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Festivals via Temporary Tattoo

Be it St. Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, Halloween, or Christmas, we have got you covered with temporary tattoos. Flaunt these festive tattoos and have a blast!

What's special about Santa's reindeer this season? He can dance

How do you make a slow reindeer run fast? Give

Wanna look awesome this Christmas? Accessorise your style with our

What to do during Xmas? Make your snow man, of-course.

Light up this Christmas with candles of cheer and warmth.

We wish you Merry Christmas. We wish you Merry Christmas.

Put on our Snow Men tattoo to feel the snowy

Santa Claus is coming to town, Ho Ho Ho. Put

You know you're getting old, when naughty red man gets

Specially designed, hand-drawn envelope packaging to gift your scary Halloween

Vici the vicious cat stays guard! No entry folks. Watch

Little witches, creepy spiders, crazy cats & toxic potions! Presenting

Witches don't have to be old and toothless... They just

Scary witch on a broom!

These monster hands can take you by surprise. They are

Run, The.skull'*#%^< is on the chase! Boooooooo hoooooooo

Creepy crawlies galore on this tree to scare the kewl

Get ready in eerie style with temporary tattoos for your

Poison is an essential ingredient for all toxic drinks...and beware!