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  • How clothing brand Whistle and Flute is using temporary tattoos to WOW the kids

    Whistle & Flute is famous kids Wear Company which believes in designing innate clothing lines exclusively for kids rather that opting for a smaller version of adult clothing. The owners Miranda and Ryan, both designers started off with a vision to provide kids their unique style of appearance. Each and every aspect right from fabric selection to original artwork is taken care at the company.

    Whistle & Flute designs are deeply influenced by the likes and dislikes of kids. Even more, they are consistent with the same characteristics in the marketing department. W&F, always finds a way enough attractive, to sell their clothing to children. This time the offer was custom temporary tattoo sheets by Gumtoo. For the latest promotions, the Canadian brand had pre-ordered these sheets with tattoo designs which focus on their brand identity.  The temporary tattoo designs reflected the exclusive designs by the brand and were launched keeping in mind that kids would love to wear their favourite brand on their skin. However, adding to the marketing strategy, they gave away sheets to those customers whose orders were of $75 or beyond.

    The idea of promotions using temporary tattoos is a time tested one for attracting little ones. Tattoos are worn by children with utmost delight and they love to flaunt it on their bodies. On a serious note, having a tattoo is a matter of pride for child in his gang, and with a tattoo depicting a favorite brand one can imagine the happiness of the child. The kind of response which W&F garnered, both during and after promotions was overwhelming. They were showered with praises and love even on the social networking sites by the moms who were gifted these tattoos.  Some Instagram snapshots are pasted below:

    This is just a case of kids focussed clothing brand. Further, any brand can order their custom made temporary tattoos anytime from Gumtoo as it would a better idea to connect to their target audiences.  This is so because temporary tattoos are one of those tiny things which are loved by people of all ages.  Cost effectiveness is yet another reason to go for brand promotion through tattoos. The procuring cost for customized temporary tattoos is very less as compared to other gifting articles used for brand promotion. Hence, the customer need not pay much to grab the tattoo gifts as in case of W&F it was just &75. Eventually, companies with low budgets can also opt for such promotions and that too without getting overloaded.

    Conditional distribution of tattoos as done by W&F is just one way to use them for promotion. Brand can even chalk out some other creative ideas like contest etc.  to use tattoos for promotion. The quality of tattoos manufactured by Gumtoo is at par with international standards hence they are safe for all age groups. Also we provide assistance related to tattoos to our clients at any point of time during the event.

    Let your brand spread wings with temporary tattoo assisted promotions!!!

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  • Branded Temporary Tattoos

    Even in 21st century where most of marketing tools are being digitized, temporary tattoos still maintain its purpose as a physical and intimate medium that connect people and create sense of belonging effectively. There are many interesting and creative ways brands are using temporary tattoos to engage with their target audience.

    On 25th Jan 2014, H&M connected with more than 5000 music lovers by giving away custom designer temporary tattoos at the ticket collection booth at ST. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Singapore. For the matter of fact the tattoos were manufactured by Gumtoo in collaboration with marketing agencies and H&M.

    H&M CUSTOM TATTOOS H&M branded temporary tattoos at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival (Singapore - 25 JAN)

    "Memory of association" is one of the pillars in behavioral marketing.  People tend to remember better if they capture any information as a reference to a good (or bad) experience. Laneway Festival has strong fan following among Indie music lovers and by giving away the cool and designer branded temporary tattoos, H&M easily established the "Referenced Memory" in the Indie music loving consumer segment in Singapore. Moreover, we have spotted people wearing some of these tattoos even after 2 weeks of the event. That's the beauty of temporary tattoos! Your message stays on with your target segment after the event.

    So if you want to engage your consumer segments here is what you need to do -

    • Step 1 - Identify your target consumer segment and what would appeal to them a tattoo
    • Step 2 - Make your own appealing branded temporary tattoo (theme based rather than your direct logo)
    • Step 3 - Find a channel to integrate the tattoo distribution to your target segment
    • Step 4 - Enjoy the splash of colors and excitement as they show your brand on their arm, neck or face


    We are here to help to do all that in one packaged service, whereby you can take advantage of our talented international designer network, understanding of consumer behavior in temporary tattoo usage and premium quality manufacturing approach. Lets make some buzz around people!

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  • Walking billboards

    With proliferation of various SNS platforms, increasing number of social campaigns’ focus have been hinged heavily on online sharing and creating hype via videos and digital medium. Although, online sharing could be a click away, we believe the real sharing of moment, idea and love happen when there is a touch and interaction.

    Temporary tattoos have been actively used in running campaigns and promoting commercial products over many years and for instance, Japanese PR agency, Absolut Territory PR enlisted young girls to wear temporary tattoo ads on their thighs which successfully boasted 1300 walking billboards by November 2012.

    Walking billboard Create buzz via temporary tattoos - checkout our Custom Temporary Tattoos

    Relatively easy participation steps together with the effective hand-in-hand use of various social media could attract thousands of audiences to be part of the advertisement and it was definitely one of the most head-turning advertisement methods of the year. Even in 21st century where most of marketing tools are being digitized, temporary tattoos would continue to serve its purpose as physical and intimate medium that connect people and create sense of belonging effectively.

    So in case you wonder what you would need to do to create that extra bit of buzz during your next event, think no more! Just give us a shout! Design a tattoo and let it help you spice up your event.

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  • Awesome Custom Tattoos – Gumtoo Way

    Gumtoo offers the exclusive service to make custom temporary tattoos for your events, parties, functions and carnivals. We are a premium temporary tattoo retailer with exclusive range of designer temporary tattoos of our own and so we know how to make great temporary tattoos.

    Design Consulting - We offer our expert design consulting as a free service. We will ensure your design is optimized before we send it for manufacturing. This includes design review; size fit review and minor design modifications. We also can design from concept, but we will talk about that in a separate write up.

    Custom Tattoos We will ensure you would get a fabulous tattoo

    Quality - We only manufacture our tattoos with Flood White method. A layer of white covers the entire design and this ensures brilliant color once transferred onto your skin. Don’t worry, your design is kept as you see it, just that it looks much better when you put onto your skin.

    Safety - All our tattoos are made with skin safe, FDA approved ingredients. Now we take this very seriously and even if it is quite temping to print our tattoos in cheaper alternative locations, we resist and only manufacture our tattoos in USA with our trusted professional temporary tattoo manufacturing partners. Do take note that if you are sensitive to adhesive then do not put any temporary tattoos for that matter. Fun can come later, stay healthy fellas!

    Lead Time - We can deliver your temporary tattoos within 3 weeks from the time we have confirmed the design artwork. Contrary to popular belief, temporary tattoos do go through a thorough manufacturing process and hence please plan ahead, Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos are worth the wait!

    So now you know why we say, you can trust us that your temporary tattoos will always be awesome when you make custom tattoos with Gumtoo!

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