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Alicia & Su Kiat’s Wow Wedding Guests with Temporary Tattoos


“I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.”

Alicia and Su Kiat were colleagues and worked in the financial sector before they fell madly in love with each other. Theirs is an interesting office romance; they met each other during their organization’s induction programme! Starting off as fresh hires, they bonded over their new careers.

They soon became friends, and before they could realize it, they were in love.
After dating each other for a while, Su Kiat wanted to pop the question. He was wondering how to go about it, when a trip to the beautiful Genting Highland served as the perfect opportunity.
Su Kiat went down on one knee and asked the beautiful Alicia to be his bride. And the rest is history.

How Alicia & Su Kiat used Temporary Tattoos

Alicia wanted her wedding to have that extra something to make it even more special. While browsing the internet, she came across the idea of using custom wedding temporary tattoos. A novel and refreshing idea.

Many guests told Alicia that their tattoos were on them even days after the wedding. They were surprised that the tattoos were so long lasting!

On their big day, Alicia and Su Kiat sported their custom tattoos and also shared it with their guests. Their wedding was attended by a lot of kids, and they especially loved the tattoos.

Guests showing off wedding temporary tattoos at Alicia and Sukiat's wedding


Guest showing off fake tattoo at Alica Sukiat's wedding

Gumtoo's sincere service has touched our heart. They do know how to make weddings special! Every tattoo was packed nicely. Well done!

Alicia Tang
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