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How Airlines can use Temporary Tattoos to Wow Flyers

April 13, 2018   |   6 min read

Delayed flights? Misplaced baggage? Jet-lag? Fatigued flyers? All in a day’s work for most airlines. To bring in a more happy and entertaining vibe to flying, airlines are designing humorous, attention grabbing promotions. Your airline can use temporary tattoos to leapfrog brand promotion activities. Instead of using hackneyed promotional activities that every other airline does, put your creative hat on and delight your flyers. This fresh promotional idea will help your airline soar over the competition for sure!

Read on for ideas on how airlines can use temporary tattoos to wow flyers:

1. Seasonal/Topical Temporary Tattoos:

Seasonal Temporary Tattoos are a great idea. For example, the National Day is right around the corner. It is a day of extreme significance for every citizen of Singapore. Gumtoo has been an active participant on National Day with its tailored National Day tattoos for the National Day Parade.

collage of different NDP temporary tattoos on models in designs such as SG flag, wrist watch etc
Singapore National Day 2018 Temporary Tattoos by Gumtoo

In 2017, Gumtoo teamed up with Singapore’s Changi Airport and distributed National Day tattoos to visitors of the newly launched Terminal 4. Simple, yet eye-catching and delightful tool for delivering the essence of National Day. Read more details here.

One nation together National Day tattoos for Changi Airport terminal 4
National Day Tattoos at Singapore’s Changi International Airport-Terminal 4

For the recently concluded World Football Cup 2018, Gumtoo came up with temporary tattoo packs with Soccer Flags.

outstretched arms with colorful flag temporary tattoos of different countries
Soccer Flag Fan Tattoos by Gumtoo

Such topical themes are sure to surprise and delight your flyers. The actual gift delivery point can be at check-in or ticketing counters or even in-flight. You can customize the gift set/goodie bag to suit your brand promotional goals.

airhostess helping child fasten seat belt while mother looks on in an airplane
Topical Temporary Tattoo In-Flight Surprise


2. Promote your Airlines Brand Logo:

A cool idea to advertise and promote your airline, is to create and distribute your brand logo as a temporary tattoo. Your crew and flyers will flaunt these tattoos, adding a zing to the flying experience. Your airline brand will get novel attention and awareness, all at an economical cost.

three south west airlines employees show their company's tattoos on their arms
Three South West Airlines Employees wearing their love for their company as tattoos Image Image Credit:
frequent flyer Andy McGinlay flaunts his Emirates tattoo while posing with the crew
Frequent Flyer Andy McGinlay flaunts his Emirates tattoo
Image Credits: Express UK

You can send your brand logo or a motivational message or any other idea that fits in your promotion strategy to Gumtoo.

3. Promote Newly-launched Routes:

from paper plane to airplane tattoo on arm

Image Credits: Express UK

If your airline needs to position a city as a great destination for traffic, or it wants to publicize a new route, you can use temporary tattoos in driving awareness. You can have tattoos of the name of the city/route you are promoting, or images that signify a particular city or any other idea that captures your strategy.

Get Inspired: Check this blog post on Gumtoo for travel-related temporary tattoo ideas.

4. Co-branding Opportunities:

With custom temporary tattoos, you can promote your airline and your like-minded branding partner. For example, in an effort to increase their visibility and cultural relevance, airlines often partner with Hollywood’s studios and create some exciting campaigns. So, if there is a new movie coming up, your airline and the movie studio/franchise can create a custom removable tattoo to co-promote both the airline as well as the movie.
In 2016, Hawaiian Airlines teamed up with the Walt Disney Studios to unveil a brand-new trio of Disney princess-themed aircraft whose liveries were inspired by the animated adventure movie Moana, which follows the adventures of a Polynesian princess of the same name.

poster of Hawaiian Airlines promoting Disney’s Moana with huge moana sticker on airplane
Hawaiian Airlines promoting Disney’s Moana
Image Credits:

Get Inspired: All Nippon Airways gave several of its jets a Star Wars-inspired makeover to promote the release of the movie. Read more about it here.

poster of three jet airplanes of Nippon Airways with Star Wars inspired stickers
All Nippon Airways Star Wars Jets
Image Credits: USA Today

Think Big: How about custom-printed mega-sized stickers on your plane for co-branding?

5. Raise awareness about Issues:

Temporary tattoos are being adopted in various social campaigns that require society’s attention. Your airline can use temporary tattoos to aid/raise awareness on social campaigns that your airline supports. Temporary tattoos are colorful and offer high-visibility; people love to sport them. We will quote a bizarre but unique example of how an airline raised awareness about pick-pocketing. Yes, you read that right!

Back in 2006, Brussels Airlines was looking for a way to raise awareness about rampant pick-pocketing. They slipped rubber hands into passenger’s unattended bags at the airport. The hand had the custom message ‘This hand just slipped into your back. Beware of Pickpockets.’ The airline’s logo was imprinted just below the message.

poster of Brussels Airlines with a fake hand with temporary tattoo that warns flyers to beware of pickpockets
Brussels Airlines ‘Beware of Pickpockets’ campaign
Image Credits: Adrants

You don’t have to put weird things in your flyers’ bags to raise awareness on issues close to you. All you need is Gumtoo’s custom temporary tattoos!

Did you like our ideas for innovative brand promotions for airlines? We think that when it comes to temporary tattoos and sticker concepts, the sky is the limit! Would you like to try temporary tattoos for your airline brand promotion? Custom gumtoos are a great way to connect your brand with your fans, customers and guests in a unique fun way.

Use it for brand promotions, giveaway during a product launches or charity runs sponsored by your airline. We ensure that you get the best quality and great experience delivered at your door step.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, feedback, or need to order do not hesitate to write to us at



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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