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DIY Temporary Tattoo booth kit for kids birthday parties
Layla's Rock Star Birthday Party

Every year Evelyn celebrates Layla's birthday in style. Right after her party last year, Evelyn tossed around some theme ideas for fun suggested a rock ‘n’ roll party. Layla can be girly and princessy, so Evelyn was surprised when Layla agreed! Read Evelyn's rocking party blog post and check out some cool pics

gumtoo tattoo collaborates with Zalora marketplace
Launch Party - Zalora Marketplace

It was a fashion and music affair at the ZALORA Singapore Marketplace launch. Young local entrepreneurs and musicians came together to make one great event at Spruce restaurant...

Gumtoo temporary tattoo retail and wholesale
Most frequently asked questions by Gumtoo retailers

Where do you see Gumtoo in next 1-2 years? Do you help retailers sell Gumtoos effectively in their stores?

Jason's design process

Jason is a graphics designer from Canada, he loves anything to do with letter. Check out the video to see how Jason has designed Gumtoo tattoos.

Gumtoo in BBQ setting

This picture truly surprised us with the quirky idea to combine our tattoo (Mystic Triangle) with a BBQ setting.

Gumtoo Tattoo Man

The idea was to create a mascot for Gumtoo! We were toying with several ideas to uniquely position Gumtoo in the retail shops and during the promotional events. That's when, Gumtoo Tattoo Man came about.. and truly in a very unplanned way! ....

Ori says hello from Venezuela

Ori is a graphic designer from Venezuela and was born in a city called "The city loved by the sun" - "you can imagine how the weather there is!" After finishing her studies in her hometown she went to Barcelona where she completed her masters degree in Illustration: "it was a very inspiring city, I understood more about the illustration world and got to meet a lot of people, places and culture too." Ori likes cute, funny and colourful illustrations and has awesome red hair

Save the Sharks

We recently joined international social campaign, “I am FINished” which aims to reduce demand for shark fin soup to stop extinction of sharks. We designed the temporary tattoo..

SMU sports camp Gumtoo fake tattoo Instagram competition winner
SMU Slammed

The Instagram competition winner combined 3 gumtoo tattoos to create a story. Very creative....

Most frequently asked questions by Gumtoo retailers Where do you see Gumtoo in next 1-2 years? Do you help retailers sell Gumtoos effectively in their stores?

Project Gumtoo Comics

We got a very interesting mail - “I'm not a designer, I'm not professionally trained, and neither do I possess the natural talent that transforms plain white paper into..

Idea behind the DIY temporary tattoo booth kit

“I am last in the queue” were the words of the kid standing in a long queue to get his face painted at his best friend’s Birthday party. It was only after 45 minutes that the kid was happily running with the Spider Man painted face. That was the eureka moment!.... mantu

Space temporary tattoos. Olly reminiscence her past
Out in the Space - Olly's childhood reminiscence

I love everything about space. Its vastness & mystery intrigue me! Every night when the sun goes down, I start humming “when you wish upon a star”.

Olly goes MAAD with Gumtoos

Olly with her friends and Gumtoo. Check out this video.

Temporary tattoo design collaboration with Isetan Singapore Japan
Design collaboration with Isetan

We are excited to launch the exclusive design collaboration with Isetan. The summer tattoo collection is inspired by geometric designs with hues of summer colours. The collection expresses elegance with pronounced simplicity and minimalism. The designs are created by Tilman Zitzmann...