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Tippling Club Hosted Singapore’s First Virtual Tattoo Party

Guest Engagement

May 2020 was a tough month for Singaporeans. Fear of the pandemic, the lockdown, not being able to go out anywhere-all this added to overall gloom.

Tippling Club, (rated Best International Restaurant Bar-Tales of the Cocktail 2017) decided to shake things up a bit.  It decided to host a Virtual Tattoo Party to get fellow tipplers into a mad party mood.

And where there are temporary tattoos, can Gumtoo be far behind? Naah!

Tattoo Parties at Tippling Club

Tattoo Parties have been a signature party at the Tippling Club, in the pre-lockdown days. The Club has conducted it 5 times with different tattoo themes such as Tiki Cocktails, Biker Gang, Hip Hop, and Block Party. The party has a guest bartender and 2 tattoo artists doing free tattoos as per the theme for all guests.

Did you know? A permanent tattoo of the Tippling Club Logo gets you 20% off your drinks bill for life. Wowza!
The Tippling Club Tattoo Fan Club dons the Club Logo
The Tippling Club Tattoo Fan Club dons the Club’s Logo.

This year, the plan was to hold a ‘Cinco de Mayo’ style party on May 3rd. However, with COVID-19 and the lockdown, the event couldn’t be held in the usual way.

So How Did This E-Party Get Going?

The Chief Tipplers (read: top bosses) at the Club decided to put a virtual spin on its tattoo party. Something novel to keep regular patrons engaged and to help them smile and forget a bit about the stresses of the lockdown.

The idea of a rocking Virtual Tattoo Party emerged. Codigo 1530 Tequila and Cointreau came on board as co-sponsors.

E-vites were sent to regular patrons and details of the party were shared on Tippling Club’s Instagram Page.

Joyful tipplers joined the world’s largest-ever virtual simultaneous cocktail shake.
Screenshot of games at the Virtual tattoo party

What Goodies Were in Store for the Tipplers?

94 patrons who signed up for the party received an incredible high-value goodie bag.

Tippling Club Singapore Virtual Tattoo party Goodie Bag
Tippling Club Singapore Virtual Tattoo Party Goodie Bag

The goodie bag consisted of:

2x 2 serve cocktails
1x Codigo 1530 Tequila miniature
1x Cointreau miniature
1x pack of nachos with chili beef and a selection of nachos (plant-based option available)
1x Cointreau Margarita glass
1x Codigo 1530 Tequila cocktail shaker
1x Codigo 1530 Agave nectar
1x Tippling Club x Codigo 1530 T-shirt
1x Cointreau tote bag
1x can of Perrier water
1x pack of transferable tattoos

Fun Party Games Were Held at The Virtual Party?

It was time to go crazzzzzzy!

There were 3 mad games conducted

1. Apply temporary tattoos in the most creative manner on your body.

Tippling Club Tattoo on Foot at the Virtual Tattoo Party
A Creative Tattoo Placement, indeed!

The winner received Son’s of Tippling Gin – With only 3 bottles left in Singapore, this was a rare treat!

2. Pub Quiz

Virtual Pub Quiz at the Tippling Club Virtual Party
Hey, I know the answer to this one!

Tipplers had fun answering questions like these in the virtual quiz:

Q1. Who’s favorite drink is Gin and Juice? (1pt)
A: Snoop Dog
Q2. In 1975, a band whose name is a palindrome had a No 1 single whose name is also a palindrome. Name the band and the single. (2pts)
Q3: Put the Spice Girls in order of birth, youngest to oldest – (1pt)
A: Baby Spice, Scary Spice, Posh Spice, Sporty Spice, Ginger Spice
Q.4: Where was the last concert Queen played with Freddy Mercury? Bonus point for the year. (2pts)
A: Knebworth Park/UK – 1986

The winner deservedly won a Bottle of Cointreau.

(P.S: Did you get any right?)

3. Plate nachos and dip like a MasterChef.

Participants were asked to plate the nachos and dips that they received in the goodie bag in a creative manner.

Nachos and dip plated like a MasterChef Contestant
Plate up Challenge Winning Entry

creatively plated nachos and dip

The winner received another plate of chili beef nachos 🙂 AND lunch for 2 at the Tippling Club.

That was one helluva virtual tattoo party!

(Image credits: Instagram)

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