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Greenfields Milk engages guests at Kids World Fair trade show with Temporary Tattoos

Guest Engagement

Since its inception in 1997, Greenfields Milk is known for delivering pure, fresh and honest milk throughout Singapore and its neighboring countries. Its founders were acclaimed experts in dairy farming  from Australia and Indonesia. A whopping 5,000 elite breed of cattle comprises of Greenfields dairy army.

How Greenfields Milk used Temporary Tattoos

Kids World Fair is aimed at providing options and guidance along with fun filled activities to children aged 3 to 12 years. The government of Singapore in collaboration with its healthcare partners successfully organised the event.  

At the Kids World Fair, Greenfield was one of the key exhibitors. At its exclusive booth children partook in a fun activity called Feed a Cow. Children were acquainted with cow-diet facts which make cow milk adequately nutritious and fresh.

Greenfields also set up an instant temporary tattoo activity under its booth. These tattoos had Greenfield logo on them and proved to be quite a hit among  children.

Greenfields milk got tiny brand ambassadors all over the trade-show happily walking around sporting the Greenfields tattoos on their cheeks and arms.

Greenfileds employees applying tattoos to kids at Greenfields tattoo booth


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