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Claire Cowie, an enterprising teacher uses Temporary Tattoos for an Art Project

Creative Project

Claire Cowie is a full-time lecturer in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts at the University of Washington. She is also a happy patron of Gumtoo tattoos.

How Claire used Temporary Tattoos

Claire teaches an introduction art course to 80 undergraduates in their first quarter at the University. Being an enterprising teacher, she came upon the brilliant idea of a tattoo-design project. This project would provide students with the perfect mix of brainstorming, sketching, editing, and then finalizing an idea.

Tattoo Design Project Details

Each student had to make 50 thumbnail drawings of ideas, then the class met in small groups to discuss their ideas. Once they had each chosen their favorite designs, they refined them, and presented them to the whole class. Everyone voted on their favorites. Claire got the winning designs printed as tattoos in bulk from Gumtoo.

A student of Interdisciplinary Visual Arts at the University of Washington attempts to create a temporary tattoo design sheet

Black and white temporary tattoo designs by students at the University of Washington, USA   Designs created by students of University of Washington converted to temporary tattoos and spread on a black background  Student shows off fake tattoos on both arms at the design class of University of Washington

The tattoos were then given out to all the students and the winning artists got extras of their own designs. The tattoos were also shared with the staff at school and with visitors who come to speak to the class.

I personally used Gumtoo for a community art project several years ago and had a great experience, so I knew I could trust the quality and customer service when I scaled up my order for a large class project. We have used Gumtoo for our class project now for 2 years in a row and it's been a huge success. I plan on continuing using Gumtoo for many future projects!

Claire Cowie
Full-Time Lecturer, University of Washington
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