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SG50 Custom Temporary Tattoos

In 2015, the nation will celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence. SG50 will be the golden jubilee celebration for Singapore. It's time to celebrate the success of the nation-city. It is time to celebrate the journey. Gumtoo is proud to be a Singaporean company and we owe it to the occasion; we present our very own SG50 custom temporary tattoos.

SSG50 SG50 - Celebrate the red dot

We loved the SG50 logo for its simplicity and bold colors. When we sat down to design our own version of the same for the tattoos, we decided to stick to its original simplicity, yet add more vibrancy. The designs, when completed looked superb and we thought that they will look wonderful as tattoos. The tattoos look even better in reality! The colors just ooze positive feeling and a sense of celebration.

Celebrate SG50 in style Celebrate SG50 in style

Custom gumtoos are a great way to connect your brand with your fans, customers and guests in a unique fun way. So if you are organizing any events to celebrate the golden jubilee and would like to add some fun factor, do drop us a note at

SG50 Made to order temporary tattoos for SG50

Singaporeans can look forward to an exciting year in 2015. Indulge in the splash of colors via SG50 custom (or made to order) temporary tattoos and attend the large variety of events to celebrate our nation’s 50th year of independence.

2 thoughts on “SG50 Custom Temporary Tattoos”

  • Casilin

    Hi, I would like to order the SG50 tattoo.

    Do you have 500 qty of the tattoo to be delivered by Saturday, 25 July 2015?

    Thank you!

  • Kayle Jordan


    Can you kindly provide a quote for 40 pcs for the custom design that is shown on your website. What is the dimension and delivery time?
    Thanks hope to hear from you soon!