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How to use temporary tattoos to raise awareness about a Social Cause

Sep 18, 2018   |   5 min read

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, your organization/brand/non-profit may be supporting many causes and charities from time to time. Your organization may be hosting events such as fundraisers/marathons/charity balls/walks to raise awareness for the causes it supports. One fun way to spread awareness for a cause is through customized colorful cause Temporary Tattoos. Your organization/brand/non-profit can give away/sell these cause temporary tattoos to volunteers and participants. Everyone loves temporary tattoos; your cause will be fresh in the minds of people even after your event is long over. When you buy cause temporary tattoos in bulk, it is economical and cost-effective.

Top reasons to use Cause Temporary Tattoos to raise awareness:

dartboard chart highlighting why organizations should use cause temporary tattoos for awareness
Why use Temporary Tattoos for your cause?

Check out some examples how organizations/brands have used cause temporary tattoos to raise awareness on issues they support:

1. The Body Shop Malaysia:

The Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia was recently a witness to a paradigm-shifting walk organized by The Body Shop Malaysia, Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Sisters in Islam (SIS), and the Association of Women Lawyers (AWL). The walk marked the launch of a petition campaign to urge the government to raise the minimum age of marriage to 18 years– with no exceptions, regardless of gender, faith, and ethnicity. The campaign is on until September 30, 2018, and has collected almost 20,000 signatures. According to Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Managing Director of The Body Shop Malaysia, it’s not just legal reform that matters. “We need to change public perception, achieve gender sensitization, institute comprehensive sexuality education, and empower youths in order to completely end child marriage,” she said.
To raise awareness of this burning social issue, The Body Shop got cause temporary tattoos made (from Gumtoo) and distributed them among volunteers and participants of the walk.

a child with a cause temporary tattoo against child marriage on her cheek
Cause Temporary Tattoos made by Gumtoo for The Body Shop Malaysia to promote awareness for ending child marriage. Image Via The Body Shop Malaysia, Facebook Page
Datin Mina Cheah-Foong Managing Director of The Body Shop Malaysia, speaking to spread awareness against child marriage
Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Managing Director of The Body Shop Malaysia, speaking to spread awareness against child marriage Image Via The Body Shop Malaysia, Facebook Page
2. Irish Heart Foundation:

Heart diseases and stroke remain the top killers in Ireland; 12,000 lives are taken away every year from these illnesses. The Irish Heart Foundation has been fighting the good fight for over 50 years, championing itself to increase awareness and improve regulations. In February 2018, the Irish Heart Foundation, in association with RTE 2FM, called people to Show Some Heart with Irish Heart Foundation temporary tattoos. Show Some Heart temporary tattoos campaign was a creative fundraising initiative that fosters broader engagement.

man with “Show Some Heart” temporary tattoo on his neck for the Irish Heart Foundation
“Show Some Heart” Temporary Tattoos for fundraising campaign for the Irish Heart Foundation Image Via Marcommnews
man with a 'show some heart' tattoo on arm and posing with a huge heart cutout with same message for the Irish Heart Foundation
Buy a temporary tattoo and Show Some Heart Image Via Instagram RTÉ 2fm

3. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation:

The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, founded in 2016, is a 501c3 dog rescue organization, working on both domestic and international front to help create a better world for dogs globally. To put an end to consumption of dog meat, the foundation started a #STOPTHETORTURE campaign. As part of the campaign, people were encouraged to make donations, and the foundation would ship #stopthetorture cause temporary tattoos. Donors were asked to sport the tattoos, take pictures, post it on their Social Media, sign a petition to stop dog meat consumption and tag local political representatives.

Blonde woman poses with her dog while displaying ''stop the torture' temporary tattoo on her cheek
Image Via Vanderpump Dog Foundation
stop the torture temporary tattoos from the Vanderpump Dog Foundation
Image Via Vanderpump Dog Foundation

4. Safe House of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid:

ACG Advertising Agency, an ad agency based in Hungary, created a hard-hitting cause temporary tattoo campaign in 2015. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of violence against women by encouraging people to put on temporary tattoos that look like realistic tattoos. People were asked to post their pictures with the temporary tattoos on Facebook and Instagram accompanied by the hashtag #HurtsMeToo. The cause temporary tattoo campaign also raised funds through the sale of these bruise temporary tattoos for the Safe House of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, which provides a refuge for victims of violence.

arm with fake wound tattoos points to instagram feed on a phone with instructions on the #hurtsmetoocampaign
#HurtsMeToo Campaign for Violence against Women Image Via Trendhunter
woman with false bruise temporary tattoos on her cheek participating in the #hurtsmetoo campaign
#HurtsMeToo Campaign with false bruise temporary tattoos Image Via Trendhunters

5. Livin for Hockey:

LIVIN was established to break the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and to reduce the rates of suicide around Australia. It encourages people to speak about their feelings, issues and challenges because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. LIVIN has launched LIVIN FOR HOCKEY, a concept developed by a group of hockey players. LIVIN FOR HOCKEY wants to spread the LIVIN message around Australia and encourage better physical and mental health through playing hockey. LIVIN FOR HOCKEY raises funds and awareness through its cool merchandize, which includes temporary tattoos.

bare chested man displays cause temporary tattoo for Livin for Hockey
Cause Temporary Tattoo for LIVIN for Hockey by Gumtoo Image Via Livin for Hockey Facebook

Check these links for more examples on how brands can use temporary tattoos to raise awareness and funds:
1. Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Walk
If you are a brand manager/advertiser representing a brand/organization/non-profit that wants to raise awareness on issues, contact us at for more ideas. We will guide you on how you can use Cause Temporary Tattoos for your cause and as a great promotional and advertising tool.



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