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Temporary Tattoo Flyer with Thai Theme


Temporary Tattoo Flyers used for promotion by Tourism Authority of Thailand

Jan 2, 2019   |   2 min read

Catching eyeballs of potential tourists at an international tourism expo is a tough job due to the high level of competition. Flyers, brochures, free swag are given out everywhere. How do you ensure that your promotional material stands out from the rest, and does not end up in the waste-paper bin?

In Oct 2015, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in collaboration with Leo Burnett Thailand created am outstanding flyer for promotion at the CITM Shanghai Expo.

What did Tourism Authority of Thailand create?

TAT and Leo Burnett Thailand created a flyer with a series of temporary tattoo designs. Each tattoo was designed keeping Thailand’s rich heritage and various personas such as creative, street-style, sophisticated in mind.

Temporary Tattoo Flyer byTourism Authority of Thailand
Tattoo Flyer by Tourism Authority of Thailand and Leo Burnett Thailand Image via Campaign Brief
Temporary Tattoo Flyer with Thai Theme
Thai-inspired Tattoo on the Tattoo Flyer
Image via Ewhabrandcommunication

How did the tattoos on the temporary tattoo flyer work?

Once the tattoo was applied on to the skin, it could be scanned with any smartphone. On scanning, QR code-infused tattoos redirected users to a series of video stories promoting Thailand.

A visitor sporting the Thai-inspired tattoos at the CITM Shanghai expo
A visitor at the expo sporting the Thai-inspired tattoos
Image via Branding in Asia

Check out the detailed video of how the Tattoo Flyer was used

What was the outcome of using temporary tattoo flyers at the event?

A huge number of tattoo flyers were given out at the expo. With the cost of US $0.25 a piece, tattoo flyers were one of the drivers that contributed to a 42% increase, a highest ever number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand after the expo. Tourism Authority of Thailand has planned on bringing the Tattoo Flyers to other international tourism expos around the world.

Message to Marketers

A Tattoo Flyer with scannable QR-code infused tattoos is an innovative promotional tool which is sure to catch the attention of potential clients at trade-shows and expos. If you want to make temporary tattoo flyers for your next event, contact us at



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