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blue salesforce temporary tattoo on arm holding tea cup and saucer


5 Compelling Reasons To Consider Temporary Tattoos For Your Next Corporate Event

Jul 1, 2019   |   3 min read

Do you want to add an interactive and fun element to your next event? And achieve brand promotion and get social media shares? All in a cost-effective and entertaining way?Think Custom Temporary Tattoos.

Why Temporary Tattoos? We present top 5 reasons to consider them for your next event.

1. Temporary Tattoos as Ice-Breakers

If you are planning a formal event such as a conference, seminar or a town hall, use custom temporary tattoos with your company’s logo to connect employees. For less formal events such as executive retreats, dinner and dance evenings, team-building events, employee sport events, use quirky custom temporary tattoos to break the ice and transform the vibe of the event. Temporary tattoos come in various options; brand logo tattoos, glow-in-the-dark-tattoos, metallic tattoos, typography tattoos, colorful tattoos etc. You can have a temporary tattoo booth for dispersing your tattoos, to make it more fun and organized. Having a senior management personnel to hand out or apply the tattoos is a great idea. Get an apron with “Chief Tattoo Officer”  and you are all set.

outstretched arm with blue salesforce temporary tattoo holds a tea cup
Custom Temporary Tattoos in Company Logo for Salesforce’s events

Check how VMware used custom temporary tattoos for its events.

2. Temporary Tattoos as Cool Swag 

For your next trade show, design and get custom temporary tattoos (and stickers) in your company’s logo, or typography or use any creative design  that will connect to your audience. This kind of swag is unique from the regular pens, earphones and T-shirt swag and will be a talking point among your audience and as a bonus, on social media.
Read how Greenfields Milk used customised temporary tattoos to engage the kids during KWF trade show

stack of sentosa temporary tattoos with peacock image
Custom Temporary Tattoos as Swag for Sentosa, Singapore

3. Temporary Tattoos for Photo-ops and Social Media Shares

Everyone loves to sport creative and colorful temporary tattoos. Make your event memorable by giving out your custom tattoos. Encourage your event participant to take pictures and post it using a custom hashtag for the event on Social Media. You will get memorable images and brand promotion bundled together. You can also use the tattoo backs for writing your short promotional messages.

three fists with irvins block party temporary tattoos join together
Photo opportunity with Custom Temporary Tattoos at IRVINS Salted Eggs Block Party

4. Temporary Tattoos to Promote Causes

If your organization has a cause that it would like to promote, or a charity it would like to support, think of using cause temporary tattoos. These can be used for fundraising or as giveaways at marathons and other community events.

two smiling women participants sport custom glitter pink ribbon tattoos at the Pink Ribbon Walk 2017
Custom Tattoos at Pink Ribbon Walk

Read how Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Ribbon Walk used temporary tattoos.

5. Temporary Tattoos to Engage Younger Audiences

Temporary tattoos appeal to everyone, but kids love them. If you are sponsoring an event for children, or organizing one, use custom temporary tattoos in colorful, creative designs. You can get temporary tattoos in designs such as superheroes, popular cartoon characters. You can conduct informative sessions for children with tattoos of planets, about sea-creatures, plants…the options are unlimited.

Child in sleeveless blue top shows off four multi colored custom temporary tattoos for kids on arm
Clothing Brand Whistle & Flute used Custom temporary tattoos to engage kids

Check how Aviva used temporary tattoos to engage kids at Superfundae event

Reach out to us at for ideas on custom temporary tattoos and how we can help you promote your brand at events. Based out of Singapore, we are the leading and preferred providers of custom temporary tattoos to corporates. Our clients include Airbnb, Deloitte, Changi Airport, NUS, Singapore Heart Foundation, Sentosa and many more.



Rekha is content strategist and editor at Gumtoo. Rekha is an art and craft enthusiast, she likes working with mixed mediums such as clay, glass and tiles. Fluent in 5 languages, she plans to learn French someday.

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