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  • Gumtoo in Kids India trade fair

    India is the land of surprises, even for an Indian. Kids India was Gumtoo’s second professional B2B trade fair in Asia. It took us a while to understand that trade fairs (the good ones) are the best place to meet new distributors/ retailers in a market, but on retrospect we think it is also essential that a company should reach a stage of maturity in terms of its product development before any trade fair can truly generate meaningful business leads.

    Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)

    We flew into Mumbai on 17th September the day before the fair opens its door to visitors and first surprise began when we reached Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre at 1400 Hrs to take ownership of our booth to set it up with our display. The place was a kaleidoscope of workers, wood, display pieces, dust and chaos. Well, we knew India generally pulls off the last minute transformation (the great Indian wedding syndrome), but we truly believed its mission impossible to get the place ready in time for the start of the trade fair on 18th Sep 10am. But slowly but steadily the work progressed and by 6 pm we were hopeful that they might just pull it off. And they did in spectacular manner!

    Gumtoo booth  at Kids India trade fair Gumtoo booth at Kids India trade fair

    The next surprise was witnessing the flexibility in the Indian project management system. Well, we had asked for wooden display stands in our booth and the lighting in the booth did not actually suit the product display on them. So we gently inquired if we can replace the wooden stands with glass ones? The display contractor shook his head (which actually is a yes) and it was done in a whisker.  We were happily surprised with the ease of getting through this last minute change request!

    Professional trade fair was organized by Spielwarenmesse eG Professional trade fair was organized by Spielwarenmesse eG

    The morning of 18th Sept was when we were surprised to see the complete transformation of the venue. It was unbelievable; no one could have imagined what the place looked like a day earlier! The trade fair was a very successful one for Gumtoo. We were pleasantly surprised to get lots of footprints in our booth and we practically interacted with potential retailers, distributors and collaborators through out the trade fair without a break!

    Kids India trade fair Talking to retail prospects in Kids India trade fair.

    Kids India 2014 was organized by Spielwarenmesse eG, who are one of the most professional and experienced trade fair organizers in the world. In our conversation with them, we understood that they also have accepted “The Indian Way”. All in all, it was a memorable experience and we would love to visit Kids India again sometime in Future!

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  • Prefect for InstaFashion: The Rise Of Trendy Metallic Tattoos

    Metallic Temporary tats are great for weddingsVanessa Hudgens surprised the world with it, Sarah Jessica Parker embraced it, Beyonce Knowles on her family tour flaunted it. What began during the Paris Summer Fashion Week 2014 as a ramp trend, now has caught on like wildfire across the globe.

    Confused or curious – would you like to know what we are talking about? Hold your breath fashionistas, the new-age is a quirky one with styles and trends, and one doesn’t want to be left out – how could a stylist as you not want to doll up the body with ‘metallic temporary tattoos’!

    Foxy-faux accessories for the party

    Sitting across the room, the accessories on the beautiful lass sipping a glass of Don Perignon appear to be of gold and silver; they fit well and snuggled her neck and wrist, resting cozy against her collarbone. A quick walk to the bar and a close-up glance makes one realise she was playing with ‘optical illusions’ – the accessories weren’t real metal.

    Newsflash darlings, one of the best innovations for 2014 so far, the ‘metallic temporary tattoo’ has created a rage and stir – taken many by surprise too.

    Trendy designs doing the rounds

    - Feathers

    - Twisted ropes

    - Greek keys

    - Geometric shapes

    - Egyptian motifs

    - Native American motifs

    - Cursive words

    - Chants and shloks, and more.

    The imagination of the curator knows no bounds to say so.


    Easy to apply and available in small sheets; users have to cut the designs out of the sheet and peel over the plastic coating, applying the design carefully to the skin. Once that’s done, the sheet needs to be lightly tapped with the help of a damp cloth for 30 seconds. Remove it and your skin has the ‘metallic temporary tattoo’ embossed. InstaFashion, voila!

    Across all age groups

    As ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ make their entree into mainstream fashion, right from the pretty blondes to the sassy brunettes, men and women across all age groups are now wearing them. Blame it on the look or the style, the innovation and creativity or the fact that ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ are known as ‘attention-getters’ too, everyone is intrigued by their beauty and wouldn’t mind having them on the skin to flaunt.

    The connoisseurs


    • Chanel has limited editions of the ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ – ‘Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art, Peter Philips’ since 2010 to offer.
    • Beyonce has promoted ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ through her venture – ‘House of Dereon’.
    • Joining the bandwagon now is Temptu, offering clients with ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ that don’t rip wallets apart.
    • The truest boost though came by back in 2012 by Dior - Les Ors de Peau,


    Not a lifetime commitment to worry about

    Metallic Fake tattoos worn by Kaho in Mumbai India Gumtoo Customer trying Gumtoo Metallic Tattoos.
    Source -
    Metallic temporary tats in Jakarta Indonesia , SIngapore  and in India Gumtoo Customer trying Gumtoo Metallic Tattoos.
    Source -

    What is so great about ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ is that they come by in various styles, shapes, colours and designs, and aren’t very high-priced too. Moreover, for the traditional lot who like to style the skin and yet wouldn’t want something permanent, ‘metallic temporary tattoos’ are a commitment for life; making it apt as a style trend to indulge and splurge in.

    With the party season on in full-swing, go out there and make a statement, while we look for quirky designs and styles to flaunt.

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  • Colourval Carnival spreads colour in the city

    We attach meanings to the tattoos engraved (temporarily in this case) onto our bodies. The symbols or words ingrained on our skin strike a chord with our beliefs and convey a visual message to those around us; this is the purpose of tattoos

    On the 9th of August 2014, a group of four girls came together to form Team Colours and organised a carnival, Colourval, in conjunction with the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) 2014 project to support their chosen Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO), Club Rainbow. Carrying the intent to raise awareness for the children of Club Rainbow suffering from chronic illnesses (e.g. congenital heart defects, rare genetic disorders) amongst public members, Team Colours challenged the National Record of the Largest Display of Paper Doves aspiring to bring peace, love and hope to their beneficiaries.

    Gumtoo sponsored temporary tattoos for an social cause event

    With the help of many others, Team Colours managed to hold a successful event at *SCAPE where the 7-hours-long event featured tattoos by Gumtoo. Gumtoo kindly provided the participants with a handful of designs, of which the Rainbow tattoo received the greatest attention as it tied in with the concept of bringing happiness to Club Rainbow and adding colours to the lives of the beneficiaries.

    Now you may be skeptical about this and it will probably sound really cliché, but images do in fact convey so much more than words ever will and the simple tattoo designs were all that was needed to garner so much support for the event. Instead of the usual intimidating in-your-face publicising, our participants threw away that overly courteous "Good morning Sir would you be interested in supporting the Rainbow Children?" facet to replace it with a set of tattoos on their arms which spoke for themselves.

    The innocence and child-like bliss was instantaneously captured by the tattoos' simplicity, evoking some sense of nostalgia as passers-by were reminded of their childhood and conscience moved them to do their part for Club Rainbow. Temporary tattoos, in particular, are symbolic of the transience and fragility of our childhood due to its impermanent nature. It was simply perfect to have had the opportunity to work with Gumtoo.

    It truly was a simple and perfect day.

    Submitted by Team Colours

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  • Gumtoo Style Book - Story #4

    Gumtoo Style Book is the place where, we would show case the best pictures and Gumtoo style moments from our perspective.  So here are our favorite pictures for this post! Pictures taken by Lourdes. She is from Mexico!

    For a football fan, Brazil world cup 2014 is an eagerly awaited event. The inspiration for the picture below is Gumtoo's Brazil world cup temporary tattoos. The picture depicts a rare form of freedom of expression. It carries a strong sense  of anticipation for the Brazil World Cup 2014. Fabulous picture!

    Artist and photographer with superlative imagination! Artist and photographer with superlative imagination!

    There are quite a few elements and expression in the picture below! The yellow soccer ball, the confident embrace by the player and the Tiki Taka temporary tattoo - somehow they all wonderfully work well together. Amazing picture!

    Capturing the passion and precision of soccer! Capturing the passion and precision of soccer!

    Lourdes says "Photography, art, laugh and love, have the same meaning to her. She aims to take instants out of time, alter life by holding them still." Full of creativity and imagination; she is an amazing asset for Gumtoo. We look forward to get inspired by her more often in the future!

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  • Project - Gumtoo Tattoo Comics

    SOS whale temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Nautical

    We got a very interesting mail one day -   “I'm not a designer  I'm not professionally trained, and neither do I possess the natural talent that transforms plain white paper into pieces of art. I however, have a burning passion for design and would just like to unabashedly try to wriggle my drawings into the awesome temporary tattoo lands of Gumtoo.“

    This was Chow Liying.  After looking at her work (The Little Great Realizations) we realized that she has a great quality of combining doodles and intelligent content. I met Liying and she was very keen on designing tattoos but I wanted her to work on something unique - Gumtoo Comics.

    The idea was to use Gumtoo's pics and doodle on them to make them fun. Liying came up with very interesting doodles.

    nautical whale temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Nautical
    Alien Space Temporary Tattoo Comic Gumtoo Comics - Outer Space
    joker party temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Party Joker
    elephant party temporary tattoos comics Gumtoo Comics - Party Elephant
    alien angel space temporary tattoos for kids Gumtoo Comics - Outer Space

    Check out more Gumtoo comic pics here

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