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  • Gumtoo custom tattoos - why, how & what

    Gumtoo started its operations in Singapore as a retail focused company in late 2012. It did not take us long to recognise that corporate market is pretty meaningful in the island country, so we started offering custom tattoos as well. In the last 3 years, Gumtoo has slowly and steadily grown into a leading player in Singapore for custom temporary tattoos.

    It starts with a fundamental difference at Gumtoo. We are primarily a design company (because of our B2C retail business), therefore we understand corporate client's design concepts and needs well. When you talk to us, you would get the feeling that your design concept is in safe hands.

    How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 1 How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 1

    We were one of the first wave of companies that were born when designer temporary tattoos took off as a fashion item in 2012. This has given us the time to absorb every product innovation that has taken place since then. That's why, we also started offering metallic tattoos in Singapore, and we do believe they are absolutely gorgeous as custom tattoos in a corporate party atmosphere!

    How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 2 How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 2

    By working with over 100 corporates and their variety of packaging needs, we have kind of become packaging experts, as long as they are for custom tattoos! The importance of packaging can not be overemphasised from our experience, we believe, unless it is a tattoo booth where, the tattoos are applied directly on the spot, always go for a packaged tattoo. It elevates the experience!

    How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 3 How to order gumbo custom tattoos step 3

    So when you think of custom tattoos in Singapore, you should think of Gumtoo if you you are looking for a complete end to end service delivery, design to packaged items delivered at your door step on time!

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  • SG50 Custom Temporary Tattoos

    In 2015, the nation will celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence. SG50 will be the golden jubilee celebration for Singapore. It's time to celebrate the success of the nation-city. It is time to celebrate the journey. Gumtoo is proud to be a Singaporean company and we owe it to the occasion; we present our very own SG50 custom temporary tattoos.

    SSG50 SG50 - Celebrate the red dot

    We loved the SG50 logo for its simplicity and bold colors. When we sat down to design our own version of the same for the tattoos, we decided to stick to its original simplicity, yet add more vibrancy. The designs, when completed looked superb and we thought that they will look wonderful as tattoos. The tattoos look even better in reality! The colors just ooze positive feeling and a sense of celebration.

    Celebrate SG50 in style Celebrate SG50 in style

    Custom gumtoos are a great way to connect your brand with your fans, customers and guests in a unique fun way. So if you are organizing any events to celebrate the golden jubilee and would like to add some fun factor, do drop us a note at

    SG50 Made to order temporary tattoos for SG50

    Singaporeans can look forward to an exciting year in 2015. Indulge in the splash of colors via SG50 custom (or made to order) temporary tattoos and attend the large variety of events to celebrate our nation’s 50th year of independence.

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  • Cricket Temporary Tattoos- Building Up The Sporty Atmosphere In Style

    Hollywood and Bollywood for now can take a back seat; the upcoming Cricket World Cup fever is already catching up – wild and strong. Media shutterbugs are talking a lot about their favourite teams, players and yes, their fascination to get inked; just as their favourite cricketers have in the past. If you are a cricket buff – just getting to the stadium to watch a match live, doesn’t prove your ‘loyalty’. Build up the momentum that leads to the big game – temporary tattoos sporting cricket motifs, legions, players and more should now be on your mind.

    Famous cricketers whose tattoos you could imitate

    Michael Clarke- Famous Australian cricketer has a tattoo in Arabic placed well on the left hand.

    Michael Clarke Famous Australian cricketer has a tattoo in Arabic placed well on the left hand Michale Ckarke with an Arabic tattoo
    Source -

    Virat Kohli – India’s sweetheart, on and off the field is known for his style, dapper looks and yes of course, his tattoos. A Japanese Samurai is what he’s been inked with, and his zodiac sign too – Scorpio.

     Virat Kohli wears  a Japanese Samurai tattoo and his zodiac sign too – Scorpio.


    Kevin Pietersen- England’s player is known for his undying love for tattoos- he shows them off in style when in public too. Roman Numerals DCXXVI denotes his position in the English team.

    Kevin Pieterson roman numeral permanent tattoos Source :

    Mitchell Johsnon- Australian cricketer has cherry blossoms and a Japanese Koi, adoring his right hand. Little does the world know, he has a cat tattooed on his hot abs too!

    Mitchell Johnson cricket tattoos

    For hardcore cricket fans wanting to be associated with the upcoming World Cup Cricket saga, getting inked temporarily is one of the best ways to show their loyalty. In addition to cheer sticks, glow sticks, foam hands and luxe sporty wear and apparel – the quaint yet bold and very vibrant temporary cricket tattoos are now a rage.

    Fans across the nation and in other parts of the world are making beelines outside tattoo parlours – however, if you wish not to be inked for life; temporary designer tattoos are the way to go.

    Build a community atmosphere

    One of the best ways to build up to the game and create a sporty aura around would be with temporary tattoos. Get as wacky and wild with them; it is all about creativity and innovation – the right certified and trained experts would be best to advise and help on the same.

    Honestly speaking, there wouldn’t be a better way to show your crazy-fan-wildness towards your favourite teams – even at work your boss wouldn’t mind you sporting the body art. A special cricket tattoo is a must, and flaunting them around would burn your rivals – envy and jealous ones especially.

    Famous cricket tattoo ideas

    - Cricketers faces
    - Bats and balls
    - Signatures
    - Cricket motifs
    - Stadium caricatures
    - Colourful emo-motifs

    Insane yet super cool, trendy and chic too – temporary design cricket tattoos are the in-thing now. You are just a step away from showing the world your calibre of being the best fan around – tattoo designs are aplenty to choose from, make no bones about the choice you indulge in.

    India ICC world cup India cricket tattoos Team India cricket temporary tattoos exclusively for fans are available at and
    Cricket temporary tattoos for India Wear the Indian flag temporary tattoos and support Team India. Available at and
    India cricket bat temporary tattoo stickers You can also use temporary tattoos to make your cricket bat colourful and fun! Team India cricket temporary tattoos available at and

     Have you decided which one to sport this time around- the World Cup Fever has begun; and getting inked temporarily is your dose!

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  • Get inked - via temporary tattoos

    I had the opportunity to talk about temporary tattoos and drew a comparison between temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos:

    - While permanent tattoos appeal to those who don't mind getting poked with needles for having a beautiful design on their body, temporary ones are for those who want a tattoo without going through the painful process

    - Hygiene can be a big concern when it comes to a permanent tattoo. But one can truly experiment without the risk of infection with a temporary tattoo.

    - Permanent tattoos are generally for life, whereas temporary ones offer flexibility. One can try on as many designs as one wants to.

    - One can also be more adventurous with temporary tattoos compared to permanent tattoos. Just think of any occasion or range -- cool, funky, wild or childish -- and you can have your tattoo; because they are temporary, so there is no risk of being stuck with an experimental permanent tattoo.

    - It takes a lot of time to get a permanent tattoo, whereas a temporary one can be applied within a minute.

    - Permanent tattoos are much more expensive than temporary ones.

    Cool & funky robot tattoos Cool & funky robot tattoos
    Here are the media coverage
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  • 10 Celebrity Tattoos That Would Work Great As Temporary Tattoos

    Not all celebrities fancy being inked for life and some aren’t happy wearing heavy jewellery on their skin. Making a statement is a must though, but how – think temporary tattoos. What started out as the ‘Coachella Craze’, celebs across the world have now sported them like no one’s business.

    From red carpets to glossy events, temporary tattoos have ruled the scene. Selena Gomez to Shay Mitchell, Beyonce Knowles to Adriana Grande, Priyanka Chopra to Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha to Deepika Padukone as well, Pssst, even the male celebs haven’t stayed behind. Read on and be inspired!

    Temporary Tattoos in India Gumtoo Katy Perry donning Hello Kitty Tattoo

    Sassy and cute, pop singer Katy Perry made waves in 2014 sporting the ‘Hello Kitty’ tattoo. A serious slap on the face of those who criticised her earlier tattoos, calling them ‘gang signs’. You go girl, we loved the ink no doubt.

    Niki Minaj temporary tattoo India Niki Minaj sporting 6 Chinese symbols

    Nicki Minaj sported six symbols in Chinese on her arm – ‘God is always with me’ in Chinese. And yet the singer at this tender age sings of his creations – Anaconda for example!

    Lady Gaga celebrity tattoo by Gumtoo Lady Gaga is going musical with the trumpet tattoo

    The ‘Born This Way’ singer, Lady GaGa has always been a class apart from the rest; inking herself in June 2014 was no different at NYC. Tony Bennett, celebrity tattoo artist is rumoured to have inked the wild-child with the ‘trumpet tattoo’. She’s surely on the right track baby!

    Miley Cyrus Temporary Tattoos Miley Cyrus
    Source -

    Grapevine has it, singer Miley Cyrus along with bestie Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) together got inked in July 2014. This was done by the singer to honour and pay homage to her deceased pet dog – “With A Little Help From My Friends”; said like a true human, isn’t it?

    Harry Style temporary tattoo Harry Styles
    Source -

    Harry Styles, One Direction singer has made many women and girls across the world crazy with his boyish looks and heavy voice. In 2014, his fan base grew in leaps and bounds when he revealed two birds flying high – tattoos sported proud and loud on his yummy chest, right below the collar bone on either sides.

    Gumtoo Alia Bhatt wearing desi pataka temporary tattoo  Indian actress Alia Bhatt sports a tattoo for the movie Highway
    Source -

    Pataka – Alia Bhatt garnered plenty of attention sporting the inked tattoo on the nape of her neck. Rumoured to be fake, but who cares- we love it and can use it as a temporary flashy tattoo.

    Varun Dhawan Temporary Tattoos Varun Dhawan
    Source -

    Hotness Varun Dhawan has lovely shoulders and arms – take a good look at him dancing in the song Saturday-Saturday from Humty Sharma Ki Dulhania – the big bold tattoo blew many minds away. Proof that Varun loves to flash; we aren’t complaining!

    Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra gets a tattoo for the movie Ek Tha Villan Sidharth Malhotra in the movie Ek Tha Villain

    For the movie Ek Villain, Siddharth Malhotra flashed his arms showing off a temporary tattoo, done especially for the movie. Flashy and cool; convert it into your own style too.


    Priyanka Chopra Temporary Tattoos Gumtoo Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra sporting a fake tattoo for the movie Ramleela
    Source -

    It seems Piggy Chops was inspired by Rihanna – Ram Chahe Leela was a song where Priyanka Chopra flashed her fake tattoo, which made waves. If sources are to be believed, she took a good ten hours to get inked!


    Anushka Sharma Temporary Tattoos Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma wearing a tat for a movie
    Source -

    Sassy and chirpy, Anushka Sharma has a sexy waist, and she’s just made it sexier – Dekho Magar Pyar Se has been inked on her waist for the movie Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola.

    Easy to copy, chic to display and super cool to own – these were some of the fake tattoos celebs donned through 2014, which can be emulated easily! Have fun!

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