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How to use Temporary Tattoos for Effective Political Campaigns

Nov 12, 2018   |   3 min read

Are you a campaign manager for a political candidate? Looking for fresh promotional ideas to infuse enthusiasm and awareness of your client among voters? We present an innovative, easy-to-implement, safe and cost-effective idea to create buzz around your client.

Custom Political Temporary Tattoos

These are a great idea to use along with the traditional means of promotion. As the name suggests, custom political temporary tattoos can be customized with any logo, slogan or image representing your client. You can also create political temporary tattoos with your country’s flag, patriotic message with your client’s party/image superimposed on it. Easy to apply and remove, these last on the skin from 3 days to a week.

How to use Custom Political Temporary Tattoos in your client’s political campaign?

1. Use Custom Political Temporary Tattoo as give-aways at speeches, rallies and town-halls. Create a temporary tattoo station, with water, disposable tissues and a waste-bin. Arrange for party volunteers to sport the temporary tattoos, and encourage other supporters to sport the tattoos.

make history political temporary tattoos for hillary clinton's presidential campaign
Hillary Clinton Campaign-Temporary Tattoos
Image via Ben Sklar/Getty Images News/Getty Images

2. Include your client’s temporary tattoos in fund solicitation and thank you letters to supporters and political donors.
3. Request your client’s celeb supporters to sport your client’s temporary tattoos and post the pictures on their social media.
4. On the day of polling, give out ‘I Voted’ or ‘Every Vote Counts’ or any other temporary tattoo with patriotic messages.

I voted temporary tattoo with democrat and republican symbols
Image via Stickylife

Some examples of Political Temporary Tattoos in Political Campaigns

1. In 2008, for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, around 4 hundred thousand ‘Obama’ temporary tattoos were distributed around the country.

I love obama temporary tattoo sheet
Image via Zazzle

2. In 2011, Peruvian Presidential candidate Ollanta Humala used temporary tattoos extensively as a promotional tool with 4 distinct designs. They included photos of the candidate imposed on Peru’s flag and with a message for Peru. Above 4 million tattoos were produced for the campaign, almost 1 temporary tattoo for one in seven Peruvians. The campaign was a huge success and Ollanta Humala went on to win the elections.

Peruvian Presidential candidate Ollanta Humala's temporary tattoos
Image via PRweb

3. MJ Hegar, a 2018 Texas Congressional candidate released a viral video highlighting her real permanent tattoos and her career as a US war veteran. She also released temporary tattoos with “MJ for Texas” slogan.
Viral Temporary Tattoo video released by MJ Hegar, Texas Congressional candidate

Making a political statement with Temporary Tattoos

1. To stop the vote confirming US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, actress Sarah Sophie Flicker made a strong statement at the 2018 Emmy Awards, with a ‘’STOP KAVANAUGH” temporary tattoo on her arm. Apart from her bold temporary tattoo, Flicker has extensively used her social media posts to speak against Kavanaugh (accused of sexual misconduct), about toxic masculinity, and in solidarity with the #MeToo Movement.

Sarah Sophie Flicker poses with her 'Stop Kavanaugh' temproary tattoo
Image via Instagram/sarahsophief

2. In 2012, Madonna showed her support for President Obama by sporting a huge ‘’OBAMA’’ temporary tattoo on her back at her MDNA Tour at New York’s Yankee Stadium.

madonna with large fake tattoo of obama's name on her back
Image via Daily Mail

For fundraising ideas using temporary tattoos for your client’s party, check this post.
If you are a campaign manager/political event manager interested in using custom political temporary tattoos, reach out to us at for tattoo ideas and sizes. Our tattoos use FDA compliant inks that are skin safe, are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and go through stringent third-party lab tests to ensure that they are completely safe or both children and adults.



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