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Temporary Tattoo Tidbits: Coca Cola celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Temporary Tattoos

Nov 13, 2018   |   1 min read

In September 2015, Coca Cola launched an innovative campaign in the U.S, aimed at their Hispanic customers. Coca Cola wanted to celebrate the National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep 15-Oct 15) by placing transferable temporary tattoos of common Hispanic surnames on their coke cans. The temporary tattoos could be applied on skin by removing a protective sticker, and with the help of the condensation on each can.

a man applies temporary tattoo on his neck from a special coca-cola can while his friends look on
Applying the temporary tattoo on the Coca-Cola Can
Image via AdWeek
smiling man with hispanic family name temporary tattoo on his neck
Hispanic Family Name Tattoo on Coca-Cola Can
Image via AdWeek

Through research, Coca Cola found that Latinos are family oriented and take great pride in their family names. Coke released a video featuring opinions of Latinos about what their family names, and being a Latino means to them. Every can had a #OrgullosoDeSer, (”Proud to be” in Spanish). These cans (12 pack bottles) were to be specially ordered from a Celebrate Heritage website, which gave you an option of choosing from common family names or personalizing your own family name.

coca-cola-hispanic-heritage-temporary-tattoos with family name torres
Coca-Cola Hispanic-heritage Temporary Tattoos
Image via abc7news

Check out the ad created for the Hispanic Heritage month in the video below:
Coca Cola celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month with Temporary Tattoos

We sure loved the creative ad. Did you? Let us know in the comments section below!



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