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two kids with temporary tattoos on cheeks at gai gai carnival


Let’s Celebrate NDP with Temporary Tattoos, Yummy Local Food at the Gai Gai Carnival

July 30, 2019   |   6 min read

Hello Singaporeans! Don’t you just looveee to gai gai?Here’s your chance to enjoy another relaxed day out with family and friends doing what you love.

As a precursor to the much-awaited National Day Parade, Suntec City has organized a fun-filled, nostalgia-tinted National Day Carnival. This Gai Gai Carnival promises to be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. Admission is free, so gear up for a lot of gai-gaing!

Read on to learn more about the carnival and all the fun you can expect:

1. Gai Gai Carnival old-school game stalls:

For kids and adults who are still kids at heart, the carnival has a host of game stalls to keep your entertained and energized. Some of the games included are:

  • Chop Chop Book: Remember the Jotter Books that you used in school? Time to relive those joyful days with your kids by decorating the Jotter Books with awesome Singapore-themed icon stamps
jotter books with ink stamps
Decorate your Jotter Books with Ink Stamps
Image via The Smart Local
  • Liam Liam Stall: Indulge in your childhood by getting free temporary tattoos of your choice. The tattoos are in different designs reflecting love for Singapore, nostalgic SG food tattoos such as gem biscuits and much more.
liam liam temporary tattoo stall at the Gai Gai carnival
Liam Liam Temporary Tattoo Stall
singapore themed temporary tattoo stacks at the Gai Gai carnival
Interesting Singapore themed Temporary Tattoos to choose from
bespectacled kid sporting a gem biscuit temporary tattoo at the Gai Gai Carnival
Kid sporting a Gem Biscuit Temporary Tattoo at the Gai Gai Carnival
Image via Suntec City Facebook Page
two kids show off their singapore themed fake tattoos and pose for the camera
Image via Suntec City Facebook Page
  • Kiap Kiap Machine: Do you still get excited thinking of arcade games? Try your hand at the mini-claw machines at the carnival and earn candies!
two kiap kiap mini claw machines iwth goodies at the Gai Gai carnival
Kiap Kiap mini-claw machine
Image via Kiap Kiap Facebook Page
  • Matchy Matchy fun: Fire up your brain cells in this classic memory game. Match two to win.
  • Bang Bang Gun: Beat stress by taking an aim at green army men targets with your rubber band gun. How many do you think you can get?
  • Snakes and Ladders: Participate in this life-size reimagination of the classic children’s board game.
two women play with a huge die at the life-size snakes and ladders board game at Gai Gai Carnival
Life-size Snakes and Ladders Board Game at Gai Gai Carnival
Image via The Smart Local

How do you get to play these games and earn tattoos and other prizes?

To play these games, you have to spend a minimum of $54* in the mall to redeem 6 Gai Gai carnival game coupons. Each game/tattoo parlour requires only 1 coupon. If you win in any of the games, you have a chance of winning prizes such as Chapteh, stationery, Bestman balloons, wooden spin tops, and more.

(Read more about the terms and conditions of the offer and more details on the official Suntec City website.)

assortment of throwback goodies to be won at gai gai carnival games
Throwback Goodies to be won at the games at the Gai Gai Carnival Image via Asian Parent

2. Gai Gai Carnival Local Food Stalls:

Singaporeans’ love for food is legendary! Indulge in some nostalgia by tasting yummy food from your childhood and also modern culinary delights at the carnival’s food stalls.

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Get ready to be served free ice-cream for all visitors. All you need to do is to locate friendly staff distributing ice-cream coupons and get delicious ice-cream treats sandwiched in rainbow breads or in a cone/cup.
a person holding multicolor ice-cream sandwich
Enjoy Free Ice-Cream Sandwich at the Gai Gai Carnival
Image via The Smart Local
  • Let your taste buds explode when you dig into a plate of kacang puteh at the stall, muah chee at Snack Papa, a bag of mala-flavoured chips at Mala Mala, kaya flavoured or durian flavoured Swiss rolls at the Rich and Good Cake Shop and gourmet popcorn in exciting local flavours such as Teh Tarik and Chicken Rice Popcorn by The Kettle Gourmet.
packet and fresh popcorn of teh tarik flavored popcorn by Kettle Gourmet
Teh Tarik Flavored Popcorn by The Kettle Gourmet
Image via The Kettle Gourmet Facebook Page

3. Gai Gai Carnival Singapore collectibles:

  • At area65’s booth, you can grab unique items such as Merlion plushies to bracelets to crockery, to Singapore-themed-good morning towels.
Singapore themed collectible items by area65
Red Republic Collectibles by area65
Image via area65

4. Bouncy Castle? Tick. Ah-ma’s Home? Tick.

  • Let your kids jump their hearts out at the Kueh Kueh Bouncy Castle, while you reminisce your childhood days spent at your Ah-ma’s house in a specially curated retro home.
A kid enjoying the Kueh Kueh Bouncy castle at the Gai Gai Carnival
A kid having a whale of a time at the Kueh Kueh Bouncy castle at the Gai Gai Carnival
Image via The Smart Local

5. It’s raining offers and discounts at the Gai Gai Carnival!

  • Shop till you drop and gain when you shop! Avail of the number of promotions, offers and special deals when you shop at Suntec City from 22 July to 11 Aug 2019.
  • Spend a minimum of $54* and redeem ez-link Card Top-up (worth $2) or Parking Coupon (worth $2.80) + 6 x Gai Gai Carnival Game Coupons.
  • Spend a minimum of $100* and redeem an additional $5 Suntec City Voucher. 
  • If you charge a minimum of $80* in a single receipt using JCB credit cards, redeem $10 Suntec City Voucher (starting from 1 Aug to 31 Oct). 

For more information on terms and conditions and offers, check Suntec City’s official website.

To sum it all up, here are the Key Details of the event:

Where: Suntec City, East Wing, L1 (Near Promenade Station Exit C)

When: 26th-28th July, 2nd-4th August 2019

Time: 12PM-9PM

Admission: Free!

What’s on offer: Old school nostalgia games, temporary tattoo booth, shopping, feel-good yummy food, and a great time for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Travel back to yesteryears and relive the golden era of gem biscuits and traditional games at the Gai Gai Carnival. See you there!

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