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Gumtoo Style Book - Story #1

At Gumtoo, we receive a lot of great looking pictures from around the world. So we have decided to create a new section on our blog - Gumtoo Style Book! Here we will show you guys the best pictures and share our thoughts too. The pics in this post are taken by RINOMONSTA.

This picture truly surprised us with the quirky idea to combine Gumtoo tattoo (Mystic Triangle) with a BBQ setting. Thats so random isn't it? But so very refreshing to see such original ideas in action. Love the flames and the rustic wood. Great snap!

Get the heat on with a Gumtoo! Get the heat on with a Gumtoo!

Now, Imagine is a very girly  typography design. However, the picture below glorifies feminism and at the same time, provides a great context with the camera. We love the picture.

Imagine in action! Imagine in action!

Rin says - "In my past life I was a boy and lived in Japan. Somebody else wakes up every morning. Yet there's something eternal inside each of us. I am waiting for my twins to come and call me by the name only they know, by my true name. And now you can call me Rin {Rin-o-monsta} Food, cats & little simple things addicted."

We look forward to seeing more pictures coming from Rin and hopefully she would design a few temporary tattoos for us as well!

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