6 High Impact Ideas To Make Your Trade Show Booth A Success

    tradeshow-large-exhibit-image Image via Camex

    Are you an entrepreneur/business owner/event manager thinking of putting up a booth at an upcoming trade show? Not sure whether you should go for it?

    Trade shows are powerful platforms for exhibiting your products to a lot of customers in a relatively short period of time. Setting up a booth at popular trade shows related to your industry is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. If done right, you can meet potential customers, reconnect with existing clients and build your brand’s credibility. 

    Before you put up a booth at a trade show, you need to consider the following:

    objectives-of-trade-show Objectives for Setting up a Booth at a Trade Show

    Setting clear objectives will help you get more out of your booth at the trade show. You can plan an appropriate budget, allocate resources, plan your booth set-up and delegate how you and your team will present your product at the event. Before the event, promote your upcoming booth using extensive social media marketing with appropriate hashtags and geotagging.

    In any reputed trade show, there will be a plethora of booths. Wondering how to make your booth stand out from the rest? How to attract walk-ins to your booth and potential clients? Worry not, we have you covered in this post. We present 6 High-Impact Ideas For Your Booth at Trade Shows: 

    1. Have a Mascot

    A mascot is a great way to attract attention to your booth in a trade show. It breaks though the marketing clutter and creates a visual memory in the minds of potential clients.

    Mascots can be live (real people dressed in costume) or creative visualizations of your brand.

    At Gumtoo, we have our very own mascots; very appropriately called the Tattoo Man and Tattoo Woman. Our mascots have graced many of our booths at trade shows. Trust us, they are crowd magnets!

    gumtoo-tattooman-woman-mascots Gumtoo Tattoo Man and Tattoo Woman


    Greenfields Milk’s Cow Mascot at the Kids World Fair, Singapore

    2. Live Product Demos

    Want to draw an instant audience to your trade show booth? Try giving live product demos! Customers want to know how your product works, and a live demo will be useful. Make your demo interactive, engaging and entertaining. After they have walked out of the trade show, people will remember demos more than any sale pitch or presentation. You can record the live demos and use it to post on your brand’s social media. 

    virtual-reality-live-product-demo-at-trade-show Image via zdnet

    3. Interactive Content

    Instead of making repetitive and lengthy sales pitches, you can shake the narrative up a bit by using interactive devices. Customers who are keen to learn about your product offerings can engage themselves on interactive touch screen devices at your booth. Ensure that the content is highly engaging. You can use demos, videos, animations, quizzes and surveys to liven up the content. Provide customers the option of sharing their email/contact number for further queries.

    Watch this video on how interactive devices can boost your booth.

    A short video of a digital trade show touchscreen game in action on a trade show floor.

    4. Temporary Tattoo Booth

    Set aside a spot for a temporary tattoo station inside your trade show booth. Temporary tattoos in your brand’s logo, typography or with witty images that resonate with your brand, are super takeaways. All you need is a little water, some tissues, and great custom temporary tattoos. Watch your customers turn into walking brand ambassadors for days with your brand’s temporary tattoos.

    Read how Greenfields Milk used customised temporary tattoos to engage the kids during KWF trade show

    greenfields_temporary_tattoo_for_kids Greenfields Milk’s Custom Temporary Tattoos by Gumtoo for Kids World Fair
    vmware_singapore_custom_temporary_tattoos_gumtoo1 Temporary Tattoos at Tradeshow .Image via VMware Singapore@Facebook

    5.  Creative Swag

    Give out creative, customized, colorful and cool swag to your customers at your trade show booth. The giveaway should be desirable, customers should want to own it. You can create buzz around your booth with stand-out and audience-appropriate giveaways. Engage your audience by Including some simple game or competition to win your special swag.

    Some ideas for swag: branded reusable straws/customized bamboo toothbrushes (Environment friendly), lip balm, customized water bottles, creative die-cut stickers, Google Cardboard, phone stands, promotional earphones.

    brand-new-useful-eco-friendly-4pcs-stainless-steel-metal-drinking-straw-reusable-straws-1cleaner-brush-set-jpg_640x640-1 Image via Alibaba
    die-cut-stickers-as-swag Die-Cut Stickers as Swag

    6. Free Phone Charging Booths

    Attendees at trade shows are usually busy visiting multiple booths and trying to get as much information as they can. They capture and share information on various booths with their smartphones through texting, clicking pictures and videos, sharing on social media etc. A smartphone charging booth makes great sense for attendees. You can engage attendees when they are recharging their phones with your product literature or demos.

    phone-charging-station-at-trade-show1 Image via Bizbash

    LRG, an apparel brand displays its phone docking station at the Surf Expo Show in Orlando. The freestanding kiosk also displayed videos of the company's wares.

    We hope that with these ideas you can make your booth a prime attraction at your upcoming trade show. If you are looking for setting up a temporary tattoo booth or want to give out customized stickers as swag, reach out to us at We will be happy to chat about designs that would work well for trade shows. And also share our experiences at trade-shows, if you are looking for some more tips.

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  • NDP Tattoos clubbed with T4 Terminal Opening

    Rated amongst best airports in the world, Singapore’s Changi airport added a new feather in its cap with the introduction of Terminal 4. The inception of T4 is a milestone achievement and Gumtoo with its NDP Tattoos did participate in celebrating this achievement.

    Changi Terminal Open House

    An overview of T4


    The newly built premise is build replacing a budget terminal and by that means efficiently catering the growing traffic of the Changi airport. An official estimate indicates T4 will be able to serve 16 million passengers throughout the year hence augmenting the overall Airport’s capacity to 82 million.

    Enjoying an area as large as 27 football grounds, the T4 of Changi Airport is designed to be breathtakingly beautiful. It has spacious and transparent interiors which are pleasant for bidding farewell to near and dear ones. The terminal is pounded with lush green environment comprising of more than 340 species of plants. It is a visual treat for passengers to be welcomed by lovely fauna varieties from China, India and Southeast Asia.

    The New Terminal which is set to officially operate by the end of 2017 has deployed the FAST@Changi concept for hassle free and less time taking services to the passengers. This could be achieved by introducing automation at various steps like departure immigration, check-in, bag drop etc.

    Open Day at T4 with Gumtoo NDP National Day Tattoos


    Prior to the launch, the terminal authorities had organized an Open Day for the inquisitive and enthusiastic public to witness the beauty of T4 from very near. The event was held from Aug 7 to Aug 20 daily, from 9am to 6pm, for  common people who registered for it on the official website of Changi Airport. Overall, the airport authorities had planned for 200,000 entries via these registrations and not to anyone’s surprise, it was a houseful show.

    NDP Temporary Tattoo at Changi Airport T4 open house

    NDP Watch Temporary Tattoo Singapore

    The 9th of August is a day of extreme significance for every citizen of Singapore. Gumtoo has been an active participant on this day with its tailored National Day tattoos for the National Day Parade. However, the use of these NDP tattoos were not only limited to the Parade. National Day tattoos were also distributed to visitors of the T4 on the Singapore’s National Day. The NDP Tattoos were Special edition customised for the NDP. They were simple yet delivering the essence of National Day. Gumtoo also came up with exclusive website for the NDP lot of tattoos,

    One Nation Together Custom National Day Tattoo for Changi Airport T4

    T4 Experience


    The visit to T4 on Open day was a pleasing experience overall. People were in awe of the new wing of Singapore’s Changi Airport. T4 offers mesmerizing bundle of attractions glued with both culture and technology. There are enchanting immersive LED displays, theatre performances based on the Peranakan Love Story, and heritage-themed façades. These are some of the many deliverables at the T4 which moonstruck the visitors. Coupled with the noteworthy NDP special Tattoo, the public could not have got a better experience of T4.  The Joy of dwelling into the treats of T4 was seen on the faces on visitors. The national Day Visitors, apart from the smile expressed their joy with the NDP Tattoo on their bodies.

    Metallic Tattoo for NDP Singapore

    NDP custom tattoo 2018

    Not only Authorities but Singapore as a whole is eagerly waiting for the 31st of October 2017. It is then when the first flight will take off from the ambitious new wing. The T4 will augment a passenger’s travel experience to new heights. With incorporation of automation technologies it will offer enhanced operational efficiency thereby raising the bar for passenger satisfaction. As on Gumtoo’s part, we were fortunate enough to raise the toast with our National Day Tattoos for the terminal 4 on the auspicious day of Singapore National Day.

    Check out designs we created for earlier National Day Celebrations


    For customised NDP tattoos enquiries mail us at

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  • Use Metallic Tattoos for your next Beach Party or the Club Night

    Metallic tattoos are the latest addition to the trending temporary tattoo culture. Prominent artists namely Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker have been in focus for their charismatic styling with lustrous metallic tattoos. Not only fashion enthusiasts but average individuals are seen shifting their interest towards temporary tattoos as a daily wearable accessories. Embellished metallic finish tattoos have been on board in the recent years and they are seen as a major reason for the shift in accessories perception of people. They are shiny, suave, manageable and above all very light on the pocket.

    11375339_468635696631284_1771634781_n Image Source -

    The masses especially women have found the concept of metallic tattoos quite intriguing. They are highly impressed by the fact that these temporary tattoos designs, wearing which is not restricted to a particular body part have let them look good and feel confident. Conclusively, we all know beauty and happiness come from confident inner self.

    The most common and obsessive use of metallic tattoos by women is at a beach party and club parties. These tattoos are sparkling silver and golden hence give both scintillating tinge underneath the beach sun and polished brightness in late night club parties. It can be worn on literally every exposed body part, complimenting your attire and presenting you as the person of the occasion. Quite easy to apply and remove, temporary tattoos have this sure shot advantage over traditional accessories. They even match the essence of occasion in the most modern yet ethnic way.

    Gumtoo has come up with some excellent and eye-grabbing metallic tattoo designs on various public occasions. They have been in the temporary tattoo manufacturing circuit of Singapore since a handful of years and their products can be found circulating at almost all mass occasions of enjoyment. They have been in the elite circle of providing temporary tattoos Singapore at the following events:

    Beach party at the Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa

    Sentosa has been a prominent tourist and party sport since ages. It is well known for its serene beaches and the party spirits at beach clubs. People on these beach parties are fun loving, trendy and have offbeat fashion sense. Hence, the latest trends of donning metallic tattoos in these parties are on a rise. Tanjong Beach Club collaborated with Gumtoo to make these pieces of fine body art available to the party creatures. These glossy tattoos made the sunny beach bright and endorsed people into the party mood. We have glimpses of the fun these people had at the beach party while wearing the metallic shine.

    club_accessory_metallic_tattoos_singapore flash_tattoos_in_singap beach_party_flash_tattoos_in_Singapore

    Gumtoo presence at the Fashion TV X

    10/10 Ladies Night, a show on the Fashion TV X was a rostrum to the few most stylish ladies gathering on Singapore Television. And when the style is the agenda metallic tattoos can’t be left behind. Gumtoo was given the opportunity to provide tattoos to match the poise of these ladies. Apart from the presence of a Gumtoo tattoo counter, the program offered a free leaf of metallic temporary tattoos. Ladies had fun and gala time posing with a shiny tinge on their bodies and the organisers were quite satisfied with the way Gumtoo collaborated in the event.

    ftv_metallic_temporary_tattoos 10960476_814834058592430_8684617562402246864_o 11229438_814834118592424_7022615447461965879_o 11010519_814834711925698_7893044700960647053_o

    Temporary tattoos manufactured by Gumtoo are a class apart and made under strict guidelines. They are smooth on application and do not succumb to early creeks like local ones. A Gumtoo tattoo can remain unfazed for 3-4 days hence a complete worth for the money invested. Above all, we have the chicest and happening designs which suit the requirement of tattoo enthusiast

    Have you metallic look on …today… with Gumtoo!!!

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