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girl wearing metallic tattoo on her hand


Prefect for InstaFashion: The Rise Of Trendy Metallic Tattoos

Dec 22, 2014   |   3 min read

Vanessa Hudgens surprised the world with it, Sarah Jessica Parker embraced it, Beyonce Knowles on her family tour flaunted it. What began during the Paris Summer Fashion Week 2014 as a ramp trend, now has caught on like wildfire across the globe. Confused or curious – would you like to know what we are talking about? Hold your breath fashionistas, the new-age is a quirky one with styles and trends, and one doesn’t want to be left out – how could a stylist as you not want to doll up the body with ‘metallic temporary tattoos’!

Foxy-faux accessories for the party

Sitting across the room, the accessories on the beautiful lass sipping a glass of Don Perignon appear to be of gold and silver; they fit well and snuggled her neck and wrist, resting cozy against her collarbone. A quick walk to the bar and a close-up glance makes one realise she was playing with ‘optical illusions’ – the accessories weren’t real metal. Newsflash darlings, one of the best innovations for 2014 so far, the ‘metallic temporary tattoo’ has created a rage and stir – taken many by surprise too.

Trendy designs doing the rounds

Feathers – Twisted ropes – Greek keys – Geometric shapes – Egyptian motifs – Native American motifs – Cursive words – Chants and shloks, and more. The imagination of the curator knows no bounds to say so.

fake metallic jewellery tattoo on arm of bikini clad woman

Easy to apply and available in small sheets; users have to cut the designs out of the sheet and peel over the plastic coating, applying the design carefully to the skin. Once that’s done, the sheet needs to be lightly tapped with the help of a damp cloth for 30 seconds. Remove it and your skin has the ‘metallic temporary tattoo’ embossed. InstaFashion, voila!

Across all age groups

As ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ make their entree into mainstream fashion, right from the pretty blondes to the sassy brunettes, men and women across all age groups are now wearing them. Blame it on the look or the style, the innovation and creativity or the fact that ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ are known as ‘attention-getters’ too, everyone is intrigued by their beauty and wouldn’t mind having them on the skin to flaunt.

The connoisseurs

custom metallic bracelet temproary tattoos on woman's arm
  • Chanel has limited editions of the ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ – ‘Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art, Peter Philips’ since 2010 to offer.
  • Beyonce has promoted ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ through her venture – ‘House of Dereon’.
  • Joining the bandwagon now is Temptu, offering clients with ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ that don’t rip wallets apart.
  • The truest boost though came by back in 2012 by Dior – Les Ors de Peau,

Not a lifetime commitment to worry about

White bracelet temporary tattoo on the arm of a woman
Gumtoo Customer trying Gumtoo Metallic Tattoos.
Source –
Hand with custom fake jewellery tattoo bracelet checks metallic tattoo sheets
Gumtoo Customer trying Gumtoo Metallic Tattoos.
Source –

What is so great about ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ is that they come by in various styles, shapes, colours and designs, and aren’t very high-priced too. Moreover, for the traditional lot who like to style the skin and yet wouldn’t want something permanent, ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ are a commitment for life; making it apt as a style trend to indulge and splurge in.
With the party season on in full-swing, go out there and make a statement, while we look for quirky designs and styles to flaunt.



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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