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25 Yummylicious Temporary Food Tattoos That Will Make You Drool

Singaporeans love to eat and love to talk about what they eat. If you are a Singaporean and live in this food heaven, here’s a great fun idea: Temporary food tattoos. Wear your love for food and spread some permanent joy. Presenting twenty-five ideas for temporary food tattoos.

Add To Your Style Statement With These 25 Feather Tattoos

Feather tattoos have been a trend that hasn’t gone out of style since ages now. We have curated the most beautiful feather tattoos ever and you are bound to want to get one of these designs as a temporary tattoo or as a permanent one.

18 Most Stunning Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoo are a classic design that has been around for ages. The sun represents power, masculinity, the yang; whereas the moon is considered feminine, serene and the yin. We put together a list of our favorite sun and moon tattoos. Read on to find out.