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How French Music Band ‘We Are The 90s’ used Music Temporary Tattoos at its After-Party

10-Nov-19   |   1 min read

‘We Are The 90’s is a band based in France with a passion to revive the exceptional musical decade of the 90s. The band pays homage to the sounds of Dr. Alban, Nirvana and Alliance Ethnik. Founded in 2007 by Sylvain and Sebastian, the band (now joined by Pénélope, Michaël, Virginie, Baptiste, MichMich and GuiGui) performs and organizes parties every month in Paris. They have also performed in Montpellier, Toulouse, Nantes, Nice, Monaco via Solidays and at the Montreux Jazz Festival with more than 1500 people in attendance each time. The band released a compilation album in 2010 and a box of games released by Marabout editions in 2013.

For its after-party, We Are The 90s handed out creative and 90s retro inspired music temporary tattoos to its fans.

Check the music temporary tattoo designs here:

Black and white temporary tattoo design of spectacles with the number 90 in each
I see the 90s everywhere!
Black and white temporary tattoo design with shoe and the words ‘pump it up’
Pump up the music!
Black and white temporary tattoo design with a pirate caricature and the words jump written twice.
Can’t stop my feet from jumpin to this music
Black and white music temporary tattoo design with black cap with the number 90 on it and the words ‘Getting Jiggy with it’
Let you inner Will Smith out and get jiggy with it!
Black and white temporary tattoo design with shoe and the words ‘pump it up’
Pump up the music!
Stacks of black and white temporary tattoos for the We Are The 90s band after-party
Temporary tattoos everywhere!

Check the video of fans with the tattoos and enjoying the after-party here:

Fans enjoying after-party with music temporary tattoos

We think temp tats are a great way for rock bands to connect with their fans. If you are a band looking for creative temporary tattoos that resonate with you and your fans, write in to us at sales@gumtoo.com.

(P.S: All images via Behance. Temporary tattoos were done by the Parisian creative studio Sorry Mom)



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