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  • 10 Creative Wedding Temporary Tattoo Designs that you will love

    Are you a loved-up couple planning to get hitched soon? Want your wedding day to be a testimony of your love? We present a fun idea to complement your wedding wows and your love. Wedding Temporary Tattoos. They are colorful, can be customized to your choice, easy to sport, painless and easy to clean too.

    You can customize tattoos for yourself and your life-partner, for the bride's/bridegroom's team, as favors for the wedding guests …the ideas are unlimited.

    Excited much? Can't wait to get temporary tats for your wedding? Calm down! We present 10 wedding temporary tattoo designs that you need to check. We have narrowed the choices down to a few quirky couple-personality traits. Find out which type of couple you are, browse through these tattoo designs, pick the one that you love, or get inspired to create your own custom wedding temporary tattoo design. 

    Let's begin!

    1. For the Rocker Chic Couple 

    bride-showing-off-her-wedding-temporary-tattoo-design Image Via Buttonhead

    Do you love rock-music, hard metal and the like? People think of you as cool, sassy and alternatively, eccentric? Then you are like our lovely millennial bride, who is sporting a tattoo design demonstrating her love for the hard rock band Guns N' Roses. This tattoo signifies the wedding couple's common passion for rock music. Additionally, the tattoo displays both the bride's and the groom's names and the wedding date.

    Isn't this a fab idea? Do you and your soulmate have a common passion that you would like to sport as a wedding temporary tattoo?

    2. For the Memory-Keepers

    wedding-date-roman-numerals-tattoo-back Image via Wedpics

    Do you remember the day you first met? Do you remember what your significant half wore, what they spoke and how they made you feel? Are you always wishing your soulmate 'Happy Anniversary of our first date' or 'Happy Anniversary of the time you said yes'? 

    Then this is the tattoo you have been waiting for!

    This couple has chosen to commemorate the day they met as a wedding temporary tattoo. The Roman Number detailing adds to the cool vibe of this tattoo.

    Etched forever in memories, we absolutely heart this!

    You can customize this tattoo for memorable dates such as the day of your first date, your proposal day, or your wedding day itself.

    3. For the Traditionalists 

    two-ring-interwined-wedding-temporary-tattoo-design Image via Etsy

    So, you love everything traditional? You believe deeply in the sacrosanctness of wedding wows and that marriages are meant to be forever. This wedding temporary tattoo is right up your alley. This tattoo shows how both your lives will now be intertwined with each other. And that your love will be sealed with a kiss and a ring. The tattoo maybe temporary, but the sentiment is forever. 

    4. For the Flamboyant ones 

    bride-and-groom-wedding-temporary-tattoo-design Image via Etsy

    You love getting your pictures clicked. Your Social Media pages are full of pictures of the both of you together, doing various cool things. She thinks he looks like Mr. Perfect. He thinks she is Miss Universe. 

    This tattoo of your personal photographs is just the pick for you. Get customized wedding temporary tattoos of you and your better half, sport them on your big day, share it with your guests, and take lots of pictures. Post the revelry on your Social Media! 

    5. For the Goofy Caricature Lovers 

    bride-and-groom-outline-with-wedding-date-wedding-temporary-tattoo Image via Etsy

    You bond over cartoons, manga, Star-Wars and Harry Potter? Prefer the world of fantasy and make-believe over the real world? Appreciate good design, art and architecture? We've found the perfect tattoo for you.

    This wedding temporary tattoo is a customized caricature of the bride and groom with their names and the wedding date. A tasteful artistic wedding favor, we think.

    6. For the Independent-minded 

    wedding-tattoos-for-bride-and-groom Image via BuzzFeed

    You are deeply in love with each other. But you love your own self and your independence above everything else. You believe that a marriage does not mean that you should lose your identity. It means that your identity evolves stronger because of your bond.

    Get different wedding temporary tattoos for the independent minded you. You choose your own design; your significant half gets to choose his/her design. Pro-choice, pro-love. All happy.

    7. For the Proclaimers (otherwise called 'Shouting from rooftop-types')

    best-day-ever-wedding-temporary-tattoo Image via Etsy

    I love EVERYTHING about you! You are the BEST thing that ever happened to me. We were meant to be together. Nothing could have been more PERFECT than our love.

    Do you find yourself saying this to your soulmate frequently? Do you think that finding each other, falling in love and getting married is the greatest thing ever?

    Well, look no further. You have found the MOST BESTEST wedding temporary tattoo ever. Proclaim your emotions proudly. Wear your emotions on your sleeve, or anywhere else you please.

    8. For the Minimalists 

    bride-and-groom-name-with-arrow-and-wedding-date-wedding-temorary-tattoo Image via Etsy

    Do you love to keep things simple? Does simplicity mean beauty to you? Do you dream of living your life with things that really matter? Is create more, consume less your mantra? Does clutter and materialism make your head spin?

    This wedding temporary tattoo is a fit to your minimalist style. Your names, the wedding date and an arrow. Clean lines, no fuss, only love.

    9. For the Loyalists 

    mr-and-mrs-wedding-temporary-tattoo-design Image via Pinterest

    "I, take you, for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part."

    Did you get all teary-eyed just reading this wedding vow? Do you get all mushy thinking of being together forever and after? Do you look forward to being called Mr. and Mrs. YourName after your wedding?

    Found you the right wedding temporary tattoo, didn't we?

    10. For the Eternal Romantics 

    i-love-him-i-love-her-wedding-temporary-tattoo Image via EasyWeddings

    Love is Life- is this your motto? Do you get dreamy just thinking of your loved one? Do you believe that nothing in the world is more important that being loved and being in love? Since the time you met your significant half, do you feel complete? Do you feel that you love him/her so much, your heart could burst?

    If you've answered a 'Yes' to all the above questions, then the I love him/her tattoo is for you. A simple typographic tattoo expressing the purest emotion-Love. 

    We confess, this got us a bit misty eyed too!

    Which type of couple-personality from the above list are you? Which description matches you the closest? Which wedding temporary tattoo design did you love the most?

    If you are planning to get married in the near future, we have great wedding temporary tattoo designs with us. Check this post on ideas on how to rock your wedding with wedding temporary tattoos and this one on wedding temporary tattoo stations for further inspiration.If you are a wedding event manager/wedding planner, we have ideas that could win you accolades from your clients. Drop in a mail at right away!
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  • 25 Stunning Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station Ideas For Your Big Day

    Weddings are beautiful, dreamy, enchanting. Everyone wants their big day to be special and memorable. A great idea to add to the coolness quotient of your wedding is a Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station. You can set up a DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station for all your guests to enjoy. At your station, you can give out personalized custom wedding temporary tattoos of your couple photos, or the date of the wedding, or any other idea that appeals to you, really. The Wedding Tattoo Station can be used to give out wedding favors in the form of temporary tattoos as well. The choices are unlimited.

    No more bored guests (now you know how to engage your restless nephew!) at weddings. Get creative with your wedding temporary tattoo designs (with the help of Gumtoo) and set up an out-of-the-world WeddingTemporary Tattoo Station on your big day. All you need is creativity, temporary tattoos, water, tissues and a disposable bin for extras and a skilled photographer for clicking indelible memories.

    We present 25 Wedding Temporary tattoo stations that will make you go 'Wow" and plan one for your own wedding right away with your significant half. From the vintage to the rustic to the arty to the elegant and to the goofy, we have covered wedding temporary stations to match every wedding theme and budget.

    Without further ado, here goes our fav 25 Wedding Temporary Tattoo Stations:

    1. Vintage-Themed Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    2. Flower-decked Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    flower-decked-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via DorisLoves

    3. Brass-cart Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    brass-cart-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Pinterest

    4. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Elegant Blackboard 

    wedding-temporary-tattoo-station-with-elegant-blackboard Image via Pinterest

    5. Drinks , Tattoos, and Fun: Free at this Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

    wedding-temporary-tattoo-station-with-guests-around Image via Nouba

    6. Fresh Outdoor Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

    black-table-in-the-outdoor-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Pinterest

    7. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Flowers

    wedding-temporary-tattoo-station-with-flower-decorations Image via EmmalineBride
    8. Rustic Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station


    9. Goofy Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    10. Vibrant Mexican Themed Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

    diy-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station-mexican-styling-2 Image via Bespoke Bride

    11. Grungy Garage-style Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    informal-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Hochzeitsshop

    12. Simple Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Mirror

    13. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Vintage Boxes

    14. Arty Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    artistic-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Joanna Bongard

    15. DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

    16. Simple DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station in a Box

    diy-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Pinterest

    17. Elegant Outdoorsy Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station with Chests of Drawers 

    18. Colorful Origami-inspired Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    origami-inspired-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via DorisLoves

    19. Home-style Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

    home-styled-colorful-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via DorisLoves

    20. Upholstered Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station

    wedding-temporary-station-with-upholstery Image via Doris Loves

    21. Easy DIY Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    pink-frame-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via RocknrollBride

    22. Modern Glass-Themed Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    modern-glassy-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Bloglovin

    23. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station in the Backyard 

    rustic-tins-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Pinterest

    24. Chair, Table, Flowers, Tattoos: Easy Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    vibrant-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Themelideos

    25. Elementary but Elegant Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station 

    simple-wedding-temporary-tattoo-station Image via Madame

    Which one of these Wedding Temporary Tattoo Stations has inspired you the most? Which one do you think will match your wedding décor and vibe?

    If you need more ideas on wedding temporary tattoos, check out this post.

    Get in touch with us at to create wedding temporary tattoos for your own wedding. We promise to help you put your own indelible stamp on your big day with our fabulous wedding temporary tattoos.

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  • 6 Incredible Ideas to Rock your Wedding with Wedding Temporary Tattoos

    Wedding bells ringing in the near future? Congratulations! We know that you are deliriously happy. But we also know that wedding joy and jitters go hand in hand. Are you going crazy with the wedding planning, the menu sampling, the guest lists, the venue et al.? Want to make your wedding a memorable unique experience for yourself and your guests, but have no clue how? Take a deep breath. We are here to help you with some rad ideas to sass up your wedding, without spending a fortune.

    We present to you a trend that's catching up and zooming right up on the popularity charts: Wedding Temporary Tattoos.

    You read that right! Wedding temporary tattoos are a great idea to add zing to your wedding. These are custom-made, waterproof, skin-friendly, easy to remove and total fun to sport. Moreover, your guests will feel like they are special part of your wedding right from the word go.

    Check out these 6 zany ways how you can use temporary wedding tattoos to make your wedding the best day of your lives.

    1. Save-the-date temporary tattoos

    Whoa, so you are engaged and to-be married! It is now time to set the date and make sure all your loved ones are available for your big day. You can have a lot of fun with save-the-dates, as they are less formal than official wedding invites. These super save-the-date-temporary tattoos are sure to intrigue your guests and make them look forward to your wedding.


    save-the-date-temporary-tattoo-with-map Image via Etsy
    save-the-date-shit-got-real-temporary-tattoo Image via Pinterest

    2. Bachelorette tattoos

    How do you make a hen party more exciting than it already is? Get some cool temporary matching bachelorette tattoos for you and your bride-tribe. You and your gal pals can shimmy all night, drink up a gallon, basically paint the town red. Your matching bachelorette temporary tattoos will ensure that all of you stick together no matter how the revelry ends.

    bachelorette-party-temporary-tattoo-steph Image via Etsy
    i-solemnly-swear-bachelorette-party-is-upto-no-good-temporary-tattoo Image via Etsy

    3. Wedding Temporary Tattoos

    Use temporary matching tattoos to declare and cement your love on your big day. This is a pain-less colorful creative stylish super fun idea that makes for great memories and cool wedding pictures.

    wedding-date-roman-numerals-tattoo-back Image via Pinterest
    bride-and-groom-temp-tattoo Image via Etsy
    i-have-found-the-one-wedding-temporary-tattoo Image via Etsy
    mr-and-mrs-temporary-wedding-tattoo-beach-etsy Image via Etsy

    4. Wedding Temporary Tattoo Station for your guests

    Set up a DIY Temporary Tattoo Station for all your guests to enjoy! For example, you can have a set of vintage catalog drawers filled with temporary tattoos, a small dish with water and tissues and a trashcan for waste disposal. You can make personalized temporary tattoos out of your couple photos which your guests can sporfor the wedding reception. The tattoo can include a pic of the wedding couple, the couple's names and the date of your big day- the options are unlimited.

    This is such a fun idea and a great way to score points with all the kids at the wedding. Even the grown-ups will have a blast getting the tattoos, we promise!

    temporary-wedding-tattoos-station1 Image via The Melideos

    5. Wedding favors

    First it was sugared almonds, then came the chocolates and what's new? Wedding favors don't have to be the same ol' same ol'. You can give out quirky customized temporary tattoos as favors. These add a personal touch to your big day.

    temporary-tattoo-moustache Image via TheBijouBride
    wedding-team-temporary-tattoos Image via Etsy
    i-do-crew-wedding-temporary-tattoo-favors Image via Pinterest
    wedding-tattoo-favours Image via Pinterest

    6. Honeymoon Tattoos

    Everyone loves newly-weds on a vacation. To feel more loved up and to spread the love (and gain admiration/freebies), get honeymoon tattoos. You can show off your love and your relationship status to the world in style

    wifey-hubby-temporary-tattoos Image via Etsy
    wedding-tattoo-custom-portait-wedding-favor Image via Pinterest
    just-married-temporary-honeymoon-tattoo Image via FavorsandGifts

    Did you like these creative ideas with wedding temporary tattoos? Would you like to incorporate temporary tattoos in your wedding? Are you looking for creative, customized temporary wedding tattoos, but not sure where to look? Do not fear-Gumtoo is here. We offer a lot of options in design-from monograms, to cheeky sayings, to illustrations of the bride and groom. We will help you put a stamp on your big day with our colorful super-fun options.

    So, a big shout out to brides and grooms to be-If your wedding day is near, do not wait! Get in touch with us asap at today and get fabulous wedding temporary tattoos for the day of your lives.

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  • Custom Temporary Tattoos - Size Guide

    Are you planning an event and want to order temporary tattoos for the first time? You are not sure what size of temporary tattoos you should go for? Fret not, Gumtoo is here to help. Here’s a guide to the most appropriate size for your temporary tattoo requirements.

    When it comes to the size of a temporary tattoo, there are 2 decision points:

    1. Who is going to apply the tattoo : Adults or Kids

    2. Which part of the body do you want the tattoo to be applied/Where do you think your guests are most likely to apply the tattoo?

    See the decision tree map below to pick the most appropriate temporary tattoo size for your guests/clients.

    size guide for customized temporary tattoo Size Guide - Custom Temporary Tattoos

    Most popular sizes for adults (in inches):

    • 2”X2”
    • 1.5”X3”
    • 2.5”X2”
    • 1.5”X2”

    Most popular sizes for kids (in inches):

    • 2”X2”
    • 1.5”X1.5”
    • 1.5”X2”

    Kids have smaller surface area for tattoos. So typically the tattoos sizes will be small in comparison to adults.

    Having said the size is very much dependent on your design. Try and keep your design close to these sizes.

    Most popular areas to apply temporary tattoos:

    Temporary Tattoos are mostly applied to visible parts of the body:

    • Face
    • Forearms
    • Biceps
    • Neck (nape or the side of the neck) and
    • Shoulders

    For large events, order temporary tattoos which will fit most of your guests/clients.

    We hope that this blog post has cleared your doubts on the correct temporary tattoo sizes to order. If you want more suggestions on tattoo sizes, mail us your tattoo design at . Our team will recommend the best size temporary tattoos based on your design for your guests/clients.

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  • A Wish and a Prayer: Jolene’s Bright Smile

    ‘There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world.’ -Lionel Messi

    Make-A-Wish Foundation is dedicated to granting the heartfelt wishes of children aged between 3 to 18 years, who live with life-threatening medical conditions. They aim to create unforgettable and meaningful experiences when making a child’s wish come true.

    On August 9, Make-A-Wish, Singapore made little Jolene’s wish come true. Jolene’s wish was for a standing frame equipment. Her equipment helps her with standing up for a longer time, improving her posture and providing hip stability and cardio fitness, which she previously did not have with lying on a bed.

    Take a look at Jolene’s bright smile when her wish came true.

    jolene_make_a_wish_singapore1 Make-a-wish-Singapore: Jolene smiles brightly

    To further widen Jolene’s smile, Gumtoo sponsored National Day temporary tattoos for her wish-reveal day.

    jolene_make_a_wish_singapore2 Jolene and friends sporting Gumtoo's National Day Temporary Tattoos

    We at Gumtoo try our best to spread cheer and happiness with our colorful and pure-fun temporary tattoos. And when our tattoos brighten a child’s smile, we think our job is well-done.

    Good luck, dear Jolene. Keep smiling!

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