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  • FIFA World Cup 2018 - Fan Temporary Tattoos

    From June to July 2018, Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup and 32 countries will battle it out for the golden trophy. This year we are introducing temporary tattoos in the shape of a country flags for the football fans. Checkout the cost and other key details below



    Russia Country Flag temporary tattoo for FIFA World Cup 2018

    Terms & Conditions

    - S$100 will get you 6 flags each of 32 countries and 8 assorted flags. Making it a total of 200 flags.

    - Additional fee of S$10 will apply for shipping in Singapore. For shipping to any other country ask us the cost.


    Ideas - How to use Fan Temporary Tattoos



    Bars Restaurants and Pubs - If your establishment is telecasting live football matches giveaway fan tattoos to your guests and see the passion go high.



    Hotels  - Giveaway fan temporary tattoos to the guests who check in during the FIFA world cup. A very powerful way to build an engaging experience.


    Corporates - Are you a cool boss? Would you like to stay cool during the World cup? Throw a football party for your folks at the office. Set up a football themed temporary tattoo booth and let your team indulge and celebrate the beautiful game in style!

    Customized Order

    In case you do not want our standard pack of 200 tattoos do let us know your customized requirements by mailing us at

    How to Order

    Mail us your requirement at and we will get back to you with more details.


    Buy brazil flag tattoo, france flag tattoo, portugal flag tattoo Fan Temporary Tattoos -  FIFA World Cup 2018

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  • Beat Heart Disease with Temporary Tattoos

    The Irish Heart Foundation needs to raise €250,000 urgently to continue their fight against heart disease and stroke. They’re raising funds in a creative way - through their Show Some Heart temporary tattoos campaign.

    Show Some Heart Customized Temporary Tattoos Show Some Heart Temporary Tattoo | Source -


    Heart diseases and stroke remain the top killer in Ireland; 12,000 lives were taken away every year from these illness. The Irish Heart Foundation has been fighting the good fight for over 50 years, championing itself to increase awareness and improve regulations.

    The national charity tirelessly campaigns to influence policies to improve patient care and fight for real change for those affected by the diseases. From securing commitment for the introduction of a Sugar Sweetened Drinks Tax in the country, to launching creative campaigns, the Irish Heart Foundation is committed to empower people in Ireland to know more about their cause.

    Show Some Heart Fake customized tattoos singapore Show Some Heart  Temporary Tattoos Campaign | Source -


    This February, the Irish Heart Foundation, in association with RTE 2FM, calls for all of us to Show Some Heart with Irish Heart Foundation temporary tattoos. Show Some Heart temporary tattoos campaign is a creative fundraising initiative that fosters broader engagement. The public is invited to participate through various ways.

    The easiest, most straightforward way to help would be to directly donate to the Irish Heart Foundation. Each donation will receive Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. Donations can be done online, be it in your own name or someone else’s. If you’re not the online donation type of person, you can visit any of their retail partners to purchase Show Some Heart temporary tattoos and help to attain the organization’s fundraising goals.

    RTÉ 2fm Buy a temporary tattoo and Show Some Heart | Source - Instagram RTÉ 2fm

    The Irish Heart Foundation also encourage us to show more hearts by hosting our own fundraising events. One can register to get a fundraising pack, which contains everything you need to host your own event, including their Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. To honour the fundraising efforts, the campaign shows people across the country who have started their own event.

    Everyone can get creative in their effort to increase awareness to a particular disease or issue, and temporary tattoos can make your efforts more fun and engaging. We all remember the Pink Ribbon Walk in Singapore to raise awareness about breast cancer, with some glittery tattoos to show for.


    People of Ireland have shown their commitment to help the cause by hosting their own fundraising events. From a coffee morning to an over 60’s talent camp, the Show Some Heart temporary tattoos have made the fight against the chronic disease more engaging.

    Display Stands for selling tattoos Retail display stands for Show Some Heart temporary tattoos 

    It even made spreading awareness possible through a pop-up temporary tattoo parlour! After all, we all love to show people the cause we believe in, and now the Irish Heart Foundation donors can show their support through Show Some Heart temporary tattoos.

    Show Some Heart Tattoo | Source - Show Some Heart Tattoo | Source -

    Gumtoo would like to encourage our readers to participate in the campaign by donating and purchasing Show Some Heart temporary tattoos. While the tattoos might be temporary, the change is permanent.

    Do contact us at to add creative edge to your fundraising efforts.

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  • Fun with Minion Temporary Tattoos at the Breakout Party, Universal Studios

    Minion Temporary Tattoos in Singapore Despicable Me Breakout Party, Universal Studios Singapore | Source -

    In case you missed it, Universal Studios Singapore brought adorable minions to life with its Despicable Me Breakout Party last summer. The theme park threw the party to mark the release of the latest Despicable Me 3 movie in Singapore on 15 June 2017.

    Minion Mob

    The cute Minions appeared to have broken out of jail and broke out into dance frenzy at the Hollywood zone! The Minion Mob took a flashmob concept to ‘surprise’ park visitors. Blaring alarms and frantic policemen marked the start of the flashmob, before the Minions stormed in and danced. Visitors were also entertained by movie Despicable Me 3 character, Rodney Rotten, who hosted an interactive game show at Hollywood Lagoon Stage. Participants were engaged in trivia contest, dance games, and even a banana eating competition

    Rodney's Rotten game show at Universal Studios | Source - Rodney's Rotten game show at Universal Studios | Source -

    The party also brought the Super Silly Fun Land to life. Remember how Agnes won her unicorn so fluffy she’s gonna die? Park visitors got to try the famous Super Silly Space

    Carnival games at the Minion Party, Universal Studios | Source - Carnival games at the Minion Party, Universal Studios | Source -

    Minion Tattoos

    One of the popular booths at this fun event was Minion tattoos. Visitors lined up to get a pair of Minion temporary tattoos for $2. The collection had an array of characters to choose from. Whether it’s Agnes and her unicorn or Minions in prisoner uniforms, visitors had a hard time choosing which two they want!  To amp up the fun, Minion water guns were used to apply these Minion tattoos.


    Minion Temporary Tattoos at the Break Out Party Universal Studios Minion Temporary Tattoos at the Breakout Party | Source -

    These tattoos were seen decorating wrists, forearms, back of the palms, and even the faces of park visitors!

    Minion face temporary tattoo in Singapore Minion face temporary tattoo | Source -

    The Minion temporary tattoos were a big hit with children. However, they were also widely popular with older crowd. I mean, how could you not go crazy over these Minion Tattoos? Read more about how Temporary Tattoos can increase engagement at your child-friendly events:


    All Minion Everything

    Apart from the Minion-themed events and Minion tattoos, the theme park also offered Minion-themed food. Foodcart popped-up around Hollywood Boulevard, selling all-Minion food. They sold everything: Minion Swiss Roll, soft serve, cupcakes, even popcorn in Minion bucket. Visitors could also bring more than just Minion tattoo home.

    At the Minion Mart, park visitors could match their Minion temporary tattoos with Despicable Me souvenirs. If that’s not enough, there were also several other booths selling exclusive souvenirs from the movie franchise.

    The Despicable Me Breakout Party was one of the most anticipated events in Universal Studios Singapore this year. It is one of the few once-in-a-lifetime event held in the theme park. The carnival was fun-filled, interactive and engaging. The event put together a fun and engaging celebration. Definitely the perfect party to mark the third instalment of the popular movie’s opening!


    Minion yummy treats | Source - Minion yummy treats | Source -

    Temporary tattoos are one of the fun ways to engage audience, children and adults alike. They can be used at any events, be it carnivals, parties, or even charity events. These tattoos are often customized to tailor to the needs of the events. Having temporary tattoo booth at your events allows a higher engagement rate and make it more interactive.

    Get in touch with Gumtoo’s team at if you’d like tattoo booths set up for your next events.

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  • Pink Ribbon Walk Well Supported With Glittery Temporary Tattoos

    Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) organized Pink Ribbon Walk, in Singapore to create awareness about breast cancer. BCF is a non-profit organization, which was set up in 1997 with the mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. BCF spreads awareness and knowledge through events, talks, exhibitions, seminars and publications, and promotes early detection through regular screening.


    Image source:

    BCF organizes various programmers for cancer patients to get volunteers who can support the survivors and their families. Counseling sessions and trainings are also organized for the survivors and volunteers. BCF is one of the few breast cancer advocacy groups in the world with a Men’s Support League to emphasize men’s role in society’s fight against this illness.

    BCF is available on various social networks, which helps the patients to get immediate answers to their questions related to their disease. They have a small community by which patients, volunteers and community members can interact with each other and get the best possible advice and help.

    BCF’s Healing Through the Arts Programme:

    BCF’s Healing through the Arts Programme organizes a lot of fun activities for women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer.  These activities play a very important role to help the patients in their short and long-term recovery. BCF has chosen some very interesting and simple activities for this programme which can be easily enjoyed by women. These activities include Dragon Boat Training, Art of Breathing, Zumba, Tai Chi, Sewing, Yoga, Choir, Ukulele, Art Class, Latin Line Dance and Crochet. They are conducted by BCF Volunteers, most of whom are either breast cancer survivors or professionals from their respective fields.

    BCFs healing through the Arts Programme, helps the victim in improving their physical and mental health. It also boosts their confidence that women living with breast cancer can continue to lead full, active lives. Survivors can register themselves with the activity of their interest.

    Wig Loan Programme:

    BCF has a wig loan programme, to help women who lose hair during treatment of breast cancer. The Wig Loan Programme assists women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer to borrow wigs. To be eligible for this wig loan programme, they would need to be members of Breast Cancer Foundation.

    BCF prepare these wigs by recycling hairs donated by various donors and volunteers.

    Pink Ribbon Walk:

    Customized Temporary Tattoos for Pink Ribbon Walk in Singapore

    Image source:

     One of the most famous events which BCF organizes every year to support cancer patients is Pink Ribbon Walk. Thousands of people take part in this event to show their support in eradicating breast cancer and also volunteer to help cancer patients in the best possible ways. There are goodies and medals are given to people who take part in the walk to show their support. The walk is divided into two categories-3.5 km and 5 km. 3.5 km is the walk category and 5 km is the race. There are security and first aid facilities for the participants.

    Fun time with custom temporary tattoos by Gumtoo

    Participants flaunted their tattoos:

    People, who participated in the walk, displayed their pink ribbon temporary tattoos proudly. They were very enthusiastic to apply these tattoos to show their contribution and support for eradicating breast cancer. These customized temporary tattoos were printed by us, which fulfilled their cause and made the volunteers as well as us super happy and proud. 

    Glitter Custom Tattoos for Pink Ribbon Run included in then Race Pack

    Glitter Temporary Tattoos were included in the goodie pack. Image source

    Custom Tattoo Temporary for Pink Run

    Image source: #pinkribbonwalksg


    Image source

    If you are organizing an marathon or a walk, custom temporary tattoos can be a very good option. They are economical and look super cool. They can add a zing to any event and can be a great attraction for the crowd.

    Do contact us at to order customized temporary tattoos.

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  • NDP Tattoos clubbed with T4 Terminal Opening

    Rated amongst best airports in the world, Singapore’s Changi airport added a new feather in its cap with the introduction of Terminal 4. The inception of T4 is a milestone achievement and Gumtoo with its NDP Tattoos did participate in celebrating this achievement.

    Changi Terminal Open House

    An overview of T4


    The newly built premise is build replacing a budget terminal and by that means efficiently catering the growing traffic of the Changi airport. An official estimate indicates T4 will be able to serve 16 million passengers throughout the year hence augmenting the overall Airport’s capacity to 82 million.

    Enjoying an area as large as 27 football grounds, the T4 of Changi Airport is designed to be breathtakingly beautiful. It has spacious and transparent interiors which are pleasant for bidding farewell to near and dear ones. The terminal is pounded with lush green environment comprising of more than 340 species of plants. It is a visual treat for passengers to be welcomed by lovely fauna varieties from China, India and Southeast Asia.

    The New Terminal which is set to officially operate by the end of 2017 has deployed the FAST@Changi concept for hassle free and less time taking services to the passengers. This could be achieved by introducing automation at various steps like departure immigration, check-in, bag drop etc.

    Open Day at T4 with Gumtoo NDP National Day Tattoos


    Prior to the launch, the terminal authorities had organized an Open Day for the inquisitive and enthusiastic public to witness the beauty of T4 from very near. The event was held from Aug 7 to Aug 20 daily, from 9am to 6pm, for  common people who registered for it on the official website of Changi Airport. Overall, the airport authorities had planned for 200,000 entries via these registrations and not to anyone’s surprise, it was a houseful show.

    NDP Temporary Tattoo at Changi Airport T4 open house

    NDP Watch Temporary Tattoo Singapore

    The 9th of August is a day of extreme significance for every citizen of Singapore. Gumtoo has been an active participant on this day with its tailored National Day tattoos for the National Day Parade. However, the use of these NDP tattoos were not only limited to the Parade. National Day tattoos were also distributed to visitors of the T4 on the Singapore’s National Day. The NDP Tattoos were Special edition customised for the NDP. They were simple yet delivering the essence of National Day. Gumtoo also came up with exclusive website for the NDP lot of tattoos,

    One Nation Together Custom National Day Tattoo for Changi Airport T4

    T4 Experience


    The visit to T4 on Open day was a pleasing experience overall. People were in awe of the new wing of Singapore’s Changi Airport. T4 offers mesmerizing bundle of attractions glued with both culture and technology. There are enchanting immersive LED displays, theatre performances based on the Peranakan Love Story, and heritage-themed façades. These are some of the many deliverables at the T4 which moonstruck the visitors. Coupled with the noteworthy NDP special Tattoo, the public could not have got a better experience of T4.  The Joy of dwelling into the treats of T4 was seen on the faces on visitors. The national Day Visitors, apart from the smile expressed their joy with the NDP Tattoo on their bodies.

    Metallic Tattoo for NDP Singapore

    NDP custom tattoo 2018

    Not only Authorities but Singapore as a whole is eagerly waiting for the 31st of October 2017. It is then when the first flight will take off from the ambitious new wing. The T4 will augment a passenger’s travel experience to new heights. With incorporation of automation technologies it will offer enhanced operational efficiency thereby raising the bar for passenger satisfaction. As on Gumtoo’s part, we were fortunate enough to raise the toast with our National Day Tattoos for the terminal 4 on the auspicious day of Singapore National Day.

    Check out designs we created for earlier National Day Celebrations


    For customised NDP tattoos enquiries mail us at

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