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  • Beat Heart Disease with Temporary Tattoos

    The Irish Heart Foundation needs to raise €250,000 urgently to continue their fight against heart disease and stroke. They’re raising funds in a creative way - through their Show Some Heart temporary tattoos campaign.

    Show Some Heart Customized Temporary Tattoos Show Some Heart Temporary Tattoo | Source -


    Heart diseases and stroke remain the top killer in Ireland; 12,000 lives were taken away every year from these illness. The Irish Heart Foundation has been fighting the good fight for over 50 years, championing itself to increase awareness and improve regulations.

    The national charity tirelessly campaigns to influence policies to improve patient care and fight for real change for those affected by the diseases. From securing commitment for the introduction of a Sugar Sweetened Drinks Tax in the country, to launching creative campaigns, the Irish Heart Foundation is committed to empower people in Ireland to know more about their cause.

    Show Some Heart Fake customized tattoos singapore Show Some Heart  Temporary Tattoos Campaign | Source -


    This February, the Irish Heart Foundation, in association with RTE 2FM, calls for all of us to Show Some Heart with Irish Heart Foundation temporary tattoos. Show Some Heart temporary tattoos campaign is a creative fundraising initiative that fosters broader engagement. The public is invited to participate through various ways.

    The easiest, most straightforward way to help would be to directly donate to the Irish Heart Foundation. Each donation will receive Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. Donations can be done online, be it in your own name or someone else’s. If you’re not the online donation type of person, you can visit any of their retail partners to purchase Show Some Heart temporary tattoos and help to attain the organization’s fundraising goals.

    RTÉ 2fm Buy a temporary tattoo and Show Some Heart | Source - Instagram RTÉ 2fm

    The Irish Heart Foundation also encourage us to show more hearts by hosting our own fundraising events. One can register to get a fundraising pack, which contains everything you need to host your own event, including their Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. To honour the fundraising efforts, the campaign shows people across the country who have started their own event.

    Everyone can get creative in their effort to increase awareness to a particular disease or issue, and temporary tattoos can make your efforts more fun and engaging. We all remember the Pink Ribbon Walk in Singapore to raise awareness about breast cancer, with some glittery tattoos to show for.


    People of Ireland have shown their commitment to help the cause by hosting their own fundraising events. From a coffee morning to an over 60’s talent camp, the Show Some Heart temporary tattoos have made the fight against the chronic disease more engaging.

    Display Stands for selling tattoos Retail display stands for Show Some Heart temporary tattoos 

    It even made spreading awareness possible through a pop-up temporary tattoo parlour! After all, we all love to show people the cause we believe in, and now the Irish Heart Foundation donors can show their support through Show Some Heart temporary tattoos.

    Show Some Heart Tattoo | Source - Show Some Heart Tattoo | Source -

    Gumtoo would like to encourage our readers to participate in the campaign by donating and purchasing Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. While the tattoos might be temporary, the change is permanent.

    Do contact us at to add creative edge to your fundraising efforts.

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  • Fun with Minion Temporary Tattoos at the Breakout Party, Universal Studios

    Minion Temporary Tattoos in Singapore Despicable Me Breakout Party, Universal Studios Singapore | Source -

    In case you missed it, Universal Studios Singapore brought adorable minions to life with its Despicable Me Breakout Party last summer. The theme park threw the party to mark the release of the latest Despicable Me 3 movie in Singapore on 15 June 2017.

    Minion Mob

    The cute Minions appeared to have broken out of jail and broke out into dance frenzy at the Hollywood zone! The Minion Mob took a flashmob concept to ‘surprise’ park visitors. Blaring alarms and frantic policemen marked the start of the flashmob, before the Minions stormed in and danced. Visitors were also entertained by movie Despicable Me 3 character, Rodney Rotten, who hosted an interactive game show at Hollywood Lagoon Stage. Participants were engaged in trivia contest, dance games, and even a banana eating competition

    Rodney's Rotten game show at Universal Studios | Source - Rodney's Rotten game show at Universal Studios | Source -

    The party also brought the Super Silly Fun Land to life. Remember how Agnes won her unicorn so fluffy she’s gonna die? Park visitors got to try the famous Super Silly Space

    Carnival games at the Minion Party, Universal Studios | Source - Carnival games at the Minion Party, Universal Studios | Source -

    Minion Tattoos

    One of the popular booths at this fun event was Minion tattoos. Visitors lined up to get a pair of Minion temporary tattoos for $2. The collection had an array of characters to choose from. Whether it’s Agnes and her unicorn or Minions in prisoner uniforms, visitors had a hard time choosing which two they want!  To amp up the fun, Minion water guns were used to apply these Minion tattoos.


    Minion Temporary Tattoos at the Break Out Party Universal Studios Minion Temporary Tattoos at the Breakout Party | Source -

    These tattoos were seen decorating wrists, forearms, back of the palms, and even the faces of park visitors!

    Minion face temporary tattoo in Singapore Minion face temporary tattoo | Source -

    The Minion temporary tattoos were a big hit with children. However, they were also widely popular with older crowd. I mean, how could you not go crazy over these Minion Tattoos? Read more about how Temporary Tattoos can increase engagement at your child-friendly events:


    All Minion Everything

    Apart from the Minion-themed events and Minion tattoos, the theme park also offered Minion-themed food. Foodcart popped-up around Hollywood Boulevard, selling all-Minion food. They sold everything: Minion Swiss Roll, soft serve, cupcakes, even popcorn in Minion bucket. Visitors could also bring more than just Minion tattoo home.

    At the Minion Mart, park visitors could match their Minion temporary tattoos with Despicable Me souvenirs. If that’s not enough, there were also several other booths selling exclusive souvenirs from the movie franchise.

    The Despicable Me Breakout Party was one of the most anticipated events in Universal Studios Singapore this year. It is one of the few once-in-a-lifetime event held in the theme park. The carnival was fun-filled, interactive and engaging. The event put together a fun and engaging celebration. Definitely the perfect party to mark the third instalment of the popular movie’s opening!


    Minion yummy treats | Source - Minion yummy treats | Source -

    Temporary tattoos are one of the fun ways to engage audience, children and adults alike. They can be used at any events, be it carnivals, parties, or even charity events. These tattoos are often customized to tailor to the needs of the events. Having temporary tattoo booth at your events allows a higher engagement rate and make it more interactive.

    Get in touch with Gumtoo’s team at if you’d like tattoo booths set up for your next events.

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  • Jingle All the Way: 7 Interesting Ways to Engage Your Employees at Work this Christmas

    This is the season of giving and receiving, of plum cakes and wine and of celebrating the birth of Christ; why then should you not treat your employees to a little holiday cheer at work. Keep them motivated for the next year that would arrive in a week, and show them who the big daddy is? The big daddy cares, and hence a little fun at work with these seven fun activities can do wonders!

    Seven best ideas to choose from

    They aren’t only ideas for fun, but ideas that would help employees think out of the box and help with marketing promos and ideas for your companies’ products and services too. The idea is to treat each employee as a customer; internal customers kept happy, and they would bring in more customers from outside!

    Play Sign up

    Begin now and speak to your IT team at work to set up a small portal (intranet enabled) for the office staff only. Open up a page of HACKS, which educates your employees about the products and services your company makes, and how it could help them shop, save and enjoy a better Christmas. Throw in daily deals and alerts, and encourage them to sign up too. Announce freebies and coupons at the end of the season, and let the rest keep waiting with baited breath for the bumper prize on Christmas.

    Hide Christmas stockings around nooks and corners

    Not a word to mention, but do get your housekeeping team to fill in stockings with notes (small chits which has prizes quoted on them). Hang these precious stockings in various colours across the workplace- at lunch when most are unaware and for 5 minutes only, announce a competition where the employees would have to find a note which says “Santa Claus is coming to town”- the team that finds the stocking first, gets the bumper prize.

    Wrapping lines

    Form two teams at work and make them stand in two snakes lines each. Place two tables for each team. The idea is to watch team work and to encourage team building. Place scissors, glue, paper and marbles on each table. Give each team 20 seconds (per person) to create a paper box with the props given, in which they would fill in 10 marbles (seems impossible). Each box with marbles needs to be delivered to the boss’s cubicle. The box with less than ten marbles would be rejected!

    Play word find

    Use Christmassy tags around the work place- some too big, some too small and some very tiny- place them around the cubicle, the workstation, the cafeteria and the water-drinking area too. Now send out an email with a subtle hint to what you want them to find. The team or individual who gets all ten right, wins a hamper.

    Pose like a diva

    Organize a photo session or a photo booth and ask your team to use props like temporary tattoos and to pose with them. The most creative, whackiest and funniest snapshot goes live and wins a hamper!

    naughty christmas temporary tattoos for adults Naughty Christmas party tattoos

    Christmas memory game

    Divide the office into as many teams as possible and ask them to chant out the number of products or services impromptu your company brought out to the market, acquired or is in the pipeline for 2015! Give them no time to prepare!

    Bake a plum cake game

    Organize two teams and ask them to bake two large enough plum cakes at work (raw materials and resources provided by you) emulating the company’s products and services. The winning team gets a hamper!

    It is but a jolly good season to be engaged and to engage others around in a little pokey fun! While doing so, remember you not only would keep your staff motivated, but would help them think out of the box and market your brand too!


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  • 5 Interesting Ways You Can Enchant Your Office Colleagues

    fun-at-work-ideas Photo Credit:

    ‘FUN AT WORK’, who wouldn’t want their little dose of witticisms and plenty of laughter around, while crunching numbers and meeting deadlines! Every self-respecting employee across the world would raise their hands to this idea. And with that being said, as an owner of a prestigious venture or a boss leading a team, keeping your sheep happy, brings in more wool. Here are five funny games that you could play at work, which resonate with team building and interpersonal relationships at work. Read and apply dear boss!

    Who stole my sheep?


    This is a fairly relative new game which has just started doing the rounds, where there would be two teams respectively. The aim is to create team building while enjoying a BBQ on the office terrace one Friday evening after work- helps bond employees closer. Grab a box of woolen bales, glue sticks and accessories for the eyes, the nose and the tail. Each team in less than five minutes would have to create as many sheep as possible (they are allowed to rob from the other team a finished sheep too) and submit it at the customers’ corner (the boss’s table). Since the woolen bales would be of the same colour, even when robbed there is no telling who robbed how many. The aim is to coordinate and count while production happens, and keep an eye on the miscreant competitor’s ways too.

    Haute couture at work

    Divide the office staff into three or four teams, and hand out old newspaper sheets, cardboard boxes, glue sticks, pins and colorful ribbons. The aim is to dole out stylish gowns to the boss for his daughters first prom. Each team would have a gown each made from the props given and submitted in ten minutes to the boss. Believe us when we say, this is one team building exercise that wouldn’t want to stop.

    Bake a mud cake

    For this you would need plenty of nursery mud, a few earthen pots, plastic hand-shovels and a couple of colorful leaves made from plastic to use as embellishments. Think it is easy to make a mud cake; no it isn’t! Not when it is DRY MUD. The challenge here is to make a DRY MUD CAKE, sans moisture in it and with colorful toppings. Seems impossible but the client’s demands have to be met!

    Play bridal doll up

    Divide the office staff in groups of four, and hand over a box of skin-friendly cosmetic paints to them. Show them four to five exotic bridal make-up photographs of your choice from ethnic pages online and across the world. The models would only be the women in the team, while the challenge falls on the men, and without a word spoken and the women blindfolded, the women would guide the men with hand gestures on applying the motifs and makeup on their face. Time limit would be five minutes per team- impress the boss.

    Lady GaGa at work

    While the party is on, set a theme to that of Lady GaGa and ask every team to speak and communicate with the customer (the boss) only in a song chosen by him or her. Whatever they wish to tell you or ask from you, should be in a line or two from the song chosen by you (only Lady GaGa songs). The idea is to communicate effectively, even though a real-life client may not understand jargons and yet needs your services.

    Here were five funny games that haven’t been played before but would become hits for sure, when everyone indulges in them. The winning team obviously would be honoured with gifts and prizes; mementos galore. And when all is well and happy, there is more productivity too! Have fun!

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  • Cricket Temporary Tattoos- Building Up The Sporty Atmosphere In Style

    Hollywood and Bollywood for now can take a back seat; the upcoming Cricket World Cup fever is already catching up – wild and strong. Media shutterbugs are talking a lot about their favourite teams, players and yes, their fascination to get inked; just as their favourite cricketers have in the past. If you are a cricket buff – just getting to the stadium to watch a match live, doesn’t prove your ‘loyalty’. Build up the momentum that leads to the big game – temporary tattoos sporting cricket motifs, legions, players and more should now be on your mind.

    Famous cricketers whose tattoos you could imitate

    Michael Clarke- Famous Australian cricketer has a tattoo in Arabic placed well on the left hand.

    Michael Clarke Famous Australian cricketer has a tattoo in Arabic placed well on the left hand Michale Ckarke with an Arabic tattoo
    Source -

    Virat Kohli – India’s sweetheart, on and off the field is known for his style, dapper looks and yes of course, his tattoos. A Japanese Samurai is what he’s been inked with, and his zodiac sign too – Scorpio.

     Virat Kohli wears  a Japanese Samurai tattoo and his zodiac sign too – Scorpio.


    Kevin Pietersen- England’s player is known for his undying love for tattoos- he shows them off in style when in public too. Roman Numerals DCXXVI denotes his position in the English team.

    Kevin Pieterson roman numeral permanent tattoos Source :

    Mitchell Johsnon- Australian cricketer has cherry blossoms and a Japanese Koi, adoring his right hand. Little does the world know, he has a cat tattooed on his hot abs too!

    Mitchell Johnson cricket tattoos

    For hardcore cricket fans wanting to be associated with the upcoming World Cup Cricket saga, getting inked temporarily is one of the best ways to show their loyalty. In addition to cheer sticks, glow sticks, foam hands and luxe sporty wear and apparel – the quaint yet bold and very vibrant temporary cricket tattoos are now a rage.

    Fans across the nation and in other parts of the world are making beelines outside tattoo parlours – however, if you wish not to be inked for life; temporary designer tattoos are the way to go.

    Build a community atmosphere

    One of the best ways to build up to the game and create a sporty aura around would be with temporary tattoos. Get as wacky and wild with them; it is all about creativity and innovation – the right certified and trained experts would be best to advise and help on the same.

    Honestly speaking, there wouldn’t be a better way to show your crazy-fan-wildness towards your favourite teams – even at work your boss wouldn’t mind you sporting the body art. A special cricket tattoo is a must, and flaunting them around would burn your rivals – envy and jealous ones especially.

    Famous cricket tattoo ideas

    - Cricketers faces
    - Bats and balls
    - Signatures
    - Cricket motifs
    - Stadium caricatures
    - Colourful emo-motifs

    Insane yet super cool, trendy and chic too – temporary design cricket tattoos are the in-thing now. You are just a step away from showing the world your calibre of being the best fan around – tattoo designs are aplenty to choose from, make no bones about the choice you indulge in.

    India ICC world cup India cricket tattoos Team India cricket temporary tattoos exclusively for fans are available at and
    Cricket temporary tattoos for India Wear the Indian flag temporary tattoos and support Team India. Available at and
    India cricket bat temporary tattoo stickers You can also use temporary tattoos to make your cricket bat colourful and fun! Team India cricket temporary tattoos available at and

     Have you decided which one to sport this time around- the World Cup Fever has begun; and getting inked temporarily is your dose!

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