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Cause Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoo is no longer just a prop for kids’ birthday party and music festivals. It has grown itself into a medium that empowers individuals to be the billboard of their own. Also, its versatility of colors and designs enable tattoos to be printed in every way possible - be it a funky party invite or raising awareness for the social causes.

We aim to join the movement too. We would do what we do the best, design and provide powerful designer temporary tattoos to support various social causes via our latest product offering - Cause Temporary Tattoos!

Cause Temporary Tattoos Cause Temporary Tattoos for social campaigns and events

Recently, we joined international social campaign, “I am FINished” which aims to reduce demand for shark fin soup to stop extinction of sharks. We designed the stylish temporary tattoo that conveys the message and would help to spread the campaign message to alarm the audience about endangered sharks.

We would continue to build this new category by creating powerful tattoo designs for the various causes. These tattoos can either be distributed to spread awareness or retailed to generate funds for the cause.

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