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girl looks out in the horizon with alien temporary tattoo on arm


Out in the space with Gumtoo Tattoos

Nov 3, 2013   |   2 min read

Just like any other kid, I love everything about space. Its vastness & mystery intrigue me! Every night when the sun goes down, I start humming “when you wish upon a star”. Someday my songs will reach to the stars, my wishes will come true! I roll up the blinder and invite the night sky into my room. And I wonder, who is the magician that comes to my canvas every night and glitters the vast night sky with the sparkling of stars.

For me, space is also an escape from the mundane life, where the pressure of homework vanishes into the never-ending black hole. My admiration of space does not stop at star gazing. I do have a friend with supernatural eyesight, Pete. Pete was given to me as a birthday present from my dear granddad who adores the universe as much as I do. Pete has become my best mate to dream about the world beyond the sky and best storyteller to tell me every story behind each glitter on the sky.

alien spaceship temporary tatoo on freckled girl in red wearing braces

Once, Pete told me about the lonely hunter on the sky, Orion. The constellation that giant hunter turned into, after being slain for pursuing the daughters of Atlas. My mind always mesmerize into Pete’s story and my obsession in space just gets bigger as I collect more and more stories about the stars. And now I feel whenever stars twinkle, they are replying to our conversation and sending us a sign to come and see them some day.

I believe the day I finish counting down the number stars will be the day I will reach them with the ride by spiky spaceship that will bring me to where Orion is and where long-gone aliens from Star Wars are living. And also, I believe that will be the most exciting & happy day of my life!



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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