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  • How Gumtoo creates custom tattoo designs for brands

    Temporary tattoos are fascination and liked by almost everyone. Customised tattoos are one step ahead of the normal ones, in a way that they can actually be a representation of one’s choices, moods, personality etc.

    Gumtoo offers a vast range to customised tattoos designed with consent and approval of the brand. Many brands often use temporary tattoos side by side during their promotional events and marketing.

    The designing and manufacturing of temporary tattoos for brands by Gumtoo is a refined step by step process. The steps are elaborated below:

    First expression of the client:

    The making of custom temporary tattoo is initiated by the background of product and use of tattoos by the client. They are asked to summarise the business following by their expectations with the tattoo to be used.

    For instance, AC Ryan, one of our clients, a Dutch brand which creates products for the music and entertainment industry, summed up its plan to use tattoos.  They were keen on using a fresh design, related to Karaoke for their new launched ‘Karaoke Sound Bar.’ The product was to be showcased in a prominent trade show at Singapore where the company aimed to attract the audience with temporary tattoos as icing on the cake.


    Design Requirements:

    Brands often have their creative team, which gives the pre-requisites of their requirements in the designs. They specify the key ingredients to be used in the art form which has to be manufactured and also tells about the final message which the tattoo must convey. As in the case of AC Ryan, they made it very clear that the promotional tattoo must contain Clients logo and a Karaoke Image. The custom design had to be vibrant as the theme set by them was ‘FUN.’


    Proposal based on demand:

    Next is offering a blueprint on the basis of demand put up by the client. Gumtoo takes the client’s wishes on a very serious note and considers every minute detail while drafting tattoos. We often put up more than one proposal in front of the clients. For AC, Ryan Gumtoo came up with three exclusive design drafts which it tabled before them to choose from.


    The final selection:

    Gumtoo believes in giving its customer a privileged experience. Hence, we consult them at every step and welcome suggestions for any changes. The final design thus is a pictorial representation of the customer’s thoughts about the tattoo. The following design was finalised by AC Ryan after we added their additional suggestions to it.


    At, Gumtoo we believe in doing things the Customer’s way. ‘Celebrate Life with Gumtoo’ is our motto and we stand by it every single time. Right from the designing stages of the custom tattoo to the manufacturing ones, Gumtoo does make sure that fun never ends!!!

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  • Gumtoo in Kids India trade fair

    India is the land of surprises, even for an Indian. Kids India was Gumtoo’s second professional B2B trade fair in Asia. It took us a while to understand that trade fairs (the good ones) are the best place to meet new distributors/ retailers in a market, but on retrospect we think it is also essential that a company should reach a stage of maturity in terms of its product development before any trade fair can truly generate meaningful business leads.

    Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)

    We flew into Mumbai on 17th September the day before the fair opens its door to visitors and first surprise began when we reached Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre at 1400 Hrs to take ownership of our booth to set it up with our display. The place was a kaleidoscope of workers, wood, display pieces, dust and chaos. Well, we knew India generally pulls off the last minute transformation (the great Indian wedding syndrome), but we truly believed its mission impossible to get the place ready in time for the start of the trade fair on 18th Sep 10am. But slowly but steadily the work progressed and by 6 pm we were hopeful that they might just pull it off. And they did in spectacular manner!

    Gumtoo booth  at Kids India trade fair Gumtoo booth at Kids India trade fair

    The next surprise was witnessing the flexibility in the Indian project management system. Well, we had asked for wooden display stands in our booth and the lighting in the booth did not actually suit the product display on them. So we gently inquired if we can replace the wooden stands with glass ones? The display contractor shook his head (which actually is a yes) and it was done in a whisker.  We were happily surprised with the ease of getting through this last minute change request!

    Professional trade fair was organized by Spielwarenmesse eG Professional trade fair was organized by Spielwarenmesse eG

    The morning of 18th Sept was when we were surprised to see the complete transformation of the venue. It was unbelievable; no one could have imagined what the place looked like a day earlier! The trade fair was a very successful one for Gumtoo. We were pleasantly surprised to get lots of footprints in our booth and we practically interacted with potential retailers, distributors and collaborators through out the trade fair without a break!

    Kids India trade fair Talking to retail prospects in Kids India trade fair.

    Kids India 2014 was organized by Spielwarenmesse eG, who are one of the most professional and experienced trade fair organizers in the world. In our conversation with them, we understood that they also have accepted “The Indian Way”. All in all, it was a memorable experience and we would love to visit Kids India again sometime in Future!

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  • Project - Gumtoo Tattoo Comics

    SOS whale temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Nautical

    We got a very interesting mail one day -   “I'm not a designer  I'm not professionally trained, and neither do I possess the natural talent that transforms plain white paper into pieces of art. I however, have a burning passion for design and would just like to unabashedly try to wriggle my drawings into the awesome temporary tattoo lands of Gumtoo.“

    This was Chow Liying.  After looking at her work (The Little Great Realizations) we realized that she has a great quality of combining doodles and intelligent content. I met Liying and she was very keen on designing tattoos but I wanted her to work on something unique - Gumtoo Comics.

    The idea was to use Gumtoo's pics and doodle on them to make them fun. Liying came up with very interesting doodles.

    nautical whale temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Nautical
    Alien Space Temporary Tattoo Comic Gumtoo Comics - Outer Space
    joker party temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Party Joker
    elephant party temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Party Elephant
    alien angel space temporary tattoos for kids Gumtoo Comics - Outer Space

    Check out more Gumtoo comic pics here

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  • Setup your own Temporary Tattoo Booth - Gumtoo DIY Kit

    DIY Temporary Tattoo Booth Kit for kids birthday parties Happy Birthday - DIY Tattoo Booth Kit

    “I am last in the queue” were the words of the kid standing in a long queue to get his face painted at his best friend’s Birthday Party. It was only after 45 minutes that the kid was happily running with the Spider Man painted face.

    That was the eureka moment! "Why not create a kit that could be used to set up a temporary tattoo booth?" It’s should be fun, easy to setup and most importantly economical.

    To test our hypothesis we launched the Party Box online (Read the beta PartyBox launch post). Four months into the beta and the sales were good. Parents loved the idea and asked us if they could buy the Party Boxes in the retail stores.

    We would like to introduce Gumtoo Party Box. It’s a complete DIY kit to set up your own temporary tattoo booth. The party box contains

    • 20 themed temporary tattoos
    • 1 Bunting banner
    • 10 Cotton balls for applying tattoos

    I wish we could also include water in the box :)

    Nautical DIY Temporary Tattoo Booth Kit Gumtoo's designers showcased on the Party Box packaging
    Tattoo Booth Bunting Banner Bunting Banner made from premium craft paper is included in the Party Box


    Soft Launch of Party Box Party Box launch at the Mint Museum of Toys


    Tattoo Booth Bunting Banner Gumtoo team at work

    Party Box comes in 5 themes - Nautical, Animals, Space, Monsters, Happy Birthday. We would launch more themes in the coming few months.

    With the addition of Party Box to our portfolio we are working towards our vision of changing the way temporary tattoos are consumed and retailed. It feels good :)

    Which other themes would you like to see in the Party boxes.  Leave your comments in this post and let us know.

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  • Out in the space with Gumtoo Tattoos

    Just like any other kid, I love everything about space. Its vastness & mystery intrigue me! Every night when the sun goes down, I start humming “when you wish upon a star”. Someday my songs will reach to the stars, my wishes will come true! I roll up the blinder and invite the night sky into my room. And I wonder, who is the magician that comes to my canvas every night and glitters the vast night sky with the sparkling of stars.

    For me, space is also an escape from the mundane life, where the pressure of homework vanishes into the never-ending black hole. My admiration of space does not stop at star gazing. I do have a friend with supernatural eyesight, Pete. Pete was given to me as a birthday present from my dear granddad who adores the universe as much as I do. Pete has become my best mate to dream about the world beyond the sky and best storyteller to tell me every story behind each glitter on the sky.

    Space_Temporary_Tattoos_Gumtoo Get onboard Spaceship Spiky and travel through space - Gumtoo Space Theme Designer Temporary Tattoos

    Once, Pete told me about the lonely hunter on the sky, Orion. The constellation that giant hunter turned into, after being slain for pursuing the daughters of Atlas. My mind always mesmerize into Pete’s story and my obsession in space just gets bigger as I collect more and more stories about the stars. And now I feel whenever stars twinkle, they are replying to our conversation and sending us a sign to come and see them some day.

    I believe the day I finish counting down the number stars will be the day I will reach them with the ride by spiky spaceship that will bring me to where Orion is and where long-gone aliens from Star Wars are living. And also, I believe that will be the most exciting & happy day of my life!

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